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Mt Everest is one of the most photographed peak in the world, after all, being the tallest mountain in the world has its perks. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a person for whom photography is a hobby, or you’re a professional, doesn’t matter whether you carry a normal camera phone, or a DSLR, if you are a nature lover, you’d definitely want to click Mt. Everest Summit Photos. And the best way to do so is going on a photographic trek to EBC.

It’s quite obvious these days that anyone who goes on the Everest Base Camp trek makes sure that they click Everest Summit photos. It’s like these Everest Summit photos are a proof that they’ve trekked on the Everest Base Camp trek route. When you surf through the internet, and look for Mt. Everest Summit Photos, you’re sure to find few of the Mt. Everest best pictures.

It’s quite evident that clicking Mt. Everest best pictures is possible only if you go up-close to the peak. And to do so, you have to go on a Photographic trek to EBC. The view of Everest from Base Camp is stunning, and so, coming here could be one of the best ideas to capture stunning and incredible Mt. Everest Summit Photos.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

Hike to Everest Base Camp takes you to a few of the most visited and loved attractions in the world. It’s for this reason Everest Base Camp tour is the most popular trek of Nepal. Apart from taking you to the base of Mt. Everest, a hike to Everest Base Camp helps you witness the cultural and as well as natural spectacles of the Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Tour is the best option for a photographic trek, as it takes you to the top of Kala Patthar, which is known to offer the best views of the entire region. So, from here, you can take incredible Mt. Everest Summit photos, as well as those of other peaks. Everest base Camp trek also gives you the opportunity to click the photos of the people living in the region and their unique lifestyle.


One of the most significant attractions of the trek is Tengboche Monastery, which is considered to have connections with Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet. Located in Tengboche village, it was built by Lama Gulu in the year 1916. Apart from the amazing Mt. Everest Summit Photos, this cultural heritage could be a great photographic inspiration for you.

Best Time To Trek Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is the kind of trek that you can go for throughout the year. However, it’s important that you take special care of the weather, mainly rainfall and snowfall. In such situations, trekking can be risky, so, it’s better that you stay indoors, and wait for the weather to get clear. So, as long as you’re able to avoid such natural phenomenon, you can trek any time of the year.

Experienced trekkers recommend that the best time to trek Everest Base Camp is during Autumn, that is between the months of September and November. During this time, there’s very less chance of occurrence of rainfall and snowfall, and the weather is quite clear, so you can have amazing views of the mountains of the regions. The second best time to trek Everest Base Camp is during Spring, that is between the months of March and May. Even at this time, the weather is good enough, however, days could be cloudy, preventing you from having the best views.

So, from the perspective of photography, especially for taking the best Mt. Everest summit photos, from a distance, Autumn is the best season. However, even during Spring you can get your hands on some really good photos. As the weather gets bright, the flowers bloom everywhere, who knows you might get even better photos during this time of the year.

Everest Base Camp Trek Equipment List

When you’re going on any trek, and not just Everest Base Camp trek, it’s important that you carry a very specific set of equipment. The number of gears that you carry for the trek needs to be balanced, nothing extra, no less. You need to research enough to prepare your Everest Base Camp trek equipment list. For the purpose, you can surf through the internet, or even better, you can consult your travel agency.

Your Everest Base Camp trek equipment list can be divided into 3 categories. The first category consists of essentials like medicines, toiletries, and sanitary items. It’s always the best idea to carry these things on your own, and not depend on the hotels that you’d stay at, simply for the sake of hygiene. This category may also contain electronic gadgets like power banks, tablet, phone, laptops, and so on that you can’t stay without. Luckily, there’re internet around the country, even in the most remote parts, so staying connected to your family and friends is something that you can ensure at all times.

The second category consists of your clothes; the ones that you’d wear when you’re not trekking. Make sure that you carry an extra set of clothes in your handbag especially during long flights. A lot of times, your luggage may not arrive at the airport as early as you do. And we all know that after a long tiring flight, we all want to freshen up and get into a fresh pair of clothes as soon as possible. So, in such situations, these will come in handy, and you won’t have to wait for your luggage to feel fresh.

The third category comprises of trekking specific equipment and clothing like trekking pants, jackets, boots, sticks, bags, hat, sun glasses, water bottle, umbrella, and so on. You can choose to get these things all the way from home, or choose to buy them here in Nepal. A lot of trekking companies rent these gears to the trekkers, and the rental amount is generally a part of the package fees itself. So, before you make your Everest Base Camp trek equipment list, do consult your trekking partner.

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How Hard Is Everest Base Camp Trek

For anyone who’s going for the Everest Base Camp trek, it is very crucial to know how hard is Everest Base Camp trek! Knowing the difficulty of the trek is crucial, as it helps the trekkers not just anticipate the challenges, but also prepare for them. It’s significant that you know how hard is Everest Base Camp trek, before you sign up for the journey, so that you can decide whether the trek is the right choice for you or not. Now, having said that, Everest Base Camp Trek is marked as a moderate trek.

As per experienced trekkers and travel experts, anyone with an average fitness level, and a zeal for trekking can go for this trek. From the terrain and altitude covered to trek duration, all the elements of the trekking journey contribute to making it a moderately challenging hike.

The trek lasts for a duration of 11 days, out of which 1 day is assigned for acclimatization. The maximum altitude covered in the journey is 5545 m, which is the elevation of Kala Patthar. And during the trek, you will come across all sorts of landscapes, but most of the times, you’ll be walking on steep slopes. The landscape will change as per the altitude, the higher you go, the dryer and steeper it gets.

everest base camp trek

Now, if you are a trekking enthusiast, and an adventure freak, you can level up the Everest Base camp trek difficulty level. You can do so by adding more challenging and extreme locations in your trekking journey. For instance, by adding Everest High Pass trek to your itinerary, you add three of the toughest high altitude mountain passes to your journey, namely Kongma La, Renjo La, and Cho La. This doesn’t just make your trek more challenging, but more exciting as well.

Going on a Photographic trek to EBC is a great idea if you want to capture incredible Mt. Everest Summit Photos. There are so many reasons to go for Everest Base Camp trek but this is without a doubt one of the most genuine ones, as trekker seeks to not just have a great time, but capture the journey through his lens as well. Everest Base Camp is one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal, as it takes you to the most serene locations out there. So, you’ll have so many photography options, instead of just taking Mt. Everest summit photos. So pack your bags, carry your camera, and head to the Everest region for possibly the most exciting photographic journey that you’d ever have.

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