Safari in Nepal

Nepal is home to 180 mammal species and more than 800 bird species. There are 12 national parks, 6 conservation areas, and a wildlife reserve. Jungle safari in Nepal is a beautiful trip across these national parks and conservation areas.

The most popular Safari in Nepal is safaris in Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta National Park, and Koshi Tappu wildlife conservation area. These safaris in Nepal are basically done in the lowlands of Nepal, Terai. The dense tropical forests in Terai are a habitat of exotic wildlife and bird species.

Chitwan National Park, the oldest national park in Nepal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park covers an area of 932 sq. km of the Terai region in south-central Terai. Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park means you can do jeep safari and elephant safari inside the lush jungles in the park.

There are 68 mammals, 600 birds, and 55 amphibian and reptile species in the park. However, the one-horned Rhino and Bengal Tiger are the major attractions. During the safari, you will see them if you are lucky.

Bardiya National Park, the largest national park in Nepal makes a popular Safari in Nepal. This national park covers 968 sq. Km area of Bardiya district. Bardiya national park comprises forests, grasslands, and wetlands. This makes a suitable habitat for 53 mammals, 400 birds, and 23 reptile and amphibian species. The Royal Bengal tiger and One-horn rhinoceros are the major attractions of this park. The park also offers fishing opportunities in the Karnali and Babai River.

Shivapuri National Park is a beautiful and the nearest national park to Thamel Kathmandu. It offers you such an amazing view of Kathmandu Valley, the Himalayan view, and very different species of mammals and birds. Shivapuri National Park safari would be the best for those who have extra days after the trek or have an extra day before the trek.

Shuklaphant National Park is also a beautiful destination for jungle safari in Nepal. Situated in the far-western region of Nepal, this national park covers an area of 305 sq. km. Here, you will see the plain grasslands and flood plains. Shuklaphant shelters 700 floral species, 46 mammal species, 28 fish species, 423 bird species, and 12 reptiles and amphibian species. At Shuklaphanta, you can do a jungle safari by walking around, riding an Elephant back, or in a jeep.

The Kosi Tappu Wildlife reserve in the eastern Terai of Nepal is a beautiful place to go on a safari in Nepal. Kosi Tappu is a Ramsar site. This place is a resting place for various migratory birds. So, a jungle safari in Koshi Tappu is a bird-watching tour as well.

If you are looking for a dynamic holiday with your friends and family, you should think of Jungle Safaris in Nepal. Jungle Safari is a pleasing activity that anyone can do. Safari in Nepal is suitable for people of all age groups. You do not have to walk or struggle to do a Jungle safari. You will be riding an elephant or a Jeep.

Jangal safari tours are best in Spring, Autumn, and Winter. You can also do a jungle safari in Summer. However, in Summer, the Terai region is so hot.  If you want to go on a Safari in Nepal, you can contact us. We will organize your trip on the basis of your choice. Safaris in Nepal can be 1 night and 2 days long. Or, if you have enough days in Nepal, we can extend your safari to weeks. We encourage Safaris in Nepal in various ways. You can do elephant rides, kayak rides, and you can walk into nature with a guide. We can arrange a safari as per your demands and choices.