8 Days Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

Thorang La Pass | Short Annapurna Circuit Trek
At a Glance
  • Duration8 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max Altitude 5416m
  • Start City Kathmandu
  • End City Pokhara City
  • Trip Type Private and Group Joining
  • Activity Trekking and Hiking
  • Best Season September - January and March - May
Trip Highlights
  • The Beautiful Manang Valley
  • People and lifestyle of Annapurna Region
  • Wildlife of Annapurna Conservation Area
  • Manang Village
  • View of Annapurna Himalayan Range
  • Gangapurna Lake
  • Thorang La Pass (5416m)
  • Mustang Valley
  • Scenic flight to Pokhara from Jomsom

The most popular Short Annapurna Circuit Trek is a short journey filled with fascinating nature and captivating culture. After building the road on the trekking trail, we designed this trek for those who have a short period in Nepal and still want to explore the beautiful Annapurna Circuit Trek. Our Short Annapurna Circuit trek offers a brief exploration of Manang Valley, Thorong La, and far-off villages in Annapurna. You will walk through the diverse landscapes, rough terrains, and amazing topographical diversities. Reaching up to the zenith at Thorang La Pass is a lifetime-rewarding experience.

During this 8 Days Short Annapurna Circuit trek, you can thoroughly enjoy the splashing views of the Annapurna range, Chulu range, Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak, Kangraru Himal, Thorong Peak, and many others. Enjoy the views of the Annapurna Himalayas in the most profound form.  

Walking through the different ethnic settlements of Tamang, Gurung, and Magar people creates many wow moments. The simple life in the villages in Annapurna is inspiring. The villages are wow! And the people are very kind and hospitable.

With Breeze Adventure, experience the naturally and culturally enticing Annapurna region during your 8-day Annapurna Circuit Short Trek. Contact Us. We organize the best treks and tours in Nepal with an experienced and skillful team.

Why Short Annapurna Circuit Trek?

The cultural diversity of diverse ethnic communities of Annapurna.

The stunning views of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna Himal.

Thorong La Pass at 5416 meters.

Muktinath temple is a famous religious pilgrimage site of Hindus and Buddhists.

Kagbeni and Jomsom.

Scenic flight Jomsom to Pokhara.

Best Time for the Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Short Annapurna Circuit Trek is a popular trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. You can do this trek at any time of the year. Despite being doable throughout the year, the seasons of Autumn (September, October, and November) and Spring (March, April, and May) are the peak seasons.

In Autumn and Spring, the weather in the Himalayas of Annapurna remains fairly stable. The stable weather will enhance visibility in the air. Also, trekking in mild temperatures will be refreshing. You will have great views of the Himalayas and the surroundings.

Winter (December, January, and February) and Monsoon (June, July, and August)are the least popular seasons for the Short Annapurna Circuit trek. These times are less sorted due to the variable weather conditions.

Difficulties During Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

The risk of altitude sickness is huge at 5416 meters, Thorung La Pass.

Crossing Thorong La Pass demands good physical strength. The trails up and down the pass are highly rugged and have sharp inclines.  

Length of the trail. You’ll be covering a total of 140 to 150 kilometers on this, Short Annapurna Circuit trek. Be prepared for continuous walks for 5 to 6 hours per day.  

Duration of the Short Annapurna Circuit Trek, 08 days. Long-duration treks are exhausting to some trekkers.

Insufficient gear can be a challenge. Pack light, pack wise. You are going on an adventure trip in the Nepal Himalayas.


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After early morning breakfast in Kathmandu, we will drive to the Gongabu Bus Park. From the bus park, there are some buses, micros, and jeeps going to Besisahar. We can drive to Besisahar either on a public bus, micro, or a private jeep. Taking the bus, the bus leaves the valley moving towards the west down Thankot. 
We will ride along the Prithvi Highway. The ride is beautiful. You will see hills and the Trishuli River close to the road where you ride. Riding along the Trishuli River, the bus will take us to Malekhu. Here, the bus stops for lunch. After having lunch, we will get on the bus again.
The bus will divert towards the north following the gorgeous Marshyangdi river on reaching Dumre. The trail is scenic. From the window, you will see the splashing river with wide river beds on both sides. The bus will take you to Besisahar. From Besishar we need to take a jeep ride to Chame. The road is bumpy and is enjoyable. From Besisahar, we will drive towards Bahun Danda, 1300 meters. At Bahun Danda, you will see a beautiful settlement. From Bahun Danda, we will ride towards Chamje, 1410 meters. Chamje is a beautiful settlement again. Riding on the dusty and bumpy trail, we will finally reach Chame. 
The 9-hour jeep and bus ride is tiring. We will find a lodge to stay at Chame. After having a filling dinner, we will have a good night's sleep.

  • Max Altitude: 2650m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 9 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 239km
  • Transport: Bus and Jeep

Today is the day when we officially begin to trek. At Chame, we will have breakfast and will set off on the trekking trail. Today, we will be trekking from Chame to Upper Pisang. We will gain 700 meters altitude today after reaching Pisang. 

We will leave Chame crossing a bridge over the Marsyangdi river. The first day of the trek is filled with excitement. Everything will be new on the trail, the settlements, people, and the views surrounding us. 
As we trek, the trekking trail narrows down. We will walk through the narrow Marshyangdi River valley. The trail is beautiful and is surrounded by trees. Walking under the shades of Hemlock and Pine trees feels amazing.

Trekking ahead, we will reach the Bhartang village. From Bhartang village, we will walk through the forested trails to reach Dhukur Pokhari. From there, we will continue to walk until we reach lower Pisang. After a short climb uphill, we will reach Upper Pisang. 

There are many lodges and teahouses there. Upper Pisang is a beautiful place. There is a beautiful gompa. If you want to, you can make a visit there. Also, you will get a stunning view of Mt. Annapurna II from Upper Pisang. Overnight there.

  • Max Altitude: 3300m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 5 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 13.4km

From Pisang, the sunrise view looks so wonderful. When the sun's rays strike the wall of Annapurna II, it looks wonderful. We will wake up early and will have a nice breakfast after seeing the sunrise. Now, we will set off on the fresh trekking trail towards Manang.

The trail is diverse. You will see different landscapes, different trees, and some birds too. Trekking along the peaceful trails, you will see gorgeous Annapurna II, Annapurna III, and Pisang Peak standing tall gracefully. The views are adorable. Along with the Himalayas, you will also see the gorges.

Walking from Pisang towards Manang, you will be walking past the green hills and lush jungles towards the arid valley in Manang. You will see the transitions in vegetation and landscapes on trekking from high wetlands to drier Manang. 

On route, we will see different Buddhist stupas. There is a lama school on the route where we will see young monks wearing red and yellow dresses like lamas. At Lower Manang, the trail forks. However, both trail meets at Barga village before Manang. You can take anyone. Since the northern route is quite long, we will take the southern trail. 

On reaching Barga village, we will take a rest for a short while. This village is a big village where you can find many lodges. Barga village is also known for a 900-year-old monastery. We will make a visit there and will walk towards Manang. Manang is at a distance of 1 hour from Barga. Overnight in Manang.

  • Max Altitude: 3519m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 5 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 13.8km

Acclimatization is the key to success while trekking at higher altitudes. Your body needs time to adjust to the lowering oxygen level as the altitude rises. Today is the acclimatization day in Manang. We will hike to higher altitudes during the day and will sleep at low altitudes.

We will hike up to Ice Lakes for sightseeing. The hike up to Ice Lake offers an awesome view of the Annapurna Himalayan range with the beautiful Ice Lakes. Very few people go for this hike because it is a bit difficult but the difficulty is worth the awesome view. There is a glacial lake called Gangapurna Glacier Lake. You can also make a visit to this place.

Or, Hike around Manang Village.
After the acclimatization hike, we will return to Manang village. We will spend the rest of the day in the teahouse. You can also do laundry on this day. Overnight in Manang.

  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 2 \ 6 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 3km | 17km

Today, we will trek towards Thorang Phedi. Starting to trek in Manang, we will walk an uphill trail towards the Thorong La pass. We will continue to trek with amazing views of the Himalayas and beautiful hills around. The trail is rugged, yet beautiful and rewarding.

We will continue the steady uphill climb. We will pass through Tenki and will make our way towards the river valley in Marshyangdi. The Marsyangdi River valley is eye-catching. The valley is so beautiful. Leaving behind the valley, we will continue trekking along the scenic trail. 

On this part of the trail, we will walk along Jarsang Khola. There is a river valley across Jarshang Khola called the Jarsang Khola river valley. Continuing further, we will reach a beautiful settlement in Ledar. 

From Ledar, the trail descends down and crosses a river. Immediately after crossing the river, we will begin our uphill climb towards Phedi. The trail is scenic. Walk slow. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. 

Thorang Phedi is also called High Camp. There are many lodges and teahouses there. Overnight in Thorang Phedi.

  • Max Altitude: 4540m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 7 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 15km

It’s a tough day today as you’ll be crossing the Thorong La pass, 5416 meters. We will start to trek early in the morning after a filling breakfast. The top of the pass is windy. So, we should reach there before the wind gets stronger. We will start at 6:30 or 7 am in the morning.

Walking through the scenic trails, we will trek towards the pass. It will take us around 3 to 4 hours to reach the pass. You will see splendid views of the Himalayas from various points on the trails. The highest point on the path is the best viewpoint from where we will see the stunning Himalayas and also the famous Tilicho Lake. You will see a lot of prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

After some time at the top, we will start descending down. The trail is rugged and steep and at some times, it is the iced stones. We will continue descending down carefully. Crossing the pass is an incredible experience, a mixed feeling of thrill and excitement. 

After descending down the pass, we will head towards Muktinath. It will take us around 3 to 4 hours to reach Muktinath from Thorung La pass. There are various lodges at Muktinath that provide the best accommodation and food. Overnight in Muktinath.

  • Max Altitude: 3710m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 7 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 16.5km

Muktinath is an amazing place in Mustang. It is the village behind the Himalayas. Also, you can see the Muktinath temple and several monasteries here. Muktinath is a religious shrine of Buddhists and Hindus. There are lots of devotees who visit here every year.

We will start the day by making a visit to the Muktinath temple. It is a temple of Lord Vishnu according to Hindus. The Buddhists worship the same statue as Bodhisattva Aalokitesvara. Worshipping here will heal all your sorrows and pains, the locals say. 

The major attractions at the temple are the 108 water sprouts, the eternal flame sourced by a natural source, different caves around, monasteries, and many others. After the visit, we will set off on the trekking rail towards Jomsom.

From Jomsom, we will walk through the dusty trails in the arid valley. Landscapes get very different, you will see the Yaks. We will trek to the village in Jharkot. Jharkot is a place of historical significance. There used to be a palace of the King of Mustang here.

Walking through the site, you will see the remains of the historic palace. At Jharkot, you will also see a fortress that sits atop a hill. We will observe the historic sites, we will make our way towards Kagbeni. On our way, we will come across several Chortens and gompas. On descending further, you will reach Kagbeni village.

Kagbeni is a beautiful village that sits on the confluence of Kali Gandaki River and Jhang Khola. The Kali Gandaki River is popular for the black stones called Saligram. Hindus worship the stone as a form of Lord Bishnu. The village is also popular for its Apple orchards. 

From KAgbeni village, we will walk towards Jomsom. Walking through the Pandha River valley and the village at Lubra, we will reach Jomsom. Jomsom is a beautiful place that sits on the riverbed of Kaligandaki. The Kaligandaki divides Jomsom into two different halves. At Jomsom, there is an airport also. Overnight at guest house.

  • Max Altitude: 2743m
  • Accommodation: Guest House
  • Time: 5 Hours
  • Meals: BLD
  • Walking Distance: 14km

From Jomsom, we will take a domestic flight to Pokhara. This is a short flight. During this flight, you will see the Kali Gandaki River, an Awesome view of Marpha village with its Apple garden and beautiful settlements. You will also see the aerial views of Pokhara. Pokhara is the city of lakes. Looking down from the plane, you will see the tranquil blue lakes. The plane will land at Pokhara airport.

  • Max Altitude: 822m
  • Accommodation: 2/3 Star Hotel
  • Time: 25minutes
  • Meals: Breakfast
Cost Details
What's Included
  • Transportation to and from Tribhuvan Airport.
  • Three nights in a 2-3 star hotel in Kathmandu, breakfast included.
  • Two nights in a 2-3 star hotel in Pokhara, breakfast included.
  • flight from Jomsom to Pokhara
  • All transportation for the trek.
  • Local guest house accommodation in mountains.
  • Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) fees
  • Government-authorized, experienced guides and porters
  • Insurance, food, accommodation, and wage for guides and porters
  • Hygienic meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek.
  • All equipment (sleeping bag, warm layers, etc.)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Maps
  • Service charges and government taxes
  • Post-trek celebration dinner in Kathmandu
What's Not Included
  • International airfare
  • Meals in Kathmandu (besides breakfast)
  • Your personal expenses, shopping, etc.
  • Shower and electronic charging fees at guest houses during the trek
  • Alcoholic drinks, chocolates, tea and coffee
  • Tips for guide and porter
  • Extra accommodation and meals outside of itinerary
  • Costs from unexpected occurrences (i.e. cancellations, weather problems, damages of property, illness, etc.)
Dates & Price

If these given dates are not fit for your holidays, we can organize your private Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Group Discount Prices
Number of peoplePrice per person
1 pax
2 - 5 pax
6 - 20 pax

Essential Information

Accommodation on 8 Days Annapurna Circuit Trek

Our Short Annapurna Circuit Trek includes accommodation in the cost.  This accommodation is included only during the set itinerary.  While in Kathmandu and Pokhara, we provide a 2/3 star hotel for you.  During the trek, our guides will pick the best lodge for you to stay in based on their experience as well as room availability.  During high trekking season, you may have to share a room with a same-sex trekker from another group.

Food on 8 Days Annapurna Circuit Trek

Nepal has a wide variety of food and it is easy to cater to your needs.  If you are a vegetarian/vegan, gluten or lactose-free, we are able to work around that if you let us know ahead of time.  During your time in the hotel in Kathmandu, your breakfast is included.  Lunch and dinner must be covered on your own.  On the trek, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided.  For teahouse treks, we will order our meals from teahouses.

Guide & Porters

A government-licensed guide will lead the trek.  All our guides have tremendous experience on the trails and are passionate about the trekking industry.  Our guides and porters are dedicated to making your experience of trekking in Nepal a memorable one.  If there is any worry during your trek, our guides will address it.  Your safety is our number one priority.  For groups of more than six people, there will be two guides. For teahouse treks, there will be one porter for every two trekkers.     

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend having travel insurance before going on a trek.  We do our best to take care of you, but something can happen that is out of our control.  In case of a medical emergency, leading to a helicopter evacuation, it is best to have insurance.  You are unable to obtain medical insurance in Nepal and must do so in your home country.  Be sure that your insurance covers accidents abroad and high in the mountains.  

Best Time to Travel

The peak seasons for traveling in Nepal are during the Spring (March to May) and the Autumn (September to November).  These times provide the best scenery and clearest skies, but of course, they are a little more crowded than the off-season.  It is possible to trek during the Winter (December to February), but you will face cold temperatures.  It is also possible to trek during the monsoon season (June to August), though the views will likely be covered by clouds and there is a high chance of rainfall.

Domestic Flights

Flights to and from Jomsom can be delayed due to weather conditions and delays may last up to several days. Incase our flight to Pokhara is delayed, we can hire the jeep to pokhara and catch our scheduled plan.

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