Langtang Valley Trek Food- Cost and guide recommendation

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Langtang valley trek food option

Nepalese food option: Nepalese Dal Bhat (most recommend); Chowmin, Momo

International food option: Pasta. Spaghetti, Korean Dish, Fried Rice, 

Local recommended food: Potato roll soup, Tngmo momo with curry 

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We often find that food in Langtang Valley is a big issue for people who are travelling to Nepal. Especially foreigners who are sensitive to spicy or oily food, find it difficult to adapt when they are travelling for the first time. Also, they are worried if the food option given to them is compatible with their taste or if it is even healthy enough. 

Getting sick from unhealthy food is quite common when you travel to a new country and it’s important to worry about the situation. So, in this article, we will explain all the types of food that are available during the Langtang Valley and also make a list of foods that you should avoid if you do not want to become sick on this trip. Also, here's a list of the Langtang trek food that you should eat more to remain healthy. Since your diet also determines the ease you feel during trekking, it’s important that you read this article in detail. 

Food for Langtang trek

Options for breakfast

You can see all the options for breakfast with its cost in the menu provided below. The recommended food would be a hot beverage with Porridge, Muesli, Egg, Salad, Potatoes, Bread, Tibetan Chapati, Pancakes, and Soup. Buckwheat bread and Tibetan Chapati a unique local dishes that will keep you full during the trip. Note: Just Porridge or muesli for breakfast might not give you energy for the walk as most of the hiking is done in the morning. We suggest a heavy breakfast that will keep you energized for about four hours. 

Also, check Langtang Permit 

Breakfast sets can cost between Rs 800 to Rs 1500. 


Langtang Valley Trek Food option for lunch and dinner

Nepalese food option: Nepalese Dal Bhat (most recommend); Chowmin, Momo

International food option: Pasta. Spaghetti, Korean Dish, Fried Rice, 

Local recommended food: Potato roll soup, Tngmo momo with curry 

PS: we suggest a heavy lunch and light dinner while on the trek. Since you will walk up from 3 to 4 pm in the evening, getting a good lunch is important to give you energy throughout the trick. For dinner, you can go for light options such as pasta or salad. 

Why you should eat Nepalese Dal Bhat in the trek?

Food in Langtang Valley Trek

The Nepalese Dal Bhat is the most popular dish in Nepal and the local Nepalese can eat this meal every day for lunch and dinner without getting tired. In fact, most Nepalese do not prefer to eat any other food that Dal Bhat their entire life if provided the choice. It’s that food. 

Here’s what is included in the Nepalese Dal Bhat set

  • Plane Steamed White Rice
  • Lentil soup with local spices
  • Mix fried Vegetable curry with spices
  • sautéed Geen leafy vegetable 
  • Meat gravy (if you want)
  • Pickle 

Some places may or may not include: Papad, Curd, and different pickle variety 

The plate of Dal Bhat will keep you full feel throughout the day. The best part of this set is it comes with unlimited additions. You can just ask them to add some rice, some soup, or vegetables without having to pay extra cost. So, for someone who likes to eat food in big amounts, this might be the best choice. You can have Nepalese Dal Bhat for lunch and then eat something else for dinner so that you will not be bored with the test and also enjoy unlimited food every day. 

PS: This is also the least oily option and you can ask to use less spice or avoid pickle if you think it’s too spicy. 


Drink on Langtang Valley Trek

Other than the classic tea coffee, the options for drinks are hot lemon, hot chocolate, milk, and Juice. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of hot drinks while you're in the Mountain contributes to keeping your body hydrated as well as gives that needed boost for the journey. 

Beer and hard drinks are also available but anything that makes your body dehydrated is not recommended when you are climbing towards the higher altitude. On the return journey, if your body is well adapted you might have hard drinks below Langtang village. 


During the journey, You Will need to drink at least 4 to 5 L of water on Langtang Circuit Trek so that you remain hydrated and your body metabolism remains active. However, buying 4 to 5 plastic bottles each day while you are in the mountains is not recommended. In fact, the government is trying to implement a plastic ban in the longing trekking, which is obviously a very good initiative to keep the trekking route clean. 

So you have two options here. 

You can get a normal bottle for around Rs.200 in Thamel and then buy some water purification tablets for short langtang trek. The purification tablet will clean your bottle in 2 to 3 minutes after you refill it in the Tea House or on the taps along the trekking route. But the problem is, that some people find that the purification tablets make the water smell weird. So, the other option is to buy a filter bottle/ electric bottle that will filter the water automatically. These water filters can cost up to Rs.7000 in Thamel or up to $150 if you were buying them in your home country. However, considering that you buy a good water bottle and it can be used for 4 to 5 years, it's a good investment for travel enthusiasts.

Hot water: Yes you need to buy even hot water when you are in the Langtang Valley trek. Since there is no free electricity in this region, the locals do not give you hot water free of charge. 


Not Recommend food in Langtang

So there are a few things that are wise to avoid while you are trekking, not just in Langtang time but in any remote mountain area of Nepal including Helambu. 

Meat: Although the lower reasons such as Lama Hotel might have fresh meat, the meat in the higher mountain region cannot be very good for your health. Especially since the locals do not freeze (as the temperature in the mountains is always Low), they put the meat outside at a normal temperature. And such 2 to 3-day-old meat might not be very good for your health. 

Diary product: Most of the dairy products that are taken from the local cow or buffalo are good for the health. But yak products such as yak milk and egg cheese might not be very good for your health. Almost all regions in Langtang have options for yak dairy products but there are only a few that it is recommended by your guide. If you eat yak dairy products from a random place, then you might suffer from diarrhea. 

Hard Drinks: Obviously all kinds of alcoholic drinks or not recommended in higher altitudes. Especially when you are on the initial part of the journey and gaining altitude each day, just avoid any kind of alcoholic products. 

Food in Langtang Trek Recommend 

Almost all the food that is provided to you in the Langtang Valley trekking zone is locally grown. The locals might purchase some veggies from the lower altitudes and carry them to the higher regions but most of them are grown locally by the farmers. So you are likely to be fine eating all kinds of vegetables. However, there is a special food that might help you feel energetic during the trek. They are:


What to eat while trekking in Nepal

Local vegetable soup is very good when you are t a higher altitude. Or, food that includes soup such as Thukpa is also good for your health especially when it is taken as dinner.

Vegetable salad

Since the vegetables are locally grown, the fresh vegetable salad might be good if you are having trouble digesting Nepalese food. 


Since you will not be eating much meat, eggs be a good replacement for protein in your body. 

Do International food tastes good?

There are some good options for international cuisine such as Pizza. Burger, and Spaghetti. These international foods or not prepared by the export chef but made by the local people who have always lived in the Himalayas. This means it might not taste the same as in your home country but they will definitely taste good with a Nepalese twist in it. 

What Food you should carry from Kathmandu to Langtang?

Well, you will be provided with a full-course meal and can purchase any drinks of your choice while you are on the trek. Also, you can also carry some extra nuts and chocolates for the daytime. The recommended food that you can carry for your Langtang Valley trek in Kathmandu or Syabrubesi are 

  • Walnut

  • Cashew nut
  • Dry fruit
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolates 
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