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It all starts with Mount Everest summit photos. You look at them on the internet, or you find them in a magazine, and instantly, you’re fascinated by its beauty, its grace, and the sense of adventure. In a matter of moments, you start thinking what the view from the top of Everest would look like. Mount Everest Summit Photos that was once on the website is now on your head. It’s crucial that before you make your way to the Everest Base Camp and begin your climb, you research about certain important facts and figures about climbing Mt. Everest, mainly – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest! You could also research what the view from the top of Everest would look like.

The first climb of Mount Everest was done in the 50s, and quite unfortunately, they, Norgay and Hillary, didn’t have the means that you do now. There was no way for them to find out how long does it take to climb Mount Everest, but still they succeeded in their mission, the first climb of Mount Everest. But that doesn’t mean that you try stunts like that. You have the means, and you should use them all you can to get the answers to significant questions, mainly – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest and many more. There is no feeling out there that can beat the feeling of accomplishment that one has after climbing Mount Everest. It’s for a reason that so many climbers are crazy about reaching its top.

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Everest Climbing

Everest Climbing is one of the most popular activities in Nepal. Every year thousands of tourists land in this Himalayan country to try their luck on Everest climbing. It’s every mountaineer’s dream to one day reach the top of this great white giant, and feel victorious. And it is a matter of pride to be fair, as Everest Climbing is not a child’s play. It’s the game of experts, and only the most resilient one wins.


For Everest Expedition, you need to make your way to the beautiful Everest region, which is the home to many other peaks, may not be as tall as Everest, but no less than it, is when it comes to elegance. A few of the major mountains in the region include AmaDablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Thamserku, and so on. If you've already done with Everest Expedition, probably, you’d like to try climbing one of these peaks

Everest Expedition Cost

Everest Expedition Cost varies as per travel companies, and the facilities that they offer in the package. Everest Expedition cost ranges from $30000 to $85000. Needless to say that if it’s a local travel company, the charge is going to be cheaper than an international travel company. Also, keep in mind that mountain climbing fees of around $11000 need to be paid to the Nepalese government. It is generally covered in the overall price that is offered to you but makes sure that you have a clear conversation about this with your mountaineering partner before signing up, to avoid future discrepancies.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

Answering the question – of how long it takes to climb Mount Everest is a tricky thing to do. Altogether, the journey is 43 days long, but if you’re looking for the number of core climbing days, it’s 26 days. So, to answer the question – how many days to climb Everest, it’s either 43 days overall, or 26 days, core. It’s crucial that you find out the answer to the question – how long does it takes to climb Mount Everest, as it helps you have a clear idea of the trip. Finding the answer to the question – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest will also help you prepare for the journey.

how long does it take to climb Mount Everest

Mt Everest Climbing Season

Considering the fact that it takes around two months to climb Mount Everest, Mt. Everest Climbing Season needs to accommodate this entire period. The ideal Mt. Everest Climbing Season is considered to be between the months of April and June. Generally, the mountaineering parties set off at the beginning of April or by mid-April, as their goal is to finish the journey by mid-June at all costs.

They take an extra one to two weeks long window, just in case the weather condition gets worse. The months before March-April is generally cold and windy, and the months after June is the time when the rain starts in Nepal. These are certain weather conditions that a mountaineer looks to avoid at all costs, because it prevents them from reaching the peak, by creating obstacles on their way.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is a crucial part of Everest Expedition. Out of the total 43 days, you spend around 10 days trekking from Lukla to Everest Base Camp before the ascent, and back, following the same route, after the descent. Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular trekking journeys in Nepal. It’s the best hope for people to get as close to Everest as possible without actually climbing the peak. Needless to say, the main attraction of the peak is Everest Base Camp.


Apart from Everest Base Camp, there are so many other attractions in the journey, all kinds of it. Everest Base Camp trek route is known for Tengboche Monastery, which is the most significant Buddhist heritage in the region. Kala Patthar, a trekking mountain, is the most crucial viewpoint in the entire region, as it offers the best and up-close views of the mountains of this region. And how can you miss Namche Bazaar, which is the busiest town in the region. Laden with facilities of all kinds, and with a distinct hip environment, even for moments it won’t let you miss home.

Mount Everest Route Map

Mount Everest Route Map can prove to be one of the most useful tools that you can carry during your journey. Mount Everest Route map gives you all the information that you’d need to know about the region, the route, the places, attractions, and challenges altogether. Everest region is full of surprises, and often, just sticking to your main trekking route is not enough. To be able to explore around on your own, you need to know about the area, and as mentioned above, Mount Everest Route Map can prove to be your handheld guide. It will not just help you explore the side trips, but will also prevent you from getting lost or separated from the group. And even if you do, you can easily find your way back.

Everest Guide

When you’re on your trekking journey, or expedition journey, one person that you can always count on is your Everest Guide. A professional Everest Guide knows everything that one needs to know to survive in an environment as such; he knows what needs to be done to make the journey less difficult and more fun. The Everest Guide will help you in your difficult times, and motivate you to continue the journey when you’d want to give up and return. And you’ll realize that most of the time his words are enough. It’s for reasons like these and many more that you need an Everest Guide by your side every time you go on a journey in the Everest region, Nepal whether it’s trekking or an expedition.


So make sure that before you go for the climb, you research enough about the important questions, mainly – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest? Finding the answer to the question – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest will help you prepare for the journey in a better way. Also, if you’re into climbing and mountaineering, and have never attempted a climb on Everest, well, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and adventure. How about in the next climbing season, you pack your bags and make your way to this beautiful Himalayan country? It’s certain that you’d love everything about the journey, and not just the climb. But before you sign up, make sure to look for the answers to important questions about the climb, mainly – how long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

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