Breeze Adventure is a youthful and energetic, yet experienced tour and trekking company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. With treks and tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, we will help design the perfect package for you. From high mountain expeditions to single-day tours within the Kathmandu Valley, we offer it all. Each member of our team has years of experience being a guide and we are here to help you make the most of your precious time in Nepal and surrounding countries. Nepal is unlike anywhere in the world. There are over 120 languages spoken by dozens of ethnic groups. Besides that, the geography ranges from the highest mountains in the world to the lush lowlands of the Terai region, while the rolling middle hills and verdant jungles lie in between.

At Breeze Adventure, we take care of all your travel needs, including international and domestic flight tickets, ground transportation, accommodations, etc. We want to help you explore and learn about Nepal in a fun and convenient way. 
You will not be disappointed when you book a trip with us!