Everest Base Camp Trek in December, January and February - Weather and Cost

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Everest Base Camp Trek in December, January, and February

Now, if you are wondering “Is the Everest Base Camp trek possible in December, January, or February??

The answer is a big “YES”.

Let us explain how. 

The cold mountain air and the thick layer of snow are what actually make people fall in love with the mountains. Winter in the Himalayas range means a very glittery view of the peaks, frozen waterfalls, solitude, and peace. Even Everest Base Camp exhibits its best during the winter i.e. December January, February, or February.

As the winter sets upon the Khumbu region, the Everest base camp route clears up with the casual travelers, but the bravest one starts to pack their bag. It’s only these brave soul who knows that the mountains shine at their best during winter in Everest Base Camp. Even when the temperature in EBC in December goes below zero degrees, the precipitation is very low, thus blessing you with the clearest view of the mountains. The photography level reaches a new level as you are surrounded by snow all around. And more, you can enjoy all the hospitality and peacefulness in the tea house. So, what else do you wish for?

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Temperature and Weather of EBC in winter

December, January, and February in Nepal are the peak winter season. The January Weather at Everest base Camp is undoubtedly cold with the temperature below the freezing point. The Lukla airport in January has a temperature ranging from -2.8°C to 5°C. In the base camp, the average temperature is about -25.9°C at night time. The average precipitation in December, January, and February in Everest is about 3mm and the sky is often clear. December/January Weather Everest base Camp shows the chance of receiving 2 to 3 snowfalls, and the trail might be covered in snow for a couple of days. Weather at Everest base camp in December is often free of snow, however, January and February have a few mm of snow in the ground above Namche.

Destination-     Elevation    Day max. temp      Night. Min. temp
Lukla                  2860 m              18.8°c                         -2.8°c to
Bazar                  3440 m               16.6°c                         -7.5°c to
Dingboche         4410 m               14.2°c                         -14.4°c
Lobuche            4949 m               13.1°c                           -17.4°c
Gorakshep        5164 m                10°c                             -23.8°c

Everest Base Camp in December, January, or February Crowds

November, the transition between spring and winter is among the busiest time for the trek. Thankfully, with the early EBC December trek, the crowd starts to fall down, and the trail is clear. By end of December, January and February there are a few adventurous souls on the Everest Base Trek. However, the tea houses on the way are all open and you can enjoy a comfortable stay. You could choose the best room with the mount views every day for the entire trip.

Everest Base Camp in December, January, and February cost

The exact cost of the Everest base camp trek cost in January depends upon your duration and demand for luxury. It can range somewhere between $900 for a short trip to $3000 for a luxurious one. The cost of EBC in the peak season i.e. autumn and Spring is the highest. Due to excessive demand, the travel agency keeps their price high. However, during winter, you can enjoy a little discount and lower the Everest base camp trek cost in winter.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December, January, or February Cost Chart

Number of Pax Cost For EBC Trek
 1 Person $1375
 2 People Group $1199
 3-6 People Group $ 1099
 7 - 10 People Group $999
 11 - 20 People Group $899

Everest Base Camp in December, January, and February Difficulties

If we are being completely honest, traveling in December, January or February is a bit more difficult than the peak season. As the temperature drops, you need to carry more clothes. But since we have a porter, that's not a big deal. Also, you need to drink a lot of warm water to prevent altitude sickness. 

By January, the trail might be filled with snow, thus it gets very slippery and difficult to walk. Lukla airport in January and December might have snow that creates an obstacle for landing. But the snow is cleared within a few days and your flight will be re-scheduled. So, keep yourself updated with the Ebc weather in December and January. 

Namche bazaar in January/ February all places above are filled with little snow. Sometimes, you might have to wait a few days for the snow layer to be thin. Next, since the days are shorter, we need to be on the trek quite early in the morning. Kalapatthar in January and December is always covered in snow and we don’t really suggest the early morning climb to this viewpoint. Although it might sound hectic, with the right guidance and preparation, EBC in winter is absolutely adventurous.

How to train for Nepal January/ December Everest Base Camp?

Thankfully, the December EBC Trek is moderately easy and you wouldn’t need any special training to use mountain gear. However, it’s always a great idea to train yourself for the January/ February EBC Trek. A few months before the trek, you should engage yourself in cardiovascular exercises like cycling, swimming, running, jogging, squats, etc. A few short treks in your home country with a backpack is also very helpful. An experience of a short high-altitude trek wouldn’t hurt. For December/ January or February Everest Base Camp Trail, you might have to practice walking in the snow. 

Everest Base Camp Trek in December, January, or February Packing List

First and foremost, be prepared for extreme cold, so your Ebc January packing list should be guided by experience. A winter-weight sleeping bag is a must. Also, you will need a very warm down jacket of lightweight for the morning and evening while staying at Everest in December. Make sure that you wear your clothes in layers so that you can remove them while walking. A comfortable cotton t-shirt and trekking pants are a must in Ebc's December packing list. Essential as woolen hats, sunglasses, woolen gloves/ socks, and scarves are a must. Your trekking boot should be very warm and designed to walk on a snow/ slippery trail. A good pair of boots makes a huge difference. There are a lot of clothes you need due to the freezing Ebc weather in January. And obviously, comfortable inner clothing and personal care items/ first aid are a must. You can buy your rent these items in Kathmandu or bring them from your home country for Everest in winter.

Final words,

Winter on Everest is a very charming and adventurous experience. With the right preparation, you can easily accomplish Everest Base Camp Trek in December/January without much difficulty. Let Breeze Adventure do all the preparation while you enjoy your time in Nepal. 

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