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Nepal Travel is one of those holiday options that tends to get close to your heart. A lot of tourists, after their Nepal travel, seem to be deeply impacted by the journey. Nepal travel makes them emotional, in a way that they don’t feel like going back to their homes. When you travel to Nepal, you don’t just get to experience the diverse geography that the country is known mainly for, you also get to taste the cultural flavors that the nation offers. Travel to Nepal and dive into all this goodness and much more. You visit to Nepal is going to be a memorable journey overall, with excitement, adventure, and outstanding fun.

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If you’re thinking of traveling to Nepal, Visit Nepal 2030 offers you the right opportunity to do so. Visit Nepal during the year 2030, and you will be able to reap the benefits from a range of exclusive offers, all thanks to Visit Nepal 2030. Traveling to Nepal will definitely prove to be the right decision for you, as Nepal is a wonderful country. Visiting Nepal gives you the access to a range of options. With adventure sports, thrilling activities and luxury tours, visiting Nepal is an amazing and a complete holiday choice.

Geography Of Nepal 

The geography of Nepal is probably one of the most unique ones in the entire world. When you go from the south to the north, you will notice a gradual rise in the altitude. The entire country is divided into three belts – the plains, the hills and the mountains. Despite its tiny land area of 147,181 sq. km, the altitude ranges between 70 m and 8848 m. Because of these features, so many ecosystems thrive in Nepal. This is the reason why Nepal is the home to a very high number of plants and animals species.

The mountains in Nepal are a wonder. 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world happens to fall in Nepal, which includes the one that tops the list, Mount Everest. During Nepal travel, if you choose to spend your holidays in the north, you will get to witness the mountains in Nepal up close. These wonderful mountains in Nepal are also the sources of the beautiful glaciers and icefalls that flow on and transform into rivers once they reach the hills. Nepal is also known for its high number of water sources.

Considering the size of the country, it has the second highest number of fresh water sources in the world. These fast flowing rivers don’t just power the nation, but also engage the tourists and the locals in adventure sports like whitewater rafting and kayaking. The hills and mountains on the other hand allow the trekkers to get involved in activities such as trekking, expedition, mountain biking, and so many others. The geography of Nepal is diverse, and so is the nature of activities that you can do here.

Nepali Culture

Quite like the geography of Nepal, the Nepali culture is also full of colors. People live in all the three belts of Nepal, as per their surroundings, their lifestyle, cultures and traditions are different. There are so many indigenous tribes of people living in the country. And though they live so close to each other, their norms and customs are completely distinct. Nepali culture is sure to fascinate you with all the different elements that are a part of it. You will experience something unique no matter your location.

culture of nepal

The center of Nepali Culture is the valley of Kathmandu. People from all parts of the country, belonging to different social groups and communities live here. During your stay in the valley, you can experience all the Nepali culture, by interacting with them, living with them, trying out their food and clothes, and so on. The best way to experience Nepalese culture is to go on a cultural tour. During the tour, you will get to visit the villages in the hills and plains of Nepal, where you’ll experience the culture on your own.

No matter the preference, whether you’re staying in the capital or roaming around in the hills of Nepal. To help you understand Nepali culture, you’ll be asked to live with a Nepalese family during your cultural tour. You’ll eat with them, you’ll talk to them, and if your timing is right, even celebrate the festivals with them. There is no better way to understand Nepalese culture than doing it first hand during your Nepal travel. Apart from all your other achievements, you are sure to create wonderful memories.

Trekking In Nepal

Generally, trekking in Nepal is an activity that is conducted in the hills of Nepal. One of the main goals of Nepal travel is to go for trekking in Nepal, and one of the main purposes of trekking in Nepal is to enjoy the outstanding views of the mountains. There are so many regions in Nepal, where you can go for trekking. Few of them include Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu and so on. And as it is quite noticeable, they’ve been named after the most prominent peak in the region.

During your Nepal travel, you can choose to go for one of the trekking packages in Nepal. These trekking packages in Nepal won’t just offer you an insight into the natural beauty that lies hidden within the hills of Nepal, but also into the lives of the people that live in the villages located in these hills. In short, trekking in Nepal is the perfect medium for you to dive into the diverse culture and geography of Nepal. It’s for a reason that so many people go for trekking in Nepal when they come for Nepal travel.

Places To Visit In Nepal

There are so many interesting places to visit to Nepal that you can stay here for almost a year visiting places, and still wouldn’t be done. The places to visit in Nepal includes cities and villages, and mainly the Himalayan tourist places. The Himalayan Tourist places are the ones that are mostly preferred by the tourists, as they offer the travelers the true beauty of Nepal. However, there are numerous places in the plains that are known for both their natural and cultural beauties that you’d absolutely adore.

Depending on your interests and activities that you’d like to do during your Nepal travel, you can choose your preferred places to visit in Nepal. If you love adventure sports, then Pokhara is going to be your ideal destination. In the same way, if you’re fascinated by centuries old heritages, you’d definitely love strolling around the cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. If you love nature, want to reestablish your connection with it, you could visit the countless villages located in the hills and mountains of Nepal.

Tourism In Nepal

Tourism in Nepal is one of the main source of income for Nepalese across the country. As Nepal is a gifted country, with so many natural and cultural heritages, tourism in Nepal was bound to be one of the major activities here. For your holiday in Nepal, you can choose one of the activities mentioned above. Because of so many options available, you can be sure about having a wonderful vacation in Nepal. Nepal tours in one of those activities that deserves to be on anyone’s bucket list. You should come for a Nepal tour at least once in your lifetime. A long vacation in Nepal, or even a short holiday in Nepal, in case you don’t have time, is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.

When it comes to spending holidays, people generally opt places that are highly trendy. Very few people actually experiment, and go for destinations that are off the beat. Now, despite the fact that Nepal has certain features, for instance Mount Everest, that makes it world renowned, it can still be considered as the underworld of tourist destinations that is definitely not the first choice of a lot of travel enthusiasts.

tourism in nepal

Visit Nepal 2030 is dedicated to bringing the country to the light from the darkness, and establish it as one of the prime tourist destinations. When you choose Nepal travel for your holidays, and actually visit the country, you land up realizing that it deserves much more limelight than it actually has been getting. The diverse geography and culture are just the tip of an iceberg. You could spend your entire life in this amazing country and still feel as if you’ve not had enough of it. That is the magic of Nepal.

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