Langtang valley Trek permit 2024- National park permit and TIMS card

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You need two permits for Langtang Valley Trek i.e. Langtang National Park Permit (Rs 3000) and a TIMS card (Rs 2000).

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Trekking in Nepal is a fun, life-changing experience. But planning and implementing a Journey to the remote land of the Himalayas all by yourself is definitely not an easy task. Other than the fact that it is difficult to arrange transportation or accommodation, getting the permit for your trek is also quite a hassle. While you can easily obtain the Visa at the airport upon arrival getting a permit can be difficult. So this article provides you with all the details about the Langtang trip so that you do not suffer in the trek. 

You need two permits for Langtang Valley Trek i.e. Langtang National Park Permit (Rs 3000) and a TIMS card (Rs 2000). Let's learn about them in detail. 

Langtang National Park permit

There are around 12 national parks in Nepal and you need a special permit to visit each of these national parks. Following the same pattern, all tourists internal and international, need to issue a permit before they enter the Langtang National Park. Permits to Langtang Circuit Trek must be issued in Dhunche which is the entry point of the national park itself. This can be done on the first day of the trek when you are driving from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. All you need is your password Visa and Rs.3000 in caste Gate this format. 

Note: At Dhunche cheapest, your bag will be checked properly before you enter the national park. An authorized person ensures that you do not have any weapon, very sharp object, animal/ plant smuggled, narcotics, or any other illegal materials before you are provided with an entry permit. 

The purpose of the Langtang National Park permit is to limit the number of tourists entering into the naturally conserved area, to check their luggage, and to locate the position of travellers in the journey for their safety. This is meant to preserve the wildlife as well as the Flora of the region. The money goes for the conservation of the national park itself, so it can be counted as a social work also. When you are traveling with the travel agency they are often responsible for paying the fee of the national park.

Langtang National Park Cost

National Park Entry Fee for Indian and SAARC Nation: NRs. 1,500 per person per entry

National Park Entry Fee for Nepalese: NRs. 100 per person per entry

TIMS card 

Another Langtang Valley permit needed for trekking around Nepal is a TIMS card. Also called the Trekkers Information Systems card, this card allows the government to locate the position of tourists and go for rescue during times of emergencies. TIMS card is often issued by a travel agency where you book your Langtang Valley trekking. Independent travellers can get the card from the Nepal Tourism Board in Brikutimandap. Brikutimandap Nepal Tourism Board is about 20 minutes of the ride from Thamel, the tourist center of Nepal.

PS: You can easily issue a Langtang National Park permit on your way to Syabrubesi in a place called Dhunche. However, if you are going to the Nepal Tourism Board to get the TIMS card, then you can also issue the National Park permit at the Tourism Board itself.

TIMS card cost 

There are two types of TIMS cards, the first one is a blue card that is issued for group travelers with the charge of 1000 thousand per person. Next, independent travelers get a green card that costs rupees 2000. 

Cost for SAARC nation: Blue card Rs 300 and green card Rs 600 each (Also for Indians).


Check post for passport and permits along the way of Langtang

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

1st Check post on betrawoti (by Nepal police)

2nd check post on kalikasthan (army )- check bag and see details

3rd Check on Dhunche where you buy your Langtang National Park permit and show all baggage 

4th check post just Above Dhunche is a Police 

5th Check post of Army Police Force just above the 4th check post

Note: Since your ride on the first day crosses a lot of distances as well as many borders, there are a lot of checks on this day. Please be patient with them. 


Day 2: As you cross the Syabrubesi market and start the hike in the morning, there will be your first check post on the day where you need to show your permit and other bags. 


Day 3: Langtang Valley (Ghoda Tabela)


The final check Post is on the day of the fourth when you get inside Langtang village. This is the last check post on your way and you will not need to show a permit when you're traveling back to Kathmandu. 


Documents for Langtang trek permits

Although the word “permit” does sound a bit scary or hard to get, you can easily get this permit with just a valid passport and a visa. As long as you have enough visa to cover your travel itinerary, the permit will be issued. So the three documents you will need it passport, visa, and your trip plan. 

If you perform any illegal activities during that trek or carry weapons, or very sharp objects into the national park, then your permit will be disabled. 

When You're travelling with a travel agency in Nepal, they will be responsible for issuing the permit and paying for the permit as well. So, make sure that you ask if they will pay for the permit before you are headed to the trek. 

What happens if you do not get the permit?

When you're asking questions about getting a permit to Tamang Heritage Langtang Valley in the social discussion forum, we often see that other tourists claim to have completed the trek without a guide or a Langtang permit. While they might have entered into the National Park area via some fraud method it is legally compulsory to hire a guide and also get your permit. It is not compulsory to book fully arranged travel packages but it is necessary to hire a guide. Without these two things, you will not be able to enter the Langtang National Park area. And, even if you somehow enter the area, you might be caught in some other check post. If the traveller does not have the permit with them at all times of the trek, they might be asked to return back to Kathmandu.






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