2 Nights 3 Days Bhutan Tour

3 day- Bhutan - Tour
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    This small, Himalayan kingdom of Thunder Dragon is awash with many tempting attractions. Being the last existing Buddhist kingdom on earth, it’s the place where you can enjoy the perfect combination of infrastructure, culture, and nature. This land is one of the world’s little-known treasures. Here, quality of life is measured in the terms of Gross National Happiness rather than other purely material measures. To date, the county has remained in splendid isolation, focusing to preserve its deep Buddhist traditions and pristine landscapes.

    Travelers seeking to explore the wonders of Bhutan were only allowed entry during 1974, and, to date, the country still ensures a sustainable approach to tourism. During the stay, one can have a wonderfully authentic, and sought-after travel experience. Your journey among ancient monasteries Himalayan peaks, glacial rivers, Himalayan peaks, and peaceable villages will reveal this mythical country’s singular beauty. Within the small area, there so many places to visit in Bhutan. The stunning views you witness during the tour are comparable to no other place on earth.

    Even during the short 3 days Bhutan tour, you can enjoy the best of the Bhutan nation. With a neatly arranged Bhutan Travel package, one will be enjoying the mysteries of the amazing Kingdom. The 3 days Bhutan Tour cost is set by the Government and you won't be paying any higher. This Bhutan tour for 2 night 3 days Bhutan tour indulges the visitors in various exciting activities and sightseeing tours. Even in a short time, you will be visiting the top places in Bhutan that has natural, architectural, and cultural importance. These attractions will surely fascinate you. Let's view 3 days Bhutan Tour Itinerary in detail.


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    Flying to Paro is going to be the most spectacular mountain flight you will ever experience. From the left side of the aircraft window, you will witness a series of the world’s highest peaks. As you land, you witness Paro valley full of alpine forests, little monasteries, temples, and farmhouses. After lunch in Paro, we will drive to Thimpu. The drive along the narrow hill road is filled with a beautiful scene. In the evening, you can just stroll around or enjoy some shopping.

    • Max Altitude: 2334m
    • Accommodation: Guest House
    • Meals: BLD
    • Transport: Plane and Bus

    After an early breakfast in Thimpu, we drive back to the beautiful city of Paro. After exploring the beauty of this tiny valley, we begin to hike on Taktshang Monastery (Tiger Monastery).

    Taktshang Monastery (Tiger’s nest) is Bhutan’s most popular cultural icon perched 800m up a seemingly sheer cliff. The total five hours hike to and from the monastery will be a pleasant experience. You can ride a horse upward and avoid the hike. Later in the evening, just wander around the beautiful streets of Paro and witness the lifestyle of local people.

    • Max Altitude: 3120m
    • Time: 5 Hours
    • Meals: BLD
    • Walking Distance: 6.4km
    • Transport: Bus

    This will be the last day of your journey. You can enjoy a warm breakfast in the morning and explore around the hotel. According to your flight schedule, we will transfer you to the Paro Airport and then you can wave goodbye to this beautiful land.

    • Meals: Breakfast
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