Easy Treks in Nepal

The Easy Treks in Nepal offers routes for trekkers of all ages and abilities. People choose these Easy treks for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have never trekked before and want to build up your experience.  Or, maybe the high-altitude excursions put you off and you want something in the middle hills. Well, we have good news for you. Whether you are not physically able to do a long trip or if you only have a few days in Nepal, there are perfect short and Easy Treks for you.

Even though these Easy Treks in Nepal will take you into the midst of rugged, snowy peaks, you can and will get jaw-dropping mountain views. For example, our Everest View Trek (a more moderate-easy trek) brings trekkers face-to-face with several of the tallest peaks in the world with less than a week on the trail. Also, several days of reaching the maximum altitude of 3,790 meters/12,434 feet allow for proper acclimatization.

An even easier trek, our Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, reaches a maximum altitude of 3210 meters/10,532 feet. This Easy trek only calls for four days on the trail with a few days in Kathmandu and the beautiful city of Pokhara before and after the trek. The sunset at Poon Hill is something you will never forget. Especially, our Easy Treks in Nepal is designed for beginner and retired trekkers from around the world.

Don’t let the thought of high-altitude Himalayan trekking scare you away from the trails. There is something for everyone here in Nepal and you are sure to find a trail suitable for you. Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about Easy Treks in Nepal, we are happy to help.