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    From the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery built on a cliff to the sleepy streets of Paro, visiting the country of Bhutan is all about the simple pleasures of natural beauty, distinct architecture, and a distinctly preserved culture. Bhutan is a mystical land known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Its history is almost inseparable from Buddhist folklore that in turn helps to shape the country’s stunning landscape. The Colossal fortresses and monasteries are all dedicated to ancient monks who are believed to have flown on the backs of tigers.

    Culture, tradition, and Buddhism are the core of this unique country that is most notably known for the ancient dance festivals. You get to experience this long-isolated country's colorful architecture, stunning mountains, and lush countryside on this comprehensive 10-day tour. This long trip of Bhutan stretches from Paro to Bumthang to explore the wonderful village and dzongs. While we explore all of the major highlights of the country, we wouldn’t miss to stay back and observe the local tradition and lifestyle.

    The tour Itinerary is carefully planned to make your journey smooth and pleasant by visiting all the possible attractions and while enjoying the quality of services throughout the journey. We make all the necessary arrangements for visas and travels after you pay the 10 days Bhutan tour cost set by the Government. So, let’s view the Itinerary in detail.

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