10 Best Trekking in Nepal in September - Weather and Travel Tip

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The clear sky, warm temperature, and the views of the delightful mountains all combine to make a great journey. Being amongst the peak season, trekking in Nepal in September has its own bliss. Nepal in September in 2022 will be the greatest come back after the Covid-19 life.

The welcoming weather of Nepal in September makes the trekking trail vibrant with visitors from all around the world. People are busy working on the farms, celebrating traditional festivals, and living their culture. As the vegetation gets colorful and animals feel the warmth, the trekking trail gets more interesting. All the cultural delights, bio-diversity, and captivating views make Nepal in September the best time to visit.

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Weather in Nepal in September

The climate in Nepal in September marks the long day and stable weather of Autumn. The lower region like Kathmandu has maximum and minimum daytime temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius respectively. Kathmandu weather in September is also warm at about 25 degrees Celsius. But since most of the trekking trail takes you to a higher altitude, the temperature drops slightly. At 3500m above sea level, the average temperature in Nepal in September is 10 degrees Celsius. The night temperature can fall up to 5 degrees Celsius. In the base camps of the mountains, the temperature can be lower. With an average rainfall of 150mm to 165mm, the trekking trails are quite dry. The average relative humidity in Nepal in September is about 82%. The clouds and fog do not block the views.

Trekking trails in Nepal in September

First and foremost, let’s say that September is the beginning of the Nepal trekking season. The trekkers just start to flood and the trails are still peaceful. You will not face any issue finding the tea houses in the trekking path. As October approaches, the tea houses are crowded with a lot of tourists. Thus, trekking in Nepal in September is the time to enjoy solitude and peace along with the best weather. 

Most of the trekking trails, even the high-altitude pass (above 5000m+) is free from snow. The chances of occlusion rain still exist, but it doesn’t get problematic. Even the nights are quite warm, you can avoid the pain of freezing cold. After the post-monsoon rains, the trekking trails are quite pleasing. Since the Nepal mountain in September is yet blanketed with a thick layer of snow, the entire view is very pleasing. 

But if you don’t know the best trekking in Nepal in September, make sure you read to the end.

Major Festivals in Nepal in September

September in Nepal is the month of celebration and fun. The most important Festival in Nepal in September is Teej. This ancient festival is celebrated by Hindu women. They fast for the whole day asking for a long time for their husband. “Daar khane din” and “Rishi Panchami” are also part of these festivals. Another interesting festival in September is Indra Jatra when people inside the valley gather to pray to live goddesses “Kumari”. Also, there’s Jitiya Parwa for the women of the Madesh community which is celebrated in the terai region of Nepal. Mane Rumdu is the most popular and interesting festival of Nepal celebrated in the Himalayas.

Sometimes, the big festivals of Dashain also fall in the month of September. This half-month-long celebration is the biggest festival of Nepalese. If you ever plan to Visit Nepal in September, do not miss these festivals.

Best Trekking in Nepal in September

Planning for Visiting Nepal in September? It’s the best decision you ever made.

September is the best time to head for any trekking trail you love in Nepal. Either it be the classic trail as Everest base camp trek and Annapurna base camp trek or it is on the rain-shed region like Jomsom and Dolpo, September trek is a bliss. Each trekking place in Nepal is equally pleasing and welcoming in September.

Highlights and low lights of Trekking in Nepal in September


Very peaceful trails

Since September is the start of stable weather, only a few tourists are heading for the trekking trail. Unlike October and November, you can enjoy the peace of nature and the hospitality of tea houses by yourself. The true blessing of nature can only be felt in solitude.

Green view:

As the monsoon rain stops, it’s time for the plant to get its life back. The terraced farm in the hilly region is all decorated with Paddy. In the upper region, you can see barley and wheat. Even the Evergreen subtropical forest gets lively with new leaves and grasses. Basically, the views around you are very natural.

Colorful alpine flowers:

In the trekking trails, you can see many amusing flowers that have just started to bloom. You can see Rockfoils, Moss Campion, and Edelweiss in the alpine region. In the topical forest, the Pine, Oak, and Rhododendron Forest greet you.

The magical view of the Mountains including a few clouds

Since the monsoon rains take away clouds and dust, September is the time for the best views. The mountains still have a thick layer of snow from June/ July that looks magnificent. The sky is quite clear and every mountain in the Himalayas range looks magnificent.

Lots of Waterfalls on the trail

As you head for the trek, you can see the multiple waterfalls that appear out of nowhere. September is the time when the rivers are full of water, and seasonal waterfalls get lively. You can see many such surprising waterfalls on the trek of the Annapurna and Everest region.

You don’t have to deal with the cold

The temperature in the mountains is always below freezing level, making it really hard to enjoy the trek. But September is the time when both days and nights in the mountains are warm. The average temperature remains above 10 degrees Celsius even on the trekking path. The chance of snowfall in September is close to nil. Even Everest Base Camp Temperature in September is bearable.

Less chance of high-altitude sickness

Due to warm and stable weather, trekking the September gets easier. Because of less pollution and greenery, the level of oxygen rises, thus making it easier for you to breathe. Also, the high temperature encourages you to drink a lot of water, thus reducing the cases of altitude sickness.

Fresh environment:

All of the above factors combine to create an excellent trekking experience. You don’t need to worry about the crowd, noise, and pollution. A clean and fresh environment is a major plus.

Low Lights

Flight may delay:

Although the chances are very less, we should face the issues with domestic flights. The hills and mountains of Nepal decrease the visibility of airplane. Thus, until and unless the weather is very clear with no chance of rain, they do not fly the plane. The delay can last several hours.

Might to deal with Rain:

Although September is not exactly the month for the monsoon, we can ignore the slight chances of rain. As the humidity is still quite high, rain might disturb your trek, especially in the evening. Do carry waterproof trekking shoes and a raincoat to avoid any chances of occlusion rain.

The trail might be wet

As mentioned above, the chances of rainfall still prevail in September. Since the trail is still wet from the monsoon rain, additional water can make it quickly slippery. You need to avoid walking on the steep landscape right after the rain.

Can’t have a mountain view for the whole day

The views in the mornings are relatively clear. From sunrise to mid-day, the mountains look more than magnificent. But as the evening falls, the cloud might block the view. Thus, it’s important that you reach the destination in the daytime and avoid walking in the Evening time.

Everest Base Camp Trek in September

Nepal’s most popular Everest base camp trek is even more elegant during September. The views of the Himalayas in the Khumbu region including Mount Everest, Amadablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, and more makes your trek elegant. The two-week-long Everest trek bestows the true mountain experience. The highest point of the trek, Everest base camp (5364m) and Kalapathhar (5500m), is also dry and relatively easy to trek.

During September, getting the flights to Lukla and finding a tea house is relatively easy. The classic EBC trail is not crowded. The people of the Khumbu region are vibrant with their field works and festivals. To sum up, Everest Base Camp Weather in September makes it the best time for the visit.


Everest Base Camp Trek Price Chart for 2022-2023

 Group Size Price Per Person
 1 person $1450
 2 Person $1250
 3 - 5 Person $1200
 6 - 11 Person $1100
 11 - 20 Person $999

Nar Phu Valley Trek in September

The unforgettable wandering in the Nar Phu Valley takes you between the Annapurna and Manaslu regions. This true hidden gem is probably Nepal’s most underrated trekking region. The unspoiled valleys of Nar Phu protect ancient Buddhist culture within the hidden Mountain valley. The village of Phu and Nar marks the most remote lifestyle in the foothill of the mountains.

In September, the views from Nar Phu Peak overlook the mountains of the Annapurna range, Himlung, Tilicho, and Gangapurna. Kang La Pass (5,240m) is the highest point of the trek that is probably covered in snow for another month. Thankfully, the trail is quite dry and fun during September. Nar Phu Valley trek is definitely a unique and pleasing trekking experience.


Nar Phu Valley Trek Price Chart for 2023 /2024

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person  $1250
 2 Person  $1050
 3 Person  $975
 6 - 10 person $945
 11 - 20 Person $925


Upper Mustang Trek in September

The Mystical valleys of the Mustang offer a unique trekking experience throughout the year. This “Last forbidden Kingdom” of Nepal is the center of ancient Buddhist culture and traditions. During September, the Upper region of the Mustang is dry and warm. The vegetation gets even more colorful as you head to the valley of Lo Manthang. This is also the month when the apple orchard over Mustang is full of delicious apples. You get the chance to try local dry apples, apple wine/ brandy, and Thakali khana. September in Upper Mustang Trek is a truly delightful experience.

At the same time, you get to explore some stunning places of lower Mustang including Jomsom, Kagbeni, and Muktinath. The insight into Tibetan Buddhist culture in these valleys gives you a different experience.


Renjo La Pass Trek in September

Renjo la Pass is a lesser-known trekking destination in the famous Everest Region. The path of Namche’s North takes us to the village of Thame. Along with magnifications views of Everest, this short and easy trek is a blessing for newbie trekkers. Heading further deep into the Khumbu region, we get to the Nangpa-La pass which lies in close proximity to Tibet. A week-long Itinerary takes us to Gokyo Peak at 5560 meters. Thankfully, both Gokyo Peak and Renjo Pass are dry and welcoming in September. This best trek in Nepal in September is heaven for the nature lover. The trail is mostly empty and the villagers are waiting for your arrival. It will definitely be pleasing.


Gokyo LakeRenjola Pass Trekking Cost Chart

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $1350
 2 Person $1150
 3 - 5 Person $1075
 6 - 10 Person $1030
 11 - 20 Person $995

Upper Dolpo Trek in September

The restricted region of Upper Dolpo is only preserved for true adventure lovers. This long (about 20 days) tour in the classic village of Dolpo denotes the experience of the wilderness. Wandering far in the land of Shey Phoksundo National Park, Upper Dolpo in September is a quite pleasing experience. The temperature of Dolpo valley in September is close to 0 degrees Celsius. Yet, it’s regarded as the warmest time to trek when the Dolpo valley is mostly dry. The highest altitude during this very challenging tour is 5360 meters. The unique cultural heritages and delightful cultural adaptation by the locals of Dolpo cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Upper Dolpo Trek is probably the most remote valley you will get to explore in the 21st century.


Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Annapurna Circuit Trek is another classic and popular trekking route in Nepal. This route is hard to trek during Monsoon, but as October approaches, it floods with visitors. So, you can avoid the rush with the Annapurna trek in September. This long trek of about 3 weeks helps you discover the best of yourself.

Ethnic communities like Gurung and Tamang are busy celebrating their cultures and festivals in September. This is the time of the year when dozens of mountain ranges like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, etc become even more appealing. The stunning valley such as Manage, and natural paradises like Tilicho make everything delightful. Also, you get to visit the heavenly city of Pokhara. Pokhara weather in September is equally pleasing.



Gokyo Lake Trek in September

This newly opened Gokyo trek is a wonderful experience beyond the Everest base camp. Hiking Nepal in September goes to a new level as you explore the valley that is hidden beyond the mountains. Walking in the textured, riotously colorful carpet of nature into the deserted landscape, Gokyo Valley is everything you ever wished to explore. The five pristine lakes tucked in between the mountains along with prodigious views from the top make the Gokyo lake trek beautiful. 

You can separately trek to Gokyo in September via a newly opened path in 10 days. Or, you can wander via the classic path to EBC and then walk beyond the mountains for a couple of days. The weather in Nepal in September makes the entire Gokyo trek even easier.


Gokyo Lake Trekking Cost Chart for 2022- 2023

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $1250
 2 Person  $1050
 3 - 5 Person $ 950
 6 - 10 Person $910
 11 - 20 Person $890

Langtang Valley Trek in September

Langtang Valley, about 30 km north of Kathmandu, is popular as a short trek in Nepal. The Langtang trail carries the historic and ancient Buddhist culture followed by the people of Tamang and Holmes. About a week’s walk in the Langtang valley takes you to the varied topography, geology, and elevation. We get closer to the mountains of Lirung, Ganesh, and Yangra during the tour. The several icy lakes and mountain glaciers will make the walk even more exciting. 

September in Langtang is the month of celebrations and gartering. You get to be a part of the local culture while eating local food and dancing to their music. It’s definitely a magnificent time of the visit before the trail gets busy with trekkers from all over the world.


Mardi Himal Base camp Trek in September

If you have a short time and are left with the thought, “What to do in Nepal in September” the Mardi Himal trek is the best option. The pleasing short trek to Mardi Himal in September is an exciting moment. This relatively easy trek to the Mardi Base camp lies within the Annapurna region. With recently opened beautiful tea houses and cultural insight, it’s a pleasing stroll in the Himalayas.

About 50kms of walk to Mardi begins with a short drive from Pokhara to Kotre or Dhampus. You can cover the entire journey in less than a week. The majestic Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Macchapucchre, and Mardi looks amusing from the viewpoint and the base camp. At 4,500m in height, Mardi is probably the most easily accessible base camp in the county. The overall experience will be comfortable and at the same time wonderful.


Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

The wholesome and versatile tour of Annapurna’s base camp is another famous trekking journey. The 67 km of the round trek from Pokhara can be completed in about 10 days. About two weeks of the walk takes you to the alpine forest, hidden valleys, pristine glaciers, and also to Macchapucchre base camp. 

During September, you will not face any issues crossing the high passes leading you to the base camp. At 4,130m in height, it’s a relatively easy walk with little risk of altitude sickness. In the villages like Chhomorong, Bamboo, and Deurali, you get to interact with the locals and learn about their lifestyle in the tea houses. Also, you can easily add some exciting parts such as Poonhill and Ghandruk for a magnificent experience.



So, that was all about the best place to visit in September.

Hiking in Nepal in September is definitely a pleasing and fun experience. You should know that the right kind of weather can make your journey in the remote lands of Nepal way more comfortable.

Thus, if Nepal’s on your bucket list, September is the right time to book your flight.

If you need any help planning your tour, Breeze Adventure is glad to guide you. Do contact us for any help needed.

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