4 days Gosaikunda Lake Trek | Cost | Itinerary | 2024 | 2025

At a Glance
    Trip Highlights
    • Can explore many scared lakes and kundas
    • Scenic Drive to Dhunche
    • Breathtaking views of mountain range and other small peaks
    • Cheese Factort visit at Chandanbari
    • View of Langtang Valley from Gosaikunda Viewpoint
    • Tamang Culture and their lifestyle
    • Clean and net lodges
    • Local Food and taste
    • Flora and Fauna from Langtang Nationalpark
    • Gosaikunda Lake Visit
    • See the home to endangered animals like snow leopards and red pandas
    • Experience of traditions, cultures and lifestyles of the Himalayas.
    • Know the importance of the Gosaikunda Lake as a pilgrimage site for Hindus
    • This is the shortest trek from Kathmandu,

    Trek to Gosaikunda Lake is also one of the popular treks which leads you to the major highlight of the trek, sacred Gosaikunda Lake (A pilgrimage site for Hindus as well as followers of shamanism, Bon Po) at the height of 4380 meters, in the region of Langtang National Park, Russia, not very far from the capital, in-fact this is the nearest trek from Kathmandu.

    Trek to Gosaikunda Lake can be the best choice of trek for those who have a time limit but want to take advantage of alpine regions and enjoy the presence of the Himalayas. You can also get the views of Ganesh Himal, and Langtang Himal along with distant Mt. Annapurna. Lake Gosaikunda trek has proved to be heaven for explorers and travelers. Near the Gosaikunda Lake, Gosaikunda Viewpoint offerss an awesome view of the Langtang Valley, Langtang River and the beautiful Himalayas.

    The location of this earliest trek from Kathmandu is also very charming on its own, being easily able to catch your eyes which mostly includes terraced slopes, diverse ethnicity, wildlife, flora, fauna, Himalayan ranges, and most importantly welcoming people of Tamang ethnicity. While hiking on this shortest trek from Kathmandu through the challenging ways towards the lake, you can enjoy passing through many rivers, streams, small waterfalls, villages reflecting their local cultures, hills and forests full of rhododendrons. The scenery that you can see once you reach the top of the trek, will be a lifetime experience for you. Even if you are a beginner in the field of hiking or an experienced one, you will get a feeling of achievement once you complete this trek. You also need not worry about accommodation, because you will be provided with amazing tea houses offering you the best kinds of facilities they could along with the local cuisine of that area.

    Best season for Gosaikunda trek Itinerary

    Even though the trek to the Gosaikunda Lake can be completed throughout the year, you might not get what you expected in some seasons. Talking of which, Autumn(September, October, November) and Spring(March, April, May) are considered the best time for Gosaikunda Trek. In this season, you can enjoy stable and moderate weather, and the best and clear views of the snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests, and other natural beauty, so the best time for Gosaikunda Trek. Walking through the dense forests, you can also see full-bloomed rhododendrons and other kinds of beautiful flowers . However, in Autumn, the trekking trails are usually full of Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims because it is that time of year when most of the pilgrims perform their ancient rituals in the sacred lake of Gosaikunda the nearest trek from Kathmandu.

    Trekking Difficulties of Lake Trek Gosaikunda

    The Gosaikunda trek difficulty can be considered a moderate to challenging trek. It mostly depends on your experience in trekking and your health conditions. Also, the trek mostly involves rugged terrains, rocky paths, and high altitudes which may physically challenge you. As the height of the trek reaches up to 4380 meters, there is a high chance of getting altitude sickness, causing you to be extra tired, headache, nausea and fatigueness as Gosaikunda trek difficulty increases. Also, it involves 6-7 hrs of hiking every day for the Gosaikunda trek trail, which is very tiring in itself . Along with that having fear of landslides, getting lost on the way there, and being sick can add to your mental stress resulting it to make the Gosaikunda trek difficulty higher.

    Most Popular Trekking Route in Langtang

    Essential Information

    Gosaikunda Lake Trekking Trail

    There are various routes you can take to complete the trek to Gosaikunda Lake. You can choose the route of trek depending on the time available and your preferences. However, the most common routes are Dhunche to Gosaikunda and Sundarijal to Gosaikunda. Also, the trek passes through Langtang National Park, providing opportunities for wildlife sightings, including endangered animals like snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan Thars, and various species of birds on this Gosaikunda lake trek.

    Food and Accommodation in Gosaikunda

    On this Gosaikunda lake trek, you live in the teahouses that basic lodges with such as simple rooms, beds and blankets, shared bathrooms and dining facilities which also include local cuisines allowing you to choose according to your preferences are available. Also, if you are well prepared and want more adventure you can also choose to camp, but if you do so remember to carry your own camping gear and sleeping bags for the Gosaikunda trek trail.

    Throughout the trek, you will find a combination of local and Asian cuisines such as dal bhat, momo, noodles, seasonal vegetables, and also Tibetan dishes like Thukpa and yak meat. You can also get beverages including tea, coffee, milk, and others on the Gosaikunda lake trek.

    Local culture in Gosaikunda

    The Gosaikunda Lake itself, being considered a sacred site has cultural significance for both Hindus and Buddhists, especially during some Gosaikunda festivals. Nepali is the most commonly spoken language in the area, local ones also use Tamang and Sherpa languages to communicate on the Gosaikunda trek trail. You can also witness their traditional rituals, dance, and music played by traditional instruments such as flutes, cymbals, and drums for 3 days at Gosaikunda lake. Also, the local ones there create handicrafts including Thanka paintings reflecting Buddhism, their deities, and scenes. People there are also very kind-hearted, friendly, and welcoming. They will be more than happy to welcome to, treat you like their own, and share their delicacies and cultures with you for 3 day Gosaikunda lake trek.

    Gosaikunda festivals

    Different festivals are celebrated according to their religions and cultures throughout the year. In the lower region Hindus mostly celebrate the two biggest festivals Dashain and Tihar. However, in the upper region, we get to visit the villages of Gurung and Tamang people who are followers of Tibetan Buddhism. Lhosar, also considered as Tibetian New Year is celebrated by Tamang and Sherpa communities. Also, Gosaikunda Festival means Janai Purnima, which generally falls in August that has significant importance for Hindus. You can join local in one of these festivals and be the part of their life during the 3 days Gosaikunda lake.

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