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Tilicho Lake has always been one of the most preferred attractions to cover in the Annapurna Region. If you’re trekking on the Annapurna Circuit trek route, there is a very high chance that you’d want to make a visit to Tilicho Lake, supposedly, the highest lake in the world. These days, trekkers, especially the ones who’re short of time, tend to go simply for the Tilicho Lake trek, under which, they don’t really complete the entire Annapurna Circuit Trek, and where Tilicho Lake is the major feature. Whatever the case, whichever route you choose, altogether, Tilicho Lake is an exciting attraction - beautiful and full of life.

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Tilicho Lake

To answer the question, what is the highest lake in the world, well, a lot of people believe that Tilicho Lake in Nepal is the highest lake in the world. Now, there are lots of facts that prove otherwise, for instance, there are so many other lakes in Nepal itself that are at a higher altitude than Tilicho Lake. Then, there are assertions made, when asked the question, what is the highest lake in the world, and that is, Tilicho lake in Nepal is the highest lake in the world, considering its size, which is also untrue as there are lakes in Tibet that are larger in size, and situated at a higher elevation. Now, whether Tilicho Lake in Nepal is the highest lake in the world or not is a matter of debate. However, the fact that it is located at a really high altitude, and is beautiful and stunning enough to be called a natural wonder is unquestionable. Its elevation is 4919 m, and because of it, and the extreme weather that generally accompanies high elevation, there are no water-based creatures that are found around the lake.

tilicho lake trek

Tilicho Lake Trek

When it comes to the Tilicho Lake trek, there are two approaches to it. The first approach and the most popular one is to consider the Tilicho Lake trek as a side trek. When you’re on the Annapurna Circuit trek, you’ll have the option of adding a couple of days to your itinerary and also covering Tilicho Lake. On the Annapurna Circuit trek, you will reach the village of Manang, from there, it’s only an additional 4 days to journey to Tilicho Lake and back. On the route from Manang to Tilicho Lake, you will cover places such as Shree Kharka and Tilicho Base Camp. The benefit of taking this approach is that you will get to experience the goodness of not just Tilicho Lake but also that of the entire Annapurna region. On the other hand, the second approach is to cover only half of the Annapurna Circuit trek and deviate entirely from Manang. You reach Tilicho Lake, and instead of returning, you continue walking and cross the pass known as Mesokanta La, the journey will take you even further, and would end only at Jomsom.

12 Days Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek Price Chart

 Group Size Cost Per - Person
 Solo Trekker $ 1125
 2 Person $ 999
 3 - 5 Person $950
 6 - 10 Person $899
 11 - 20 Person $850


tilicho lake trekking

Tilicho Lake Trek Itinerary

When you take the Tilicho Lake trek only as a side trek, you tend to cover the entire Annapurna Circuit trek. This makes your entire journey around 18 days long, which would include one day for acclimatization. However, if you go for the second approach, you don’t need to cover the entire Annapurna Circuit, which shortens your journey up to a great extent, making it only 10 days long, including one day for acclimatization. If you are looking for a short version of Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tilicho Lake, It is possible to do it in 12 days. The places that you cover on your Tilicho Lake Trek Itinerary are Chame, Upper Pisang, Dharapani, Besisahar, Tilicho Lake, and so on. The villages offer you amazing accommodation and food, along with great views of peaks. The highest point of the trek is Tilicho Lake.

Tilicho Lake Trek Difficulty

Tilicho Lake trek's difficulty level is moderate, and that is sole because of the altitude that it covers. The trek takes you to an elevation above 3000m and keeps you there for a period of 8 days. During this time, you’re vulnerable to risks such as altitude sickness, extreme cold, unpredictable weather, and so on. The route is steep and uneven, which is a regular thing that you need to deal with when you’re trekking in the hills of Nepal. The facilities of food, accommodation and so on are pretty much standard throughout the way, which offers you a little bit of relief by the end of the day, reducing the hardship.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal, as it allows you to explore the entire Annapurna region. It is a complete journey, as during the trek, you come across natural, religious, and cultural elements that are the essence of any good journey. The journey is an excruciating one, but by the end of it, thanks to all the attractions, you’re bound to feel that all your efforts were totally worth it.

Altogether, the Annapurna Circuit trek is a 14 days long journey, consisting of one day for acclimatization. During this time, you’ll cover villages such as Tatopani, Ghorepani, Marpha, Chamje, Syane, and so on. You can go on a separate trek to Ghorepani. One of the most significant attractions of the trek is Muktinath, which is a religious site significant for both Hindus and Buddhists. Another important attraction of the trek is Thorung La, which is a mountain pass situated at an altitude of 5416 m. The high altitude, the attractions, the places that you cover, and so on, make it one of the most exciting journeys that you can ever think of, being a part of.

Annapurna Circuit trek route is a major part of the Tilicho Lake trek route. Both their starting points are the same, and depending on the approach, even their ending points could be the same. Planning your journey in the right manner would allow you to experience the best parts of both journeys. The Annapurna Circuit trek route, even on its own, is enough to get you engaged, excited, and enticed.

Short Annapurna Circuit Trek Price Chart

 Group Size Price Per - Person
 1 Person $900
 2 Person $740
 3-5 Person $710
 6 - 10 Person $ 685
 11 - 20 Person $640

Mesokanto La Pass Trek

Mesokanta La Pass Trek is actually an extended version of the Tilicho Lake trek. You could also call it the real Tilicho Lake trek route, as it is independent, up to an extent, from Annapurna Circuit. Because of the addition of Mesokanta La, a high-altitude mountain pass situated at an elevation of 5100 m, and a few other places, the trek doesn’t just become lengthy, but exciting, adventurous, and full of fun overall.

Mesokanta La Pass trek is a 10 days long journey and includes one day for acclimatization. It takes you through places like Shree Kharka, Kharka Camp, Tilicho Base Camp, Jomsom, Tilicho Lake, and so on. It is a moderate-level trek, however, the high altitude, cold climate, and steep terrain that you’d have to cover during the journey might take a little bit of fun away from it. But when you think of it, it is things like these that make the trek interesting – the challenges, difficulties, basically any kind of hurdles.

Mesokanta La Pass Trek and Annapurna Circuit trek has a lot in common; they both share a certain section of their route. Mesokanta La trek starts at Chame and ends at Jomsom; both these places are covered in the Annapurna Circuit trek. During the journey, you get to enjoy the most amazing views of peaks such as Annapurna, Tilicho Peak, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Ganesh, and so on. Altogether, the trek is a great holiday option and a great alternative overall to the Annapurna Circuit trek.

For someone who’s already trekked the entire Annapurna region, and is looking for options to explore, the Tilicho Lake trek with Mesokanta La can be an amazing idea. The trek consists of natural attractions, from snowy white mountains to serene blue lakes, and so on. Apart from these, you would also get to explore the life and the cultures of people living in the region. If you’re a trekking enthusiast and have never trekked in the region, and specifically till Tilicho Lake, well, you’re missing out on a lot of excitement. If you’re looking to choose Nepal as your next holiday destination, and willing to trek specifically, go for the Tilicho Lake trek. It’s short, beautiful, and challenging – you’ll love it for sure.

tilicho lake trekking

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