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The year 2030 is going to be the best time to Visit Nepal. Contradictorily, there is no best time to visit Nepal; the country is the best place to be at no matter in which season you choose to come, with all its natural, cultural, religious and historical beauties. Visit Nepal 2030 is the factor that is considered to make the year 2030 the best time to visit Nepal. So, if you’ve never come for spending your holiday in Nepal, well, make sure to visit Nepal in the year 2030.

To ensure that your holiday in Nepal is absolutely amazing, you need to travel to the best places to visit in Nepal. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, Everest Region, and so on are few of the examples of the best places to visit in Nepal. In the same way, there are so many Nepal tour package options available for you to have a great Nepal tour. During your tour in Nepal, you will come across features that are sure to astound you completely.

Compiling all the details, which are sure to encourage you to go on a Nepal tour, and meet your expectation of visit Nepal 2030, these are the 9 reasons to visit Nepal in 2030.

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Bhutan Nepal Tibet Tour

Bhutan and Tibet are great countries to visit, with so many natural attractions and diversity in cultures and traditions. They are slowly rising to become two of the most visited countries in the world. If you are to notice, the two countries share a lot of common features, may it be the great Himalayan Range, Buddhism, which impacts all three nations equally, geography, consisting mainly the hills and the mountains, and so on. When you go on a Bhutan Nepal Tibet tour, you wouldn’t feel as if you’re visiting three different countries, you’d feel as if you’re visiting three parts of the same country. Going for Bhutan Nepal Tibet tours is a great option, if you’re planning to visit Nepal in 2030.

nepal bhutan tibet tour

Cultural Tour in Nepal

One of the goals of Visit Nepal 2030 campaign is to let the world recognize the diverse and rich cultures that dwell in the country. When you visit Nepal in 2030, you could go for cultural tour in Nepal. Under this package, you will go either on a luxury tour or on a trek, and in the journey, cover the villages dominated by the population of one or the other indigenous tribes of people. You will get to live with them as their personal guests, and get to experience their lifestyle up-close. You will get to eat the food prepared by them, and even talk to them, and get to know more. One of the examples of such villages is Ghalegaun, which happens to be located in the western part of Nepal. Everest Panaroma Trek and Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek are some popular cultural trekking destinations in Nepal.

Mountain Flight In Nepal

Mountain Flight in Nepal is a way for you to enjoy the up-close early morning mountain views of various mountain ranges from the comfortable seats of an airplane. One of the most popular mountain flight packages in Nepal is the Annapurna Mountain Flight. The journey starts at around 7:00 am in the morning, when the flight takes off and heads in the direction of the mountains. Once it reaches the area, the pilot makes sure to maintain a distance of at least 15 km from the mountains, and at the same time maintain the angle, so that the travelers are able to have the proper view of the peaks. The journey ends with a complimentary glass of champagne, and handing over of experience certificates to the travelers.

Heli Tour

Heli Tour is a great way to experience the beautiful regions of Nepal that are not accessible by road. Trekking seems to be an option here, but heli tour is much more luxurious, and therefore comfortable and time saving, medium of touring the areas. Needless to say, the most popular heli tour package in the country is Everest Base Camp heli tour. Under this package, you ride on the helicopter to reach Everest Base Camp. Altogether, it’s a 5-6 hours long journey, and in this duration, you make stops at various attractions. You get off the helicopter, walk around a little, and appreciate the beauty of the region. The tour ends with a lavish sumptuous meal at an amazing viewpoint. Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour is another popular option you can choose and enjoy the majestic glorious bird eye view of Mount Annapurna.

heli tour in nepal

Food Tour In Nepal

Kathmandu oozes with restaurants of all kinds. When you walk around the city, whether in the Thamel area, or the Jhamsikhel area, which a lot of people also prefer calling mini Thamel or Jhamel, you will realize so many restaurants offering hundreds of cuisines from all around the world. Many of these restaurants offer authentic Nepali items as well. Now, one of the interesting things to do in the city is to go on a Food Tour in Nepal. Doesn’t really matter whether you prefer food items from outside Nepal, or the ones from the inside, as mentioned above, you’ll get all of them here. Also make sure to go for a proper Cultural Dinner in Nepal, with your friends and family, you’d love it for sure.

Adventure Sports In Nepal

If there is one thing that defines Nepal, it’s the high altitude hills and the mountains, and the speeding rivers. These spectacles of nature offer the tourists opportunities to try out adventure sports in Nepal. Depending on your excitement and adventure handling level, you could go for Bungee Jump, Bungee Swing, Paragliding, Zip Liner, and so on. If you’re a daredevil of sorts, you could also go for Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Biking, and so on. A more relaxed versions of adventure spots are also available in Nepal, like Hot Air Balloon Ride, Rafting, and so on. These adventure sports in Nepal are sure to give you an adrenaline rush that you have so desperately needed for quite some time.

Yoga Retreat In Nepal

Yoga, as now recognized by celebrities and even general public from all over the world, is one of the best forms of exercise. It doesn’t just make you physically fit but mentally strong as well. When you visit Nepal in 2030, one of the things that you should definitely try is yoga retreat in Nepal. You could go for yoga trek, which is exactly like normal trek, except the fact that every day, early in the morning, the yoga guru of the pack groups up all the members together to practice yoga, at least for an hour. You could also go for traditional gurukul yoga retreat, where you’ll be kept confined inside the center premises for a certain number of days, and motivated to live the life of a yogi.

yoga retreat

Luxury Tour In Nepal

There are so many luxurious resorts and hotels in Nepal that are sure to make you feel like kings and queens of the modern times. Many of these resorts are located in exotic locations like Sagarmatha National Park, Chitwan National Park, and so on, and inside major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and so on. So, along with enjoying royal treatment, you could also get indulged in activities like explore the rare wildlife, hike to enjoy the viewpoints, walk around the streets and explore the local music and food, and so on. During the luxury tour in Nepal, you are transported from one place to another in luxurious vehicles and airplanes, making your journey as comfortable as it can get.

Trekking And Expedition In Nepal

Without a doubt, trekking and expedition are two most popular activities in Nepal. Most foreign nationals who come to Nepal come to trek in the hills of Nepal, and climb the mountains of Nepal. The country is home to 8 of the 10 tallest peaks in the world, which makes the entire expedition scenario quite interesting. And even for the tourists, who are here simply to trek, getting to enjoy the views of these peaks is a unique experience altogether. Needless to talk about the charm of Mt. Everest that is there among people, both trekkers and mountaineers alike.  From thriling Everest Base Camp trek to soulful Manaslu trek or the naturally gifted Annapurna region trek, Nepal has something to offer for every kind of trekkers. If you’re looking of visit Nepal in the year 2030, trekking and expedition are the activities that you should definitely try. 

trekking in nepal

Come for a tour in Nepal in the year 20330, if you want to experience few or all of these Nepal tour packages. Though visit Nepal 2030 campaign is going to offer so many interesting things, you should visit Nepal not just for the sake of it, but also to explore how wonderful of a gem Nepal is. Visit Nepal in the year 2030, and you’d want to live here forever. If not so, it’s definite that you’d want to visit Nepal again and again in the years to come.

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