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The answer to the question - how hard is Everest Base Camp trek, is quite simple. Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is moderate. This means that the trek has elements that make it quite easy, and also, it has aspects that make it pretty challenging. It is established that attributes that make a trek challenging are altitude, duration and terrain, and Everest Base Camp trek takes you to high altitude, is average when it comes to trek duration, and you’re require to walk on diversely rough terrain.

The highest altitude covered on the trek is 5545 m, which is the elevation of Kala Patthar. Trekkers ascend to its top to get astounding panoramic views of the Everest region, which isn’t possible from Everest Base Camp. Similarly, on the trek, the trekkers are required to walk for a duration of 8 days, on an average of 7 hours each day, and 2 additional days are spent on the route for acclimatization purpose. And finally, the terrain on the route is mostly rough, with muddy and rocky paths. On various sections of the route, you’ll need to ascend, sometimes on stairs, other times on steep slopes. This will continue only till Kala Patthar, for there, you’ll have to keep descending, until you reach Lukla.

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In case you’re constantly wondering – how hard is Everest Base Camp Trek, well, considering all these features, it appears that Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is challenging. However, it is still categorized as a moderate level trek. It is so because while the above mentioned attributes make it tough, there are features like comfortable accommodation, well facilitated bathrooms, delicious food, and the attractions on the route that help you cope up with these difficulties, and energizes you to keep going until you reach your destination. These virtues make the trek quite balanced taking the overall Everest Base Camp difficulty level to medium or moderate.

Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time Of Year

Researching about the best time to go for Everest Base Camp trek would also help you with your query, i.e. how hard is Everest Base Camp trek. To go on the Everest Base Camp trek best time of year is between autumn and early winter, during the months of September to December, and between spring and early summer, during the months of March to June. The trekkers can choose to go for the trek during other months as well, but they would have to be careful about the weather and climatic conditions in the region.

Basically, all they need to do is plan their trek in a way that they don’t come across rainfall or snowfall. And even if they do, they’re at a location where they can be safe from such weather. While snowfall makes it hard to see things on the way, rainfall makes the path muddy and slippery. These climatic conditions make the routes prone to accidents and injuries. Also, especially during rainfall, landslides are common in the hills, which don’t just block the paths, but also can prove to be deadly. Therefore, it is recommended for the trekkers to avoid trekking on such days.

Everest Base Camp Trek Tips

You need to consider few Everest Base Camp trek tips, if you’re always thinking – how hard is Everest Base Camp Trek. When you’re trekking in the Everest region, the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is to be skeptical about what you’re eating. Don’t consume anything that you get your hands on. The region is full of local delicacies, and while the people here can digest them easily, the food here could make you sick. Be especially careful about drinking water that is served openly, drink only packaged drinking water, if you want to ensure that you don’t fall ill.


Another significant thing to take care of is that you should always be conscious about your health. If you’re on medication, make sure to consume your pill, the way you usually do. In the same way, altitude sickness is something that can attack trekkers anytime. So, if you feel the slightest pain in your chest or on your head, make sure to inform your guide. Identifying whether the pain is a casual one, or a symptom of altitude sickness, can save you from a lot of difficulties.

And last but not the least, always and always listen to your guide. He will tell you which way to go and which ones to avoid, what to do and what not to do, and throughout the time, you’ll have to try your best to follow his instructions. His job is not just to show you the path, but also to ensure that you are safe and sound throughout the trek, and that you have the best possible time.

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Looking into Everest Base Camp packing list is another way to find out how hard is Everest Base Camp trek. Everest Base Camp trek packing list should be as brief as possible; you should try to make your bags as light as possible. Basically, the things that you would require mostly are your casual clothes, the one that you’d wear when you’re not trekking. Also, you would need a couple of pairs of trekking clothes, for instance, pants, jackets and shoes that are designed specifically for trekking purposes. Don’t forget to carry your own set of sanitary items and toiletries, especially if you’re health and sanitation conscious, and you don’t prefer the ones offered in public bathrooms.

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Another crucial set of equipment that you’d require during you trek are the trekking gears, mainly items like trekking sticks, sleeping bags, carry-on bags, sunglasses, umbrella, and so on. Now, when it comes to items like these, you have an option. You don’t really need to bring these equipment all the way from home and take them back. You can get rid of all that struggle by going with a trekking company that offers all these gears to you.

There are so many companies that provide these equipment to the trekkers on rent, and any additional fees is already included in their package cost. They even manage porters to carry all these equipment for you during your trekking journey. So all you have to do is use them when you need them, and at other times, you don’t really need to care about these items. So, before you choose a trekking company as your trekking partner look into details as such. This will make your journey quite comfortable.

Training For Everest Base Camp Trek

When you have the answer to the question – how hard is Everest Base Camp trek, you should put your efforts into lessening the difficulty level. As Everest Base Camp trek is a moderate level journey, you don’t really need an excruciating training to prepare for the trek. Generally, people with average stamina and fitness level are able to complete the trek. However, it goes without saying that you’ll be more comfortable walking on the trek, if you’re used to running, swimming, or doing some form of cardio on a daily basis.

The high altitude and the rough terrain take a toll on you. As the air is thin on the route, you could have a hard time breathing. Your body is able to adapt to the environment, but it generally takes some time. Again, needless to say, if you’re fit, the process will be over in no time, and without much trouble.

Another factor that poses as a challenge is the terrain, which is normally uneven, steep and inclined. If you’re not fit, or used to walking on a daily basis, it could be a little tough for you to ascend, often causing you to pant and slow down, requiring you to catch your breath at regular intervals.

After you’ve booked your package, or even before, you could train yourself a little bit, The best thing to do is to run every day, and going up and down the stairs. All these exercises may not make you an expert at high altitude trekking, but they would definitely get you ready for what’s coming your way.

How hard is Everest Base Camp trek – the answer to that question depends on all the things mentioned above. Following the standard trekking rules and the previously stated tips will make your trip easy and comfortable. When you’re planning for your trek, keep these things in mind, and always maintain contact with your trekking partner to make sure that you have all the information that is needed for a pleasing trek. Everest Base Camp trek is a moderate trek, and it’s meant for anyone who wants to explore Everest. So don’t let these challenges scare you. With the right attitude, you can definitely make it to the camp and back. Go for Everest Base Camp trek this holiday season. You will never regret it.

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