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Langtang Valley trek is the traditional trekking trail of Nepal and also the most popular route other than Everest and or Annapurna. This means some pretty good accommodation facilities are available at all stops of the Langtang Valley. And since this trek is a bit closer to Kathmandu and does not need domestic flights, the locals have better access to construction materials. So, over the years some pretty impressive hotels have developed in the Langtang area, especially after the earthquake of 2015 and the new structures are bigger, cleaner, and have more facilities for travellers. In this article, we will discuss the facilities available at each point of the Langtang Valley trek in detail. 

Before we dive into the details of each location first list understand how the accommodation in the tracking trial of Nepal operates.

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What are tea houses in Langtang?

Most of the trekking routes have small accommodation facilities that are owned by the local people and called tea houses. These are not the national or international hotel chains but the houses of local people that have been modified to accommodate the visitors. These houses are pretty basic with just 2 to 3 small beds in the room and a mattress and a blanket. This is not just in a long for Langtang but in almost all trekking trails of Nepal. So do not start by expecting a lot of facilities but rather enjoy the ruler life of Nepal India is small hut-like hotels

Thankfully, since most of the hotels in Langtang Circuit Trek have been rebuilt after the earthquake, this has become one of the great destinations for luxury trekking in Nepal. Thankfully, you get to live in a pretty good hotel room while in Langtang. 

Accommodation in the Langtang trek route 

Hotels in Syabrubesi 

Syabrubesi is the final stop for local buses that take you to the Langtang area. Almost all travellers who are hiking in the Langtang National Park stop here for a day and then start their journey. Syabrubesi has very good numbers of hotels and restaurants, almost as in a city. Also, the rate here is similar to that of Kathmandu. While you can find food for a cheaper price than the trekking route the room costs around Rs 1500 to 2000. 


  1. Rooms with Attached Bathrooms is available
  2. Single rooms can be available for some extra cost
  3. Wi-Fi is available for free in hotels at Syabrubesi
  4. Hot showers are available and free
  5. Food is available in the hotels or other restaurants in the area 
  6. Charging in the room is available 
  7. Online booking can be done in some places

Hotels in Lama Hotel 

Lama Hotel is a traditional village that falls within the Langtang National Park area. Usually a lot of people who are going out to the Langtang Valley and who return from there stay at Lama Hotel for two nights. This means the place remains quite busy in the peak season. There Are around 12 tea houses in lama hotel. But the problem is, all of these three houses were constructed way back in time and have limited facilities. Since this region falls inside the Langtang national park, the locals cannot review or modify the existing infrastructure without the permission of the government. As a result, their facilities are pretty basic and accommodation is quite old.

Number of hotels: 10-12

Total capacity of hotels: around 500 tourist 

Facilities in Lama Hotel 

  • Rooms with Attached Bathrooms are not available
  • Single rooms can be available for some extra cost
  • Wi-Fi is available for an extra rs 200 per day
  • Hot showers are available for rs 200 per shower 
  • Food is available in the tea hotels 
  • Charging is mostly available only in reception
  • Online booking cannot be done 

Hotels in Langtang Village

Accommodation in Langtang

The hotels in a Langtang valley were completely rebuilt and modified after the 2015 earthquake. Since the previous village was completely destroyed by the avalanche, the new structure built by the locals has very good facilities and size. Big hotels with other bathrooms have been built in the area. Most of the rooms now have good thick walls, new beds/ mattresses, a clean bathroom, and an excellent dining area. In short, Langtang might be the best destination for travelers looking for a luxurious vacation in the Himalayas. It's unbelievable that the locals have been able to revive the village so quickly and arrange such good facilities after such a massive loss. 

Total Number of Hotels: 16 to 18

Total capacity: 1000

Facilities at accommodation in Langtang Village

  • Rooms with Attached Bathrooms are available
  • Single rooms can be available for some extra cost
  • Wi-Fi is available for an extra rs 200 per day
  • Hot showers are available for rs 200 per shower 
  • Food is available in the tea hotels 
  • Charging is mostly available in the room reception
  • Some hotels can be booked Online booking or you can find contact information in the internet

Hotels in Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjin Gompa is the final list stop before the Langtang Heritage trek  This is also an important place as we spend two nights here. Thankfully kyanjin gompa also has some pretty beautiful hotels. While some of the hotels have been rebuilt after the earthquake, almost all hotels have been modified recently. This means you can find clean rooms that are big in size, have a charging area inside the room, few with attached bathrooms, and all with western-style toilet seats. 

Total Number of Hotels: 12 to 15

Total capacity: 1500

Facilities in tea house at Kyanjin Gompa

  • Rooms with Attached Bathrooms are available
  • Single rooms can be available for some extra cost
  • Wi-Fi is available for an extra rs 200 per day
  • Hot showers are available for rs 200 per shower 
  • Food is available in the tea hotels 
  • Charging is mostly available in the room reception
  • Some hotels can be booked Online booking or you can find contact information for others in the internet

Cost for tea houses in the Langtang 

The stay at the tea house would cost somewhere between NRP 500 to 1000. 

In Syabrubesi, the cost of a single room NRP 1200, a double room is NRP 1500,

In Lama Hotel, the cost of a single room is NRP 400, a double room NRP 600, Triple room is NRP 800

In Langtang village and Kyanjin, the cost of a single room is 800, double room NRP 1000, Triple room NRP 1200

Relation of Food and Hotels in Trekking Trail of Nepal

First-time travellers to Nepal or independent travellers to Nepal might not be aware that it is compulsory to eat your dinner and breakfast in the same hotel at Langtang village where you spend your night. This is because the rooms in a mountain year very cheap i.e. around Rs.500 per person and the venue does not eat in the same hotel; it's a big loss for them. So they might add extra charges to your bill if you decide to eat at some other restaurant and then the ones you stay at. 

Things you need to carry yourself

Tea house in langtang village

Tissue paper and Toileters: 

Even if you are lucky enough to find a room with an attached bathroom in the Langtang Valley Trek Hotel, you will definitely not find any toiletries equipment for free in the mountains. So it's always wise to carry extra tissue paper Shower gel, shampoo handwash, or any such thing you will need. You can buy these in Kathmandu or Syabubesi. 

Universal Adopter:

European or American adopters might not work with Nepalese plugs in the Langtang tea houses. Most of the Nepalese plugs have two small holes (Type C plug). It is always recommended to carry a universal adapter while you are travelling in the remote area of Nepal. 


The availability of electricity in the mountains is limited. On a bad day, you might not be able to charge your phone in that house. So be prepared with a backup such as a power bank and extra batteries for your mobile phone as well as the camera. 

Sleeping bag

You will be provided with only one blanket in the house. Unless you are travelling in the off-season, you cannot ask for an extra blanket, and almost all rooms are occupied. And the temperature of the mountain is always lower, so it's always advised that you carry your own sleeping bag that can keep you warm at temperatures below 0°. 

Extra bedsheet

Just in case the ones given to you are not clean

Enough clothes

All tea houses in Langtang Trek do claim that they have laundry service. But if the weather is not very clean or the sun does not appear, it will take a long tram to dry your clothes. So, it's always better that you do not believe in the laundry system in the mountains and carry enough clothes for yourself. 

Mirror (Small hand mirror)

Always wise to carry your own

Flashlight/ headlight

In case you are out of electricity some day. 


Is there Wi-Fi in Langtang Valley?

Yes, all accommodations in the Langtang Valley trek route have Wi-Fi nowadays. You need to pay around Rs 200 to Rs.300 extra to get access to the Wi-Fi for a day. Although this Wi-Fi might not be very fast, you can stream high-quality video or work smoothly, it is good enough to communicate with people and share your stories on social media. 

Also, a good alternative for being connected in the Langtang Valley is a local SIM card. You can purchase the Nepal Telecom SIM card at a quite cheap price and then enjoy their network. But this network also might not be very fast and you just need to adapt to the situation. 

Is a room heating system available?

No, there is no personal heating system or AC in any rooms of Langtang. Considering the fact that the villages here limited access to electricity, having an AC room here is currently impossible. 

 Should I pre-book my accommodation in Langtang? How?

Pre-booking your hotel in Langtang in Peak season i.e. October/ November and April/ May is necessary. The guide often pre-books the hotels for you. 

Some hotels in Langtang Village and a few in Kyanjin gompa have an online presence where you can book your stay. But the problem is

  1. Only limited hotels have an online presence and none of them has a personal website or booking system
  2. Those that do have can be booked by a less popular third-party website that is not very reliable
  3. Even when you book the room, the owner might miss checking it and give the room to another person as villagers are not very good with technology
  4. You can find numbers of the hotel online, but you might not be able to call them from your home country
  5. Someday, you might not reach the designated place for the night day and you will not get a refund for that. 


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