10 Best Trekking in Nepal in December, Weather, and Risks

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Nepal, a heavenly beauty decorated with the majestic Himalayan Peak is even more beautiful during the month of December. Nepal in December marks the beginning of winter when the cities are warm and the mountains are snowy. With the majority of places above 4000m receiving light to heavy snowfall, the mountains look even more pleasing and captivating. As Nepal has a short winter, the holiday season of December is still ideal for trekking in the Himalayan regions. Trekking in Nepal in December is even more exciting and thrilling with most of the regions covered in snow. In fact, October to December is very crowded months for trekkers in the high Himalayan region. 

December in Nepal is not just about winter and cold. The entire country is vibrant and the surrounding looks absolutely beautiful. You can witness the Nepalese farmers harvesting paddy and planting wheat in their fields. Some farms are busy planting potatoes and maize. The market is all replaced with warm jackets and Pashmina Shawls. Coolers in the room are replaced with heaters and everything looks amazing.

As you trek Nepal in winter, the cold breeze from the mountains reaches deep into your soul, cleansing it for forever. And don’t worry, Nepal also celebrates Christmas and New Year in the later December. Especially cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara gets lively during this time of the year. The lakeside of Pokhara celebrates week-long “ Street festivals” during December that is certainly fun to attain. Or you can aim for one of the classic high altitude treks and witness the mountain Vistas to their best in the month of December. 

So, are you ready to have the most amazing December of your life? We have prepared some guidelines for visiting Nepal in December

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Weather in Nepal in December

As December clearly marks the winter season in Nepal, you can expect some cold weather. In Nepal in December Weather is warm during the day- time while the mornings and evenings start to get cold every passing day. Areas like Kathmandu just start to feel cold with daytime temperatures of about 15 degrees Celsius. In the lower region, cities like Chitwan, Lumbini, Nepaljung, etc are still warm. December is in fact the best month to explore the lower region in Nepal. The Average temperature in Nepal in December is about 15°C.

We must agree that the temperature of Nepal in December in the mountains is low. While the days can still be warm from the direct sun rays, you should be very careful during the night. As you travel towards the higher altitude, the temperature can fall drastically to as low as 1°C. Snowfall in December is common in the higher Himalayan regions. But since there will be no rainfall, unless the trail is covered with snow, you can have a pleasant trek. 

With the special trekking gear and the right kind of preparation, trekking to any classic trail to the Himalayas is possible in December. You will need high-quality sleeping bags and jackets to face the harsh winter nights in the Himalayan region. It’s important that you get information about the weather before you head on any high-altitude trek in the Himalayas. And as the winter approaches, one should be even more careful.

10 Best Treks in Nepal in December

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Even during the winter, the Everest Base camp is the best trek in Nepal. Due to the snowfall in the higher regions, Everest looks more beautiful than ever. The crisps and clear views of the mountains in December will certainly take your breath away. And since the number of trekkers in the region starts getting low, you will be able to enjoy all of the hospitality. You might also treat yourself to some luxury in stars hotel over the region.

The temperatures in Namche Bazaar in December can range from 7°C to below 0°C. As you climb higher, it will get colder. The classic path to Everest Base camp can be achieved with the right kinds of gear. But if you might want to avoid the alternative routes like Three passes. The maximum altitude of Everest Base Camp is 5600 meters. Rainfall is still low and you can complete the trek in an estimated time with the right kind of preparation.

Everest Base Camp Trek December Cost Chart for 2022 - 2023

Group Size Cost Per-Person
Solo Trekker $1450
2 Person $1250
3 - 5 Person $1200
6-10 Person $1100
11 - 20 Person $999
  • Trek Duration- 12 days
  • Starting Point- Lukla
  • Ending Point-Lukla
  • Highlights- Peaceful Trail, Clear Weather, Sherpa Culture, Lukla flight 
  • Lowlights- Very Cold, Icy Trail near base camp
  • Maximum Temperature: 7°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -20°C

Everest view Trek in December 

While the Everest Base Camp trek in December can be challenging, Everest View Trek is the best alternative. This trek offers the most beautiful views of mountains in the Everest region without having to complete the difficult trek. This is a short and easy alternative trek in the Everest region with scenic views of high mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, and much more.

This prodigious trek begins with a scenic flight from Kathmandu airport to Lukla. As you walk past the river banks and dense rhododendron forests, you will reach the traditional Sherpa settlement of “Namche Bazaar”. This village lies at 3,440m. You can trek to Everest View Hotel for the best sunrise and the panoramic view of mountain Vistas. Since December marks thick snow in the peak, it just looks magnificent. In late December, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of snow in the Namche itself. Stay in the village for a couple of days and feel the beauty of nature to its fullest. Namche has some luxurious hotels including Everest View Hotel (the world’s highest-altitude hotel).

  • Trek Duration- 7 days
  • Starting Point- Lukla
  • Ending Point-Lukla
  • Highlights- Clear Weather, Sherpa Culture, Lukla flight, Visit Everest View Hotel, Luxurious trek
  • Lowlights- Cold weather, Distance View, Short trek
  • Maximum Temperature: 10°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -5°C

Gokyo Lakes Trek in December

This is one of the most underrated trekking destinations in the Everest Region. Crystal clear views of five Himalayan lakes, a typical classic village, glaciers, and an amazing view of mountain ranges make Gokyo Lake a perfect combination. Along with Everest, you get to witness other majestic peaks like Lhotse, Cho-Oyu, AmaDablam, Cholatse,  Island Peak, Nuptse, Pumori, Thamserku, and other surrounding peaks. Here the Sherpas people live in the traditional untouched existence of the fortuitous isolation from the outer world with the profound Buddhist beliefs guiding their lives. 

Three days of the walk along the village of Dole and Machhermo takes you to the Gokyo Valley from Namche Bazaar. You can Hike to Gokyo Ri for the most amazing view of the mountains or hike to the 4th and 5th lakes. The frozen lakes in the deep Khumbu region are true to the world's feelings.

Gokyo Lakes Trek in December Price Chart

 Group Size Price Per - Person
 1 Person $1250
 2 Person $1050
 3 - 5 Person $950
 6 - 10 person $910
 11 - 20 Person $890
  • Trek Duration- 10 days
  • Starting Point- Lukla
  • Ending Point-Lukla
  • Highlights- Sherpa Culture, Lukla flight, exploring glaciers, witnessing the bio-diversity of Sagarmatha National Park, clear and magnificent mountain view 
  • Lowlights- Cold weather, Snowy Trail, Difficult trek
  • Maximum Temperature: 5°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -15°C

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in December 

Let’s talk about another classic and very popular high-altitude trek in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is popular for its exceptional beauty, cultural insight, and biodiversity. The beautiful Himalayas of the Annapurna region has captivated thousands of tourists on its premises. This trek has been popular as an easily achievable trek that is economic and exciting at the same time. Since the trail has been popular for decades, the accommodation and other facilities are pretty good in the base camp region. At the same time, you will also get to enjoy the Buddhist culture and lifestyle of people in the Himalayan region of Nepal. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in December is even more beautiful and elegant with the thick layer of snow deposited in the mountain vista. Since the Annapurna base camp is located at 4,130m meters only, you will not have any issues with the harsh winter weather in December. Crystal clear skies, less traffic, and warm day temperature give you perfect conditions for a trek in December. And you can end the trek in the city of Pokhara where you can enjoy Christmas and New Year during the street festival. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost Chart for December

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person  $900
 2 Person $685
 3 - 5 Person $660
 6 - 10 Person $630
 11 - 20 Person $599
  • Trek Duration- 8 days
  • Starting Point- Pokhara
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- Learn Buddhist culture, clear and magnificent Mountain View, Explore 2 base camps, 
  • Lowlights- Cold weather, Slippery trail, Heavy bag pack,
  • Maximum Temperature: 10°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -5°C

Annapurna Circuit Trek in December

Most of the agencies claim that Annapurna Circuit Trek is not possible in December. But as a matter of fact, with the right kind of preparation and gears, Annapurna Circuit Trek in December is even more fun and chilling. Areas in the Annapurna regions that are below 4000m are still warm while the base camp area is chilly during the morning and evening. The temperature of Base Camp in December can fall below 0 degrees Celsius and you should be prepared for such weather. The places like Ledar, Pedi, and high camp can be quite cold. In Manang, the temperature can drop as low as -2 degrees Celsius in December.

Annapurna Circuit Trek begins from Lamjung and makes a circle around the massif Annapurna ranges including places like Manang and mustang. This trek can be a long, challenging, and life-changing experience for many travel enthusiasts. The short version of the trek will be 8 days with lots of things to explore. The chill weather of December makes the trek even more beautiful as long as the passes are not covered with snow.

Short Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost Chart for December

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $ 950
 2 Person $799
 3 - 5 Person $750
 6 - 10 Person $699
 11 - 20 Person $650
  • Trek Duration- 8 days
  • Starting Point- Besisahar
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- Gurung and Magar Culture, old Tibetain Heritages, clear Mountain View, Explore the different landscape
  • Lowlights- Snowfall, Very cold night, Heavy bag pack, Fewer tea houses
  • Maximum Temperature: 10°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -5°C

Langtang Valley Trek in December 

The Langtang Valley trek has always been one of the highly praised and favorite destinations for trekkers in Nepal. Langtang region has been documented for the fascinating culture of the Tamang people, remote villages, and magical sceneries of the mountain. You can witness the mountain peaks like Ganesh Himal, Langtang –II, and Langtang Lirung on the trek. The region is quite unpopulated and fun to explore during the month of December.

Just a week of short Langtang Valley Trek takes you deep into the Langtang region. The Buddhist monasteries, lush forests, and kind-hearted locals will make your trekking interesting. In the month of December, the sky is very clear, and the mountain peaks are all glittering in white. What could be a better month to visit?

Langtang Valley Trek Cost Chart for December

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $650
 2 Person $495
 3 - 5 Person $465
 6 - 10 Person $440
 11 - 20 Person $399


  • Trek Duration- 6 days
  • Starting Point- Syabru Besi
  • Ending Point- Syabru Besi
  •  Highlights- Tamang Culture, high alpine meadows, Langtang Himalayas View, Explore vast open valley
  • Lowlights- Fewer tea houses, empty trail, cold weather 
  • Maximum Temperature: 6-9 °C
  • Minimum Temperature: 0°C

Mardi Himal Trek in December

This is the recently popular and yet one of the most beautiful trekking destination in Nepal. Mardi Himal Trek in December is easily achievable and extremely beautiful. The moderately warm weather in Mardi Himal makes the trek even more beautiful. Since we will be mostly trekking in the regions below 4000m, the trek is excellent due to dry and warm December weather. The Mardi base camp is suited at 4500m above sea level.

Although Mardi Himal lies in the Annapurna region itself, it’s a totally different experience. The Mardi Himal trek is short and easy so that you can enjoy the excellent view of the Himalayas. If you travel in a group, you might also get some impressive discounts. So start planning your Mardi Himal trek now.

  • Trek Duration- 6 days
  • Starting Point- Pokhara
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- Gurung Culture, remote trail, excellent views, alpine vegetation 
  • Lowlights- Very cold night, Fewer tea houses, 
  • Maximum Temperature: 15°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -5°C

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek in December

Let’s talk about the most popular, easiest, and yet the most beautiful trekking trail in the Annapurna region. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek beings from Pokhara and can be completed in two days. You can enjoy the excellent sunrise views from the 3210m. The panoramic view of every mountain including Annapurna, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna II, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, and other small peaks seems distant and yet elegant. 

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek includes a drive from Pokhara to Ulleri and a trek along the beautiful and easy path. Only a few hours of the trek take you to a such an altitude where the mountains are clear and beautiful.

You will be spending your night in one of the beautiful tea houses at Ghorepani and then hiking to Poonhill the next morning. In the spring, the trail is all covered with colorful Rhododendron. But December has its own perks- dry path, clear skies, and chill wind. Even with light snowfall in late December, this trek is excellent.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek cost Chart for December

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person 550
 2 Person $430
 3 - 5 Person $350
 6 - 10 Person $330
 11 - 20 Person $299
  • Trek Duration- 4 days
  • Starting Point- Pokhara
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- enjoy subtropical vegetation, picturesque sunrise view easy trek, and luxurious stay
  • Lowlights- Distance view of mountains, very short trek, no true mountain experience 
  • Maximum Temperature: 18°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 5°C

Khopra Dada Trek in December 

A week-long trek on the off-beaten path along the pastoral villages is a lifetime memory. Combined with great mountain views in December and farmers working in the field, this is a lifetime opportunity. The route first takes you down into the north of Ghorepani before climbing the "Khopra Ridge". You can set your camp right above Khopra Ridge and enjoy the beauty of nature to its fullest.

Khopra Trek combines nature, culture, and adventure all at a time to design the perfect east trek for you. During the journey, you will travel to the villages of Tadapani, Dobato, Upper Chistibung, Ghandruk, Ulleri, and so on. Without a single doubt, this is one of the best short treks in Nepal that covers many settlements in the Annapurna region. And the weather of December only makes it more beautiful.

  • Trek Duration- 7 days
  • Starting Point- Pokhara
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- Explore Gurung village, remote trail, enjoy the home-stay experience, easy trekking, visit Pokhara Valley 
  • Lowlights- Very cold night, Distance mountain view, 
  • Maximum Temperature: 18°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 4°C

Pikey Peak Trek in December 

Pikey Peak Trek is the ideal short trek that is close to the capital. Pikey Peak trek takes you to the unspoiled viewpoint that is located at the highest altitude of 4065m above sea level in Solukhumbu of Nepal. Pikey Peak Trek is a newly open route that is only halfway between Everest Base camp. And yet the view of Everest from Pikey Peak is excellent.

This less-discovered route can be completed within a couple of days while enjoying the landscape of the place. Or you can extend the journey to 7 days and enjoy the leisure time to savor the beauty of nature. During December, this region rarely receives rainfall and it’s too soon for snowfall. So you can enjoy nature without a slight disturbance.

During the visit, you get the chance to visit Buddhist cultural sites such as monasteries, gompas, and stupas. Also, you can witness the amazing view of the Numbur Himal range and Everest. If you cannot walk to the Khumbu region itself, this might be your easiest chance to witness the majestic Everest.

  • Trek Duration- 8 days
  • Starting Point- Pokhara
  • Ending Point-Pokhara
  • Highlights- Gurung Culture, remote trail, excellent views, alpine vegetation 
  • Lowlights- Very cold night, Fewer tea houses, 
  • Maximum Temperature: 12°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 0°C

Why Trekking in Nepal in December

December in Nepal is just the beginning of winter. And as a matter of fact, winter in Nepal is as cold as compared in other parts of the world. Further, the change in the world’s climate due to global warming has delayed the winter in Nepal. As the result, December is still warm and sunny. Only the mountain regions have cold mornings and evenings while the afternoons are perfectly warm. Also, you will witness very little or no rainfall in the month of December. The weather is stable and excellent for trekking. While trekking in September and October can be difficult due to high temperatures, December has the right kind of weather.

Moreover, only the higher regions of Nepal receive snowfall in December. As a result, all the mountains are all covered in a thick layer of snow while the trekking trails are perfectly dry. With such weather, the view gets even more magnificent and clear. The sunrise and sunset with the panoramic views of mountains in the background are just the perfect way to begin and end your day.  

Adding on, most of the world celebrates the holiday season in December. So, Nepal in December end might be the ideal time for trekking. You can celebrate festivals like Christmas and New Year with your trekking partners in a completely different world. Cities like Kathmandu and especially Pokhara are all vibrant and beautiful during these times. This can be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness those festivals in Nepal. So, are you ready for the December trek?

Difficulties to Trekking in Nepal in December

While we have been claiming that December is the perfect time for Nepal trekking, there are many other things you must be careful about. December trek comes with some minor difficulties that you must be prepared to tackle. Here are the difficulties of the December trek. 

Extra Bag pack: While the evenings in December are still warm, the nights can be freezing. You need to carry extra sets of dresses, socks, warm trekking boots, and other clothes. You will definitely need the best quality sleeping bag and mattress even for a low-altitude trek.

Snowfall at higher altitudes: To be truthful, there’s a low chance that December receives snowfall up to the altitude of 4000m. But above that, the path may be ( still, there’s a low chance) covered with snow. If you are planning high-altitude treks like Gokyo valley, Everest Base Camp, and Annapurna Circuit trek, you need to be updated with the weather. 

Stay hydrated: As the winter approaches, we hate drinking water. And with the chilly mountain air, you might want to skip drinking water and replace it will coffee. But while trekking at a higher altitude, you will definitely need to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. It’s wise if you drink warm water and prevent yourself from cold. 

Low trekkers: While this can also be a plus, trekking in December, without a guide is risky. You can either hire a guide or trek with an experienced group of people. Never Travelling in December by yourself is dangerous as you will find fewer trekkers on the path.

Packing list for December in Nepal

Before planning the trek, the first question is, What to wear in Nepal in December? The packing list for December in Nepal is similar to the packing list for other months. All you need is an extra set of warm clothes and socks for the morning and evening. Here is the list of trekking equipment that will need to trek in December. 

Regular Clothes:

  • T-shirt
  • Down Vest
  • Fleece wind-stopper jacket
  • Light thermal tops and buttons
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Waterproof shell jacket
  • Undergarments
  • Light cotton long pants
  • Fleece or wool pants
  • Waterproof shell pant
  • Extra clothes
  • Down jacket
  • Sun hat and scarf
  • Warm fleece hat/ cap
  • Both Lightweight and Heavyweight gloves
  • lightweight inner socks and warm wool hiking socks


  •  Sturdy hiking boots
  • Gaiters (at higher altitudes)
  • Camp shoes (sneakers/sandals)

Must-have Accessories:

  • Sleeping bag ( should be rated to -10)
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Trekking bags and day packs
  • Trekking pole
  • Headlamp ( carry spare bulbs and batteries)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Water bottles

Toiletries and Personal Hygiene

  • Light quick-drying towel
  • Personal Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Multipurpose soap/ body wash
  • Deodorants and Moisturizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue ( carry Toilet roll)
  • Anti-bacterial sanitizer/ hands wash
  • Other Feminine Hygiene products

Technical equipment:

  • Ice Axe
  • 20 m Rope
  • Crampons


Summing up, Hiking in Nepal in December is excellent due to the settled and clear weather. The views of the mountain are more than perfect along with low humidity and precipitation. December is definitely colder than the Autumn months but that can add some perks to the trekking. Also, the tea houses and trekking trails are less crowded and you enjoy special hospitality during the journey. You get to enjoy nature in peace and calmness.

While many trekking agencies do not recommend high-altitude trekking in December, we would like to assure you that base camp treks are absolutely possible in December. With the right kind of preparation, you can complete the trek easily in December.

Happy trekking!!

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