10 Best Trekking in Nepal in May- Weather and Travel Tip

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Are you planning for Trekking in Nepal in May? Well, you are about the witness the best of this Himalayan nation. May in Nepal marks the end of spring- the last of colorful wildflowers are all decorated over the path. Most of the trekking path is filled with red and pink flowers and brown leaves that have just fallen from the trees. That royal feel as you walk above the spring flowers is the best feeling in the world. With the approaching summer, you get to witness the greenery of pre-monsoon as well as the remaining beauty of May.  

Being one of the best times for the journey, and Hiking in Nepal in May is prodigious. The temperature at lower altitudes is warm while the higher Himalayan region still experiences the chill spring blow. Despite occasional thunderstorms, the climate is also mostly stable. The sky is rather clear and distinct during the morning while the evening can be cold. So the answer to “Can I visit Nepal in May” is yes you can.  

With the right kind of rain gear and a flexible itinerary, May can be the best choice for trekking in Nepal. Let’s learn about the 10 Best Trekking in Nepal in May along with Nepal May weather and more.

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The weather in Nepal in May

Before planning any trek, the first question to look for is, “How is the weather in Nepal in May ?” So let’s learn about the weather in Nepal in May. 

May is the last month of spring and the humidity just starts to take over. Although the monsoon in Nepal starts in June, the later days of May will likely see the start of rain and thunderstorms. The morning and day are sunny and warm while evening and night can occasionally get thunderstorms and light drizzles. The sky is clear except for the evening and the views of the mountains are distinct and beautiful.

Nepal observes huge climatic variations in different regions- Terai is already very hot in May while the mountains are still chilly. Weather in Kathmandu Nepal in May and weather in Pokhara Nepal may indicate mild temperatures which are great for sightseeing tours. During the trek, you will witness that most of the parts at 2500 meters has a daytime temperature above 25 degree Celsius and a night temperature around 8 degrees. The night temperature in base camp during May can be around -5 degrees but the day is warm.

The climate in the mountains is unstable and it won’t be wrong to say that the weather in Nepal in May at high altitudes is going to be unpredictable. You need to be prepared for any obstacles you might encounter due to rain and cold.

Best trekking in Nepal in May

This tiny Nation in the Himalayas is all about a beautiful trekking trail. This trekking destination in Nepal remains absolutely stunning and beautiful at any time of the year. And May is one of the best times to visit, all of the mountain trekking trails are ready to welcome you. The trekking trails are neither covered with snow nor slippery due to the monsoon rain. Although late May can sometimes receive light rainfall, you can trek without many obstacles. Let us answer “Where to go to Nepal in May” for you.

A short hike and low-altitude trekking around Kathmandu and Pokhara are also fun during May. But if you are looking for a real adventure and a lifetime of memory, May is the ideal time to head for a high-altitude trek to the Base camp and also to the land beyond the mountains (Mustang). So are you ready to pick the best destination that suits your need and time? Let’s get started with the best treks in Nepal in May.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Without a second thought, Everest Base Camp is the most challenging and most popular trek in the world. March to May- which represents spring in Nepal is a fabulous time to experience this gigantic beauty. This is the festive month for mountaineers and you are likely to meet many submitted climbers in early May. The peak gets lively with the climbers and you might be able to meet some of the world’s extreme climbers.

The Everest Base Camp trek in May is all about the scenic Himalayan Mountains, beautiful hill landscape, and wide range of bio-diversity. As it’s pre-monsoon time, you might witness the farmers working in their fields and growing the local food. As you walk past the Sagarmatha National Park, you witness some of the rarest spring blooms and some pre-monsoon greenery at the same time. 

During the trek, you get to visit also high-altitude Buddhist monasteries and get closer to Sherpa culture. May is also the best time to experience the local culture. Many Sherpas mostly go climbing and conquer the mountain. The colorful tent camps and trekkers' gear will keep the region lively. Everest is definitely the best place to visit Nepal in May.

 Click here for more details

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Chart for May 2023/2024

 Group Size Cost Per Person
 1 Person  $1450
 2 Person $1250
 3 -5 Person $1200
 6 -10 Person $1099
 11 - 20 Person $999

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Trekking Nepal in May also means exploring new paths. This trekking experience of the real Himalayan wilderness is an unforgettable journey. Nar Phu is tucked between the popular Annapurna and Manaslu regions. Till now the trek was a hidden gem that is just getting the attention of the world. Closed to visitors until late 2002, only a handful of trekkers have got to visit this virgin land. As you explore the unspoiled valley below the raw Himalayas, you will get to learn a lot about Nepal.

Nar Phu Valley Trekin May combines the trek to high peaks and passes along with a view of glaciers, narrow canyons, and amazing rock formations. As you walk on warm days, you will see the yaks grazing and villagers all busy in their fields. Walking by the colorful Tibetan Chortens and prayer stones, you will get to hang out with villagers and sleep in the Nar Phedi monastery. 

The trek begins from Besisahar and diverges from the classic Annapurna Circuit trek as you enter the remote Nar &Phu valleys. In the last couple of days, you will walk over Kang La Pass, and down to Ngawal. You can also hike up to HimlungHimal Base Camp to make the trek even more adventurous. Click here for more details

Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group Size Cost Per Person
 1 Person $1350
 2 Person $1075
 3 - 5 Person $975
 6 - 10 Person $925
 11 - 20 Person $895


Everest View Trek

Before you start planning for the trek to Everest Base Camp, you should know that there are many other ways you can explore the beauty of the Everest region without having to trek for weeks. One such excellent alternative is Everest View Trek. Everest View Trek in May is specially designed to enjoy the best views of the majestic Everest without having to trek for weeks.

Everest View Trek gives you the thrill of flying over one of the most dangerous mountains in the world- Lukla Airport. Then you can enjoy high altitude trekking experience for a few days as you stay in Namche Bazaar. You can fully explore this beautiful Himalayan village that used to be a trade point between Nepalese businessmen and Tibetan in ancient days. Here, you will climb to Everest View Hotel to enjoy the scenery of magnificent Everest from the hotel suited at the highest altitude. You can also climb other nearby hills for panoramic views from a different angle before you return back to Kathmandu for a couple of days.  Try hiking Nepal in May around Everest for a unique experience. Click here for more details

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek takes you to the deserted land beyond the Himalayas. This trekking experience is going to be completely different from the ones you get during the base camp trek. The orange, brown, and green vegetation of the Mustang region with the background of the massif Himalayas is the best scene you will ever witness. 

Culturally, Upper Mustang is a very rich village. It was the last independent kingdom of Nepal where the former king still lives in this mansion. You can visit the Lo-Manthang where people still believe in the power of God and their king. The unique Buddhist culture, classic monasteries, welcoming local people, and very yummy local cuisine make this trek the ideal choice.

Visiting Nepal in May around Upper Mustang means warmth with no chance of thunderstorms and rainfall. You can visit the region without having to worry about difficult weather and bad temperature. Also, during May you will witness the villages being lively with celebrations and field works. It’s the scene worth capturing. Click here for more details

Ghorepani Trek

If you are wondering “What to do in Nepal in May”, we would suggest going for the Ghorepani trek in Annapurna. Did you know that this short trek in the Annapurna region is now the most visited trekking trail in Nepal? Poonhill- Ghorepani is an easily achievable short trek that shows the best landscape and Mountain View at the same time. During May, the entire trekking path is decorated with the red and pink Rhododendron that has fallen out of the trees. The path is very easy and you don’t need to worry about rain and thunderstorm in May. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

You can trek to Ghorepani from Pokhara in a single day. You can stay in the luxurious tea house over Ghorepani and enjoy the surrounding. On another day, you will walk to the Poonhill to witness the beautiful sunrise and the panoramic views of mountain vistas including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Manaslu, and other peaks. Then you can either continue your trek to Tadapani and Ghanduk or get back to Pokhara in a single day. Within a short period of time, Ghorepani Trek in May has so much to offer. Click here for more details

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group Size Cost Per Person
 1 Person $550
 2 Person $430
 3 - 5 Person $375
 6 - 10 Person $330
 11 - 20 Person $299

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trekis another very popular destination in the Annapurna region. Over the past few years, this base camp trek has welcomed many visitors and experienced some significant development. Mardi Himal Trek in May can be completed in a week and yet offers the true base camp experience.

Along with the prodigious view of mountains in the Annapurna region, one can explore the bio-diversity of the Annapurna Conservation area. On the trail, you might be able to witness some rear flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else. Also, the villagers in the small settlements along the path welcome you and teach you about their local culture.

The Mardi Himal trek begins from Pokhara as you drive to Dhampus village and head towards Forest Camp and Low Camp. A day of trekking to High Camp and back gives you the adventure you are looking for. The trek can be accomplished in less than a week from Pokhara. Click here for more details

Gokyo Lakes Trek

If you are looking for things to do in Nepal in May, the Gokyo Lakes trek can be a good choice. 

Gokyo Lakes Trek is the best alternative to the traditional Everest Base Camp Trek. The trek offers a view of magnificent Everest from a different angle and of Ngozumpa Glacier, the biggest glacier lake in Nepal. Gokyo Lakes Trek includes the thrilling flight to Lukla, the experience of Everest Base camp, and also the trek beyond that. Along with Everest, you can get views of Mt. Cho-Oyo (8201m), Mt. Mt. Lhotse (8501m), and Mt. Makalu (8463m) from Gokyo RI (5483m). You will get to witness the five beautiful glacier lakes and experience the local culture at the same time. 

This extraordinary Gokyo Lakes Trek in May offers an ample opportunity to explore the amazing beauty that is beyond human imagination. Gokyo Valley in May is a magnificent place with warm days and chilly nights. The place was once a yak pasture but now it’s a popular trekking destination to encounter with its wild nature. Click here for more details

Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $1250
 2 Person $1050
 3 - 5 Person $975
 6 - 10 Person $925
 11 - 20 Person $890

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Nepal, the Himalayan nation is a paradise for the Natures lover. The mountainous terrain of Annapurna and the unique Nepalese culture captivate tourists to its premises. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the most famed trekking route in Nepal. This land is full of mystery and surprises. The trip to the foothills of the world’s 10th-highest mountain can be life-changing. Mt Annapurna, 8091m is a magnificent mountain peak.

Also known as, Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, ABC is a legendary classical trek. Besides the breathtaking scenery in the country of the mighty Himalayas, you also get to witness rare and endangered Himalayan animals and birds. The Annapurna Base camp trek beautifully combines nature and cultural excursion. The warm temperature in Nepal in May makes the base camp trek even more fun. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek commences with exploring the city of Kathmandu. Then, the journey heads to the naturally decorated city of Pokhara. After you enjoy your stay in the city of Pokhara, you drive to Nayapul. Then, you walk along with the terraced fields and immensely beautiful rhododendron forests to villages such as Tikhedunga, Ghorepani, and Tadapani. You further trek to Chhomrong and the Himalaya hotel before we reach Base Camp. Click here for more details

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $900
 2 Person $750
 3 - 5 Person $660
 6 - 10 Person $630
 11 - 20 Person $ 599

Annapurna Circuit Tilicho Lake Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek in May offers a significant Himalayas view including the striking Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchare ranges. And it’s not just about the view. Combined with the elegant Tilicho Lake Trek, you get to witness the best of Nepal.

You will be exploring beautiful cities like Kathmandu, Lamjung, and Pokhara. Thereafter, you trek along the forest of Pine, Oak, and Rhododendrons for days. When you finally walk past the forest, the stunning Himalayan landscape awaits you. Here, you get to witness the vegetation from tropical to alpine. Also, one gets to experience the classic culture of Gurung and Magar communities within the areas. The exclusive mountain villages’ homes are people who have beautifully adapted to such altitudes.

Annapurna Circuit Tilicho Lake Trek in May is easier due to the warm climate and stable weather in May. During the extreme climate of monsoon and winter, the Annapurna Circuit trek gets pretty difficult. But if you visit Nepal in May, this trek is easier and more fun. Click here for more details

12 Days Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $1125
 2 Person $895
 3 - 5 Person $850
 6 - 10 Person $815
 11 - 20 Person $755

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley is popular as "the value of glacial masses". If you wish you trek Nepal in May, Langtang is a great option. The trek begins with 8-9 hrs of drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. The entire journey can be completed from 7 days to 3 weeks. As you head up along the Bhote Koshi stream, you cross the classic Tamang and Tibetan settlements. You get to stay in the houses of locals and witness cultural heritages like Kyanjin Gompa (3,910m).

The chain view of Langtanglirung (7,225m), Hindu divinity Himal (7,406m), Langtang Ocean State (7,305m), Langchenpo, Naya Kanga, and Yala Peak make the Langtang trek an amazing experience. As you walk past the Langtang Nation Park, you might uncommon winged creatures and mammals like lesser pandas, panthers, Jackals, musk dears, mountain Thar, Ghoral, and Serow.

Langtang trek in May offers the perfect view of nature at its finest with the rhododendron blossoms on the trail. The colorful spring experience combined with a warm and stable climate makes the trek even more interesting. This awe-inspiring trek is perfect for anyone wishing for a short yet crisp Himalayan experience. Click here for more details

Langtang Valley Trek Cost Chart for May 2023 / 2024

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 1 Person $ 650
 2 Person $495
 3 - 5 Person $465
 6 - 10 Person $440
 11 - 20 Person $399

Why Travel to Nepal in May

Peaceful trail

Other months of spring i.e. March and April are more crowded than May. As May approaches, the number of trekkers and climbers starts to decline gradually. If you travel to Nepal in May the paths are even less crowded due to the onset of pre-monsoon. So trekking in Nepal in May basically means avoiding the peak season and yet having some company in the trail. As you walk along the peaceful trail, you can enjoy the best of Nepal in May. Even in the tea house, you will have less crowd and thus improved service.

Nice Scenery

To be honest, May is among the best time for the Mountain View trek due to the chances of occasional rainfall. The mornings and days offer crispy views of the majestic mountains. But the evening view is quite dull in comparison to that of autumn.

May is also an ideal time to enjoy the beautiful sunrise with the mountain vistas in the background. The view of the landscape gets even better with the remaining spring and added beauty of the monsoon. The views of forests and farmers add fun to the trek.

Easy to get Accommodations in the Himalayas

With the decreasing number of trekkers, it’s easy to get accommodation in the Himalayas. You should know that the many high-altitude treks in Nepal only offer a small number of options for accommodation. So if you plan the trek in peak season, you need to book the accommodation and even pay higher. But as the number of trekkers decreases, you don’t need to go through such troubles and can enjoy some discount offers. The easy availability of accommodations in the Himalayas makes trekking in Nepal in May fun.

Experience culture and festival

May is also the best time to experience the culture of Nepal. You can see people praying and celebrating. One of the major festivals celebrated in Nepal in May is the RatoMachchendranath. This festival is celebrated in Patan. During this Newari festival (called Jatra in the local language), a statue is pulled through the streets of Patan in an enormous chariot for several days. The crowd and cheering people make this festival very vibrant and energetic. 

How to Prepare for Trekking in Nepal in May

The right kind of preparations can make your trekking in Nepal in May weather even easier. Since the weather of the Himalayas is unpredictable, you should be prepared to face any kinds of challenges that may arise in the path. If you plan to trek in Nepal in May, you should be prepared with rain gear. Firstly, get a waterproof cover for all of your bags. You will need a raincoat to protect your body. Also, you need a trekking shoe that gives a good grip when the trekking path is slippery. It will be great if you have waterproof shocks that won’t let your feet get wet. For more answers to “What to wear in Nepal in May”, follow our complete packing list. 

Although May is quite warm, you will still need to carry your sleeping bag. At a higher altitude, you won’t be able to keep yourself warm with a single blanket provided in the tea house. While you design your trekking itinerary, start the walk early in the morning. If you start the day early, you are likely to reach your destination before evening and can thus avoid any chances of rain.  


Summing up, Nepal in May marks the end of true springtime. It’s the end of the peak trekking season as the nation gets ready to welcome the summer rain. The views of the landscape and the mountains are very clear in the morning and daytime. Temperatures in the cities can be hot while the higher region still remains chilly. Although there are some chances for pre-monsoon rain, you can explore the best trekking trails like Everest and Annapurna without much disturbance. With the right preparations to beat the chances of occasional rain, trekking in Nepal in May is a lot of fun and thrill. 

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