Our Team

  • Subash Adhikari (Kishwor)
    Managing Director

    Subash Adhikari (Kishwor)

    After starting as a young porter and eventually guiding trekkers himself to all corners of the Himalaya, Subash Adhikari (Kishwor) has started his own company – Breeze Adventure. It has been his dream to share these magnificent mountains with people from all over the world and to give the locals the same employment opportunities that shaped his life. Through providing jobs for the locals and educating them on the value of the environment, he is giving for Nepal’s future.

    Subash Adhikari was born in a small village near Langtang Himal. He spent his childhood roaming the remote hills, seeking adventure, and enjoying the pristine beauty. Over his lifetime, he has trekked the Indian Himalayas, the mountains of South Africa, and nearly every single trail in Nepal. He has visited the Everest region over 50 times and has been countless times to the Annapurna Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Dolpo, and Dhaulagiri regions. He’s climbed Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, Tent Peak, and hopes to climb many more. After his family, trekking in the Himalayas is his greatest passion for Life. He’s always on the lookout for new trekking routes to explore.

    Still today, Subash Adhikari (Kishwor) joins his trekking groups twice a season to revisit the mountains. He loves spending his days amongst pure Himalayan beauty. Also, he strives to be up to date with the trail conditions. So, at the beginning and end of each season, he leads a trek himself. When he’s on the trail, the knowledgeable manager, Mr. Cool, watches over the office. Subash Kishwor’s highest priority is making his clients happy, exceeding their expectations, and giving them a memory of a lifetime in the Himalayas- all while promoting sustainable and ethical tourism.

  • Gyaljen Sherpa
    Trekking Guide

    Gyaljen Sherpa

    Galje has spent his entire life in the mountains, and loves exploring the remote areas of the Himalaya. He started working at a porter at age 14 and has racked up 12+ years of experience since then. He has learned life lessons in the mountains that formal education can’t, and he continues to learn more each day. Galje is eager to share his endless knowledge with you as a guide. His smile and bright sense of humor will lighten you up. He has done just about every trek in Nepal, visiting Everest Base Camp 50+ times. Like the rest of our guides, Galje is perfectly happy spending his whole life in these sacred mountains.

  • Pemba Sherpa
    Assistance Trekking Guide

    Pemba Sherpa

    At 19 years old, Pemba Sherpa is the youngest guide of our company. He already has more than 7 years of trekking experience in the Himalaya. Pemba worked as porter for 6 years and is now working as an assistant guide in our office. He is an avid learner and in his free time, he practices the English language. He is an energetic mountain lover and an extremely friendly guy from our company. Soon, he will be promoted to a full guide as he finishes his English language course.

  • Dawa Sherpa
    Trekking Guide

    Dawa Sherpa

    This 27-year-old, strong mountain man from Patle (Everest region) has more than 10 years of trekking experience under his belt. He was born in the Himalayas, so he has lots of knowledge of the area, especially of the Everest region. He is not only a trekking guide, but he is a climber as well.  He has summited all the smaller peaks around the Everest region and in Nepal and has had success on each climb. Dawa is passionate about the Himalayas and always wants to climb higher and higher. It is hard to keep him away from the mountains for too long. He is our go-to guide when it comes to making a successful summit. He is a strong, friendly, smiley, and a peace mountain-loving guide for our company. 

  • Ngawang Sherpa
    Trekking Guide

    Ngawang Sherpa

    Ngawang Sherpa is from the small village of Okhadhunga in the Everest region. After finishing grade 8 in the government school, he came to Lukla and started to work as a porter at the age of 13. In his 10 years of working in the trekking industry, he has been to Everest Bases Camp 60+ times! He worked as a porter for 6 years, until he was 19, and then started work as an assistant guide for 2 years. Then, he applied for and received his official trekking guide license from the Nepali government. He hasn’t gone to an official university, but he says his university is in the Himalayas, where he continues to learn the meaning of life. Currently 26, years old, Ngawang is a very calm, friendly, knowledgeable guide. He leads hikers deep into the Himalayas very safely. We are proud to have him on our team.

  • Sarki Sherpa
    Trekking Guide

    Sarki Sherpa

    Sarki is a friendly Sherpa from a small mountain village. Born in the Everest region, Sarki went to a government school near his house, where he started working as a porter at 14 years old. Since October is the high season in Nepal for trekking and students get a 15-day break for Dashain, Sarki used to come to Lukla during his break to earn a little bit of money and help support his family. He worked as a porter for 6 years before getting his license to become a guide.

    Now at 29, he has all the necessary licenses and experience to be guided in the Himalayas. When we met him in 2012, he was working as a porter and we found his passion, knowledge of the Himalayas, and his curiosity super inspiring. Since that time, we have been working together. He is very helpful, experienced, and friendly, and we are lucky to have Sarki on our team. He has been to every trekking region in Nepal and we can count on him to lead people into the Himalayas safely.

  • Kulnath Kc
    Trekking Guide

    Kulnath Kc

    Kulnath has spent his half-life in the Himalayas and loves to explore the mountains and remote areas of Nepal Himalayas. He is 35 Years old and a well-experienced guide from our company. He has finished his master's in Archeology. He is very interested in the local culture in the mountains and he loves the mountain lifestyle. He has a very good sense of humor and leads the group very safely. He has been to almost every single trekking route in Nepal. He never tired of going to the Himalayas. Like the rest of our guides, Kulnath is always happy to lead people to the mountain show them the beautiful mountains, and introduce them to the local culture and lifestyle.