Short Treks in Nepal

Why Short Treks in Nepal? Most people are very busy with their office work or in their business!  They can’t have a long vacation in the same country. Also, most people want to see more on their short holidays. Nowadays, People around the world are becoming more interested in Nepal’s Short Treks each and every day. For most travelers who stop in Nepal during their circuit around southeast Asia, trekking in the fabled Himalayas is a must. However, most travelers do not have weeks to spend climbing from ridge to ridge.  Using our expertise and experience, we have designed shortened versions of the most popular trekking routes, as well as short excursions to destinations that most tourists have not heard of.

Given the amazing combination of 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks and the peaceful, spiritual nature of its people, it is no surprise that Nepal is one of the best places to trek. You can experience both nature and culture on our Short Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Panorama Trek, Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Short Langtang Valley Trek, Short Annapurna Circuit Trek, and more! How is it possible to shorten these legendary trails without missing out on anything? Check out our Short Treks in Nepal packages below.

Our Short Treks in Nepal are between 3 and 11 days. We recommend budgeting at least one day before and after your trek just in case, there are any unforeseen delays due to weather. Each of these Short treks in Nepal can be extended, so please let us know your time availability and we can manage your interests.