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For many, Mount Everest is a natural beauty that offers nothing but honor, sense of achievement and serenity to the lucky ones who make it to the top. But the sad reality is, the mountain is also a place where the lost souls wander, especially the ones who were unlucky, and perished during their quest. Sections of the peak like Mount Everest Rainbow Valley constantly remind us, i.e. the general population, and not just the climber, about this dark and ugly face of Everest that is mostly hidden.

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Mount Everest Rainbow Valley

When you hear the words Mount Everest Rainbow Valley, what you picture in your mind is a beautiful place, probably a valley that is colorful, bright, full of life, and an absolutely stunning place to be at. However, Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is completely different from such expectations. As a matter of fact, Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is the Everest Graveyard, where you will find the corpses of climbers who perished either in terms of climbing the peak or in terms of returning from the peak to the camp.

The reason why Mount Everest Rainbow valley is called so is that the dead bodies that are found in the Everest Graveyard are all covered in colorful clothing, probably the ones that the climbers wore during an expedition. At such an altitude the bodies don’t decay, and retain their shape, causing these pieces of clothing to stay intact. From a distance, the area appears like patches of color like that of a rainbow over the snow, and so, the place was given the name Mount Everest Rainbow Valley.


Mount Everest Rainbow Valley happens to fall on the Everest Death Zone, which is a part of the mountain between 8000 m and 8848.86 m. The reason why it’s called Everest Death Zone is that maximum deaths during the climb or descent happen here. At this altitude, the volume of oxygen is too thin, also, the weather is extreme, with strong winds howling all the time, and needless to say, the temperature is too low. Even a slight mistake at this level can cause the demise of the mountaineer.

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley, as per popular opinion, is the dark side of Everest, and so, it needs to be kept hidden. It has the potential to induce fear in the hearts of the climbers, and prevent them from attempting the adventure. Well, truth is that it’s only by knowing about things like Mount Everest Rainbow Valley, Everest Death Zone, and Everest Graveyard, that the climber would give their best during the training and preparation process, as they will be aware of what to expect while they’re on the peak.


Because of its location on the cliff, it is an area that can’t be evaded, especially when you’re using the popular route to reach the peak. The mountaineers will inevitably come across the horrible sights of those corpses on the cliff, and they would have to deal with them. So, it is better that they’re clear about the challenges and all the shortcomings that they might come across during the process of climbing the peak. These instances will warn them to be careful with their approach to the mountain.

Everest Base Camp Stories

Everest Base Camp is the place where you’ll find a lot of tents, big, small, and colorful. This is the place where the mountaineers tend to make a final stop before they attempt their ascent. It is natural for the climbers to relax and have a little fun among themselves before the big day, either with a song or two, or even better, Everest Base Camp Stories. Everest Base Camp Tour stories are often about legends related to the peak, witnessed by a handful; but a lot of times, you will find a hint of truth in these stories as well.

Green Boots Everest

Green Boots Everest is one of such Everest Base Camp stories that is the truth, and its genuineness has been backed up by media and climbers from all over the world. Green Boots Everest is actually a corpse on the northeast ridge of Everest. The reason why it’s called Green Boots is that it has a pair of green boots on. The interesting thing about this story is that no one knows the real identity of Green Boots. It is speculated that the body could be of the Indian climber TsewangPaljor, who was reported missing during his attempt to climb a peak in 1996. The body was discovered in 2001 by a French man.


Everest Sleeping Beauty

Everest Sleeping Beauty is another among such Everest Base Camp stories; it is also true. It is the tale of a climber called Francys Arsentiev, who was the first Amerian woman to reach the peak without using supplemental oxygen. The ascent went well, but in terms of descending, she fell prey to the environment. When it was discovered that she is stuck on the peak, a team was sent to retrieve her. But unfortunately, when the team reached her location, they discovered that she was almost dead, with most parts of her body frostbitten beyond treatment. The two climbers had to leave her back, letting her die slowly.


Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition is everyone’s dream, or at least the ones who are mountaineering enthusiasts. Successful Everest Climb offers you a sense of victory and pride, and of course, unbelievable views from the top of Mount Everest. To answer the question, how long does it take to climb Mount Everest, altogether, it’s a 43-day long journey, out of which, the climbers spend around 26 days climbing the peak. It’s crucial that you know the answers to questions like, how long it takes to climb Mount Everest, before going for Everest Climb, as it helps you better prepare for the journey. As a climber, you should definitely try Everest Expedition even for the sake of great views from the top of Mount Everest.


Everest Base Camp Trek

Generally, the Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty level is marked as moderate, but considering the Everest Climb, the Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is nothing. Everest Base Camp trek is a crucial part of the Everest Expedition, as it helps the mountaineers warm up and acclimatize to the altitude before the climb. The mountaineers walk from Lukla to Everest Base Camp before the ascent and the same way back after the descent. During the trek, you can have amazing views and wonderful pictures of Mount Everest. Even on its own, the Everest Base Camp trek is an outstanding journey. As a trekking enthusiast, you should definitely go for it, even for the sake of the views and the pictures of Mount Everest.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Chart:- 

Group Size Cost Per - Person
Solo Trekker $1450
2 Person $1250
3 - 5 Person $1200
6 - 10 Person $1100
11 - 20 Person $999

Everest Base Camp Tour

There are so many ways of going on the Everest Base Camp Tour, and the two most popular ones are Everest Base Camp Trek and Everest Expedition. In both of these journeys, you get to spend an immense amount of time on the Everest Base Camp and soak in all the goodness, but the only downside is that quite a lot of effort is involved. Quite an easy way to go on Everest Base Camp Tour is through the Everest Helicopter tour. In a duration of around 5 to 6 hours, you’ll reach Mount Everest Base Camp and back. It is a lavish tour, as the helicopter takes you to all the major destinations and attractions of the Everest region. The journey ends as you’re served a sumptuous meal at the Everest View Hotel before leaving.

Everest Helicopter tour

The lost souls, though they wander on the peak, on sections like Mount Everest Rainbow Valley, give us, and especially the mountaineers, a significant lesson, which is to give Everest their best, and to not take any chances. Unless they offer Everest their best and are tactful at all times, Everest won’t give them its best. For many, truths like Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is a secret meant to be locked away, but for a true mountaineer, it’s a treasure that always influences him to be realistic and careful.

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