Festivals in Nepal

People in Nepal celebrate different festivals. Festivals here are colorful and vibrant. Most of the festivals celebrated in Nepal have associations with culture and religion. Some of the festivals are also related to ancient mythology and literature.

Nepal encircles people of different ethnicity, religion, and caste with a strong bonding of love and respect. There are some of the major festivals in Nepal like Dashain and Tihar. People throughout the country unite and enjoy the celebrations of togetherness during these festivals. Different ethnic communities in Nepal have their own festivals that they celebrate within their communities. Some of the festivals like Lhosar, Maghi, Tiji festival, Bisket Jatra, Chhat, etc are examples.

The time of festivals is a happy time. All the members of the families in Nepal unite together during the celebrations. During the festivals, the aura in the air is so strong and so satisfying.

There are some beautiful festivals in Nepal like Dashain and Tihar, Buddha Jayanti, Gai Jatra, Janai Purnima, Teej, Lhosar, Holi, Chhath, Maghe Sankranti, Indra Jatra, Ghode Jatra, Tiji Festival, Maha Shivaratri, etc.

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