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Let's start with a note that the Langtang Valley trek is the cheapest adventure hike to the mountains of Nepal. In comparison to other popular treks in Nepal such as Everest and Annapurna, Langtang can be Langtang trek price claimed as the cheapest destination ever. For backpackers looking for the cheapest Mountain hike, there can be no better alternative than the Langtang Valley trek.

What is the cost of the Langtang trek?

  • The short Langtang Valley trek price for 6 days can be around $550 for fully inclusive trek packages.
  • A longer trek of about eight days can cost you about $780 for solo travellers.
  • For Group travelers, the 8-day Langtang trek costs around $650.
  • Independent travelers would travel without a porter can complete the trek for about $500.

The Price of Langtang Valley trek can be distributed in these categories.

  • Transportation: Private about $300/ local bus around $50
  • Porter: $20 per day
  • Guide: $25 per day
  • Food and drinks: $30 per day
  • Accommodation: $10 per day
  • Permit: $50 total
  • Personal expenses and Tips: Depends on you
  • Total= $780 (using the public bus)/ $1030 for using private transportation + Personal expenses and Tips

Table of Contents

Now let’s discuss each of these categories in detail and find out some tricks to save money as well.

Transportation Cost for Langtang trek

The Langtang Valley trek begins with an exciting drive from Kathmandu to the place called Syabrubesi. Syabrubesi is only about 7 hours of ride from Kathmandu and about 122 km away. There are two options for traveling this distance i.e. getting a private vehicle or traveling in a local bus.

Local bus to Syabrubesi

You can find a direct bus from Kathmandu to the Syabrubesi and since you will change transportation on the way, it is not very difficult. Deluxe bus leaves from bus Park of Kathmandu to Syabrubesi each day from 6 am to 10 am. This central bus park of Kathmandu is about a 30-minute ride from Thamel. A private cab to the bus Park from Thamel costs less than $10.

Once departed from Kathmandu, the bus will stop at one place for lunch and then it will take you to Syabrubesi around 5 to 6 in the evening. Please note that the public buses in Nepal do not operate at the scheduled time, so you cannot find them online. You need to take the help of a travel agency or ask your cab driver for help. Also, the local buses are often dirty, crowded, and noisy. So, if you don’t want to face such situations, then private transportation is recommended.

Private bus to Syabrubesi

You can find out micro/ haice that accommodates around 12 to 13 people directly from their Hotel to Syabrubesi. For small groups, you can get a private cab of 3 to 4 people. The cab cost around $120 and the Haice cost about $200. Since the road from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi, is quite good, you can easily take a cab right from your hotel gate. If you get a private car and start the tour in the morning, you can get to Syabrubesi in just around six hours. Also, you can also stop for lunch and the bathroom at any place you like.

Cost-saving tips: Hiring a cab online with apps or websites can be cheaper. Patho, Indrive, Bookmycab, taximandu, etc can be a useful online platform.

Porter cost for Langtang trek

As you will be walking in a very remote landscape, you need to carry enough clothes, personal hygiene stuff, gadgets, and some extra food for 8 days. And carrying your own bag pack while hiking can make the tour even more challenging. This is why a lot of travelers hire additional porters. A porter carries up to 25 kg of bag at one time and you can share one Porter with two people. A porter costs $15 to $20 twenty per day.

Cost-saving tips: Being in a group of at least two people you save about $80 on porter costs for langtang trek price.

Note: the porters mostly do not speak English and this only responsibility is to carry your bag.

Guide for Langtang cost

Firstly you will need a guide to show you the path and then you will need him to book all the accommodation and transportation for the trek. Also, you will need to hire a guide to assist you in emergency conditions and manage permits. The $20 to $25 per day cost of the guide is worth it. And it is recommended that when you travel in a larger group you can share the cost of the guide among 5 to 6 people. For those traveling in a group, Langtang valley is always cheaper.


In Kathmandu, a normal 3-star hotel costs around $20 for a night but when you go to the higher Himalayan region, the room is quite basic with simple facilities with just a bed and mattress. You can get a single room for around $5 for a single room and sharing a room for 3 to 4 people is for about $10. Since you will need to pay additional charges for the cost of Wi-Fi, hot showers, and sometimes even charging your phone can cost $2 to $3 extra.

Cost-saving tricks: Go for sharing a room, use mobile data for Wi-Fi, look for rooms with charging plugs, and carry an extra battery

Food for Langtang Trek Price

Food is the biggest expense when you are on the Langtang Valley trek. It doesn't matter whether you traveling solo or traveling in a group, you will pay somewhere between $20-$30 in food per day. Here’s the menu of foods in the Langtang Valley trek.

The trick is to order only one full meal. Ordering meals that have high calories and good portions instead of 2-3 meals will save you a lot of money. If you are feeling hungry, then you can order Nepalese Dal Bhat that can be re-fielded unlimited times. If you're not feeling very hungry, then you can go for other lighter meals. Nepalese Dhal Bhat gives you energy for a long time and also is among the cheapest food on the menu, so when you are out of options just go for it.

The best way to save money here is to carry your own purifying water bottle or purification tablets. Then you can refill the bottle for free in the natural springs.

Another good way is to avoid all kinds of alcoholic drinks and go for rather hydrating drinks such as tea, coffee, hot garlic, and soup. This will not only save your costs but also be very good for your health.

langtang Permit cost

You will have two kinds of permits for the Langtang Valley trek and the cost of the permit is about $45. For foreigners, the Langtang National Park permit costs NRP 3000 which is about $22. The TIMS card will cost around $10 for a group and $20 for solo trek. There is nothing you can do to save this cost. Also do note that there is a visa cost when you get a travel visa to Nepal.

For Indias, the cost of these two Langtang Valley trek permits is about NRP 1200.

Tips for Langtang Valley Trek

Tipping culture in restaurants or hotels is not very common in Nepal. But giving out good cheap to your guide or porter is very common. Since our portal relies upon your tips to make an income for their family, it is important that you tip them some amount. For the guide and Porter, you can pay around 10% of their total charge as a tip. In general, a guide receives around $150 as a tip and a porter receives almost $100. But this is not a compulsory amount and you can pay according to your wish. Also, you can leave some tips in the hotel and restaurant as you will.

Additional Cost

You have to pay additional costs for supplies that will not be covered in your trekking package

  • The cost includes the hot shower i.e. 1-2 dollars
  • The cost of Wi-Fi is 2- 3 dollars per day,
  • The cost of charging your phone is about $2

Note: Langtang has some very good hotels and you might not need to pay extra to charge your phone

Some travel agencies do not pay for additional meals or additional drinks. You might have to pay for tea coffee sugar and soft drink yourself. So, if pay for drinks yourself, then carrying your own instant tea and coffee packets can save you a lot of money.

Carrying chocolate bars, energy drinks, and, nuts can also be useful

Expenses in Kathmandu

If you are living in Kathmandu or visiting different cultural heritage around Kathmandu, you spend around $20 for room $20 for food, and another $20 for transportation and permits each day. Obviously, this depends upon the luxury you want and can go up to $100 per day. But the minimum for good accommodation and food in Kathmandu is about $60 per person.

Shopping and preparation cost

You will need a few specific trekking materials that you might not already have. These can be brought and rented in Kathmandu. Buying these gears is a longtime investment for regular hikes and can cost $300 to $2500. Here we only discuss the best cost.

  • Sleeping bag rent cost: $3 per day
  • Duffle bag rent cost: $2 per day
  • Trekking boots+ jacket: $5 per day
  • Trekking sticks: $0.5 per day or $8 per stick

Other personal stuff, Toiletries, and extra clothes all depend on your availability and need.

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