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Day Hiking in Kathmandu Valley

Besides all the hustle and bustle of the city, Kathmandu is still an astonishing place to visit. Nepal's capital Kathmandu has so much unexplored treasure. Despite the fact that you have limited time and experience, you can go hiking in the vicinity of the valley. A day Hiking in Kathmandu Valley is an exciting and chilling experience. The valley is bounded by hills covered with forests, villages, and terraced farms. Hiking in Kathmandu offers the scenic beauty of geography, mountains, lifestyle, and culture. The major plus point of Hiking around Kathmandu Valle is witnessing the view of the beautiful mountains without climbing to a higher altitude for weeks. 

Most of these places are only a couple of hour's trek from the Valley. So this is a wonderful opportunity to explore the region without hurting your shanks. The nobility of this place will surely mesmerize one who visits.  Let's get started, with some of the Best Hiking around Kathmandu. 

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Nagarkot Hiking

It’s among the most beautiful Short hiking around Kathmandu that is easily achievable. Nagarkot is a beautiful hilltop, 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu at 2,195 meters from sea level. A trek includes fabulous mountain views of Everest Ranges, Annapurna, and Langtang along with a prodigious sunrise and sunset. This is a close and yet awesome trek from Kathmandu.

You can start the hike from Sakhu or Bhaktapur- it’s a 4 hour climb through the pine forest. If the concept of getting a 180-degree panoramic mountain view in the background gives you, Nagarkot is a place you wouldn't want to miss for Day Hiking in Kathmandu. 

Sundarijal Hiking

This is among the most prodigious One Day Hike near Kathmandu. The walk commences from Budhanilkantha and takes you deep into the valley. Sundarijal is 15 km northeast of Kathmandu with a maximum elevation of 1,500 meters. It is considered a gateway to Chisapani, another heavenly paradise. The hike is famous for the views of the waterfalls and hilly ridges along with unique flora and fauna. You can also spot a Nagi gumba during the trek.

The hike begins from Budhanilkantha temple or Shivapuri Conservation Area. It usually takes a couple of hours for the trekkers to reach the top. The journey will definitely be blissful. 

Shivapuri Hiking

Shivapuri hike a prominent destination at 2563 meters from sea level at yet a Shortest hike near Kathmandu. The site has great flora and fauna combinations for the perfect escape from the valley. Shivapuri is only twenty-five kilometers away from the capital. The top of the hill offers a clear view of Kathmandu valley and Baghdwar- the origin of the Bagmati River. This is the best trek from Kathmandu that can be achieved in a day.

The Shivapuri hike starts from the Budhanilkantha temple. The next 2 to 5 hours of walk to the Nagi Gumba is going to be adventurous. After some rest at Gumba, you can proceed for two more hours to reach the top. 

Chandragiri Hiking

After the introduction of the Cable car, this is a "go-to" place for internal tourists. From the top, Chandragiri hills outlooks the Kathmandu Valley in a beautiful manner. Here, the spectacular mountains view west to east including Mt. Api, Saipal to Everest, Makalu, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Ganesh Himal, and more welcome you. 

Along with the trek, you can also enjoy the luxury of Chandragiri Hills Ltd in the park and restaurants build at the top of the hill. And if you are too tired to walk down, just get yourself a cable car. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? This is probably the best Solo hike near Kathmandu. 

Champa Devi Hiking

In the southeastern part of the valley, there is a Campa Devi hill that separates the valley from the Makwanpur district. It’s the third-highest hill in Kathmandu at 2,278 meters from sea level. The place offers a panorama view of Kathmandu Valley including the Bagmati River, Khokana, and Pharping. The mountain ranges as Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Annapurna, and Gaurisankar make it even more exciting. You can visit the remote villages to learn about local culture and enjoy some unique foods while hiking in Kathmandu. 

The famous trekking route to Champa Devi summit is witnessed from the Dollu Valley through the pine forest. The route begins from the Hattiban Resort and it's about 3-4 hours of hike. You can also climb from the Dakshinkali temple. 

Namo Buddha Hiking

Namobuddha- 38 km east of Kathmandu at 1,750 meters from sea level is another prodigious trekking place near Kathmandu. Namobuddha is a Buddhist Gumbas and shrines- a beautiful reflection of Buddhist art. According to local myth, a prince once offered himself to the starving tiger in Namobuddha. Namobuddha offers the beauty of the Everest and Langtang Himalayan ranges along with a marvelous view of the landscape in all directions.

This short hike from Kathmandu starts from Dhapasi or the ancient town in Bhaktapur called Panauti. It’s a 5-hour climb through many agricultural villages. You will also encounter a suspension bridge on your way up there.

Surya Binayak Pilot Baba Ashram Hiking

Pilot Baba Ashram Hiking is recently captivated huge numbers of visitors. Just outside the hustle and noise of the city, this hilltop offers calm and peace. This trek is the bliss of astounding natural rejuvenation that looks for excitement as well as calmness. The place also carries cultural and religious values among Hindus. 

This easiest hike in Kathmandu begins for Suryabinak in Bhaktapur. It’s about 2 hours of walking before you enjoy the beauty of the hilltop. On the way, you can also visit the Ganesh Temple which is an important temple in Bhaktapur. Just to note, the Pilot Baba area is renowned for its picnics. The newly built restaurants and café at the top are also captivating the visitors. Excited?

Nagarjuna Jamachwo Hiking

This might be the most unrated hiking place around Kathmandu Valley. With the excellent view from the top, you can witness the valley while experiencing the natural beauty of the hilltop. The Jamacho Gompa, Nagarjuna cave, and some other caves of Buddha and Mahasiddhas add more to the fun. In fact, the mountain is named Nagarjuna hill because of a philosopher Nagarjuna who used to live in these caves. There are many other myths and mythology of this place that will keep you engaged during the journey. 

The 2-hour hike in Kathmandu is easily achievable. On the way up, you can enjoy some refreshing tea along with an excellent view. So, if you wish to witness the best of Kathmandu without hurting your shanks, go for this trek. 

Amitabha Monastery

Amitabha Monastery, also called Seto Gumba (in Nepali) is located in the southern part of Kathmandu valley. This is a prodigious Kathmandu hiking destination for people who want to witness the sunrise and sunset right above Kathmandu valley. The monastery is a panoramic kaleidoscope of colors as well as rich culture. The hiking trail and the surrounding scenarios are all amusing. 

One who gets in the Monastry is abode by the smell, sounds, and colorful prayer flags that spread the message of peace and patience. The total hike is about 5 hours from Swayambhu, another popular destination in Nepal. It’s going to be a rejuvenating day for you.

Kakani Hiking

Kakani to Bhanjyang is a short and easy trek from Kathmandu that brings you closer to the beauty of the mountains. The hike features the Rhododendron, Oak, and pine forests along the route.

You can get a bus to Kakani from Balaju. At the top, the a distinct view of Manaslu, Gaurisankar, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang from Kakani. There is also a park and a canoeing spot over Kakani that will keep you engaged. Going down to the right from Kakani, you can enter the Shivapuri National Park where you can reach to GurjeBhanjyang and further trek to Budhanilkantha.

Good food, a classic village, and outstanding natural beauty all sum up to make Kakani a beautiful paradise. 

Phulchwoki Hiking

This is the most popular hiking place around the valley- especially when it receives snowfall during winter. Phulchoki means the ‘Hill of Flowers’. It is the highest trek from Kathmandu Valley at an altitude of 2,782 meters.

The route is famous for Rhododendron and bird watching. Flycatchers, Yellow-browed Tit, Red-billed Leiothrix, Rufous-bellied Niltava Bronzed, and Racket-tailed Drongos, Nepal Cutia, and Black-winged Cuckoo can be spotted during the trek. At the top, there is a shrine of the goddess where people celebrate a month-long festival during March/April. You can commence the hike from Godawari and it's 5 to 5 hours of climb. The 13km trail is certainly a challenge to achieve. It will also be a place for mountain biking. 

Kathmandu Hiking Cost:

Without question, Kathmandu is one of the cheapest places to visit in Nepal. The hotel rooms will cost you as low as $10-$15, but the upper limit can raise as per your luxury demand. The cost will be around $5 per meal or even less. Local transportation is cheaper than you can imagine but taking a cab might be a little expensive. Kathmandu has accommodation that fits both Backpackers and luxury holiday seekers. The per-day cost can range somewhere between $25 and $500.

In short, the Kathmandu Valley trek offers great peace inside and an amazing landscape view. With less physical challenge, these destinations are great spots for the view of mountain peaks, hills, and the Kathmandu valley itself. 

If you want to witness the best of Kathmandu, you can start with some places on this list. Let us know what you think in the comment below.

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