25 most important tips for successful Everest Base Camp Trek

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Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek is an unparalleled destination for seekers of adventures around the world. It’s like you cannot call yourself a true wanderer if you have never done this trek. But, knowing tips for the Everest base camp trek is the most before starting your journey.

Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak, is the finest attraction of this trek but not the only one. There are times on the EBC trek when you’ll get impressed by the beauties of hills, settlements, rivers, waterfalls, and the local people’s lifestyle. Yeah, Mt Everest’s view from the Kalapatthar is the ultimate thing to do in this trek. But believe in what we are saying, this trek is much more than the view of Mt Everest’s.

You have heard this too often “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. It's exactly true and the proof is here: you won’t get to see Mt Everest from up there without having walked the difficult roads. That might scare you but don't, Everest Base Camp Trek is a completely safe journey. But the problems are not too far on the trek if you don't follow the guidelines. Reckless before and on the trek does cause various problems and you can end up giving before the base camp’s view.

But don't worry, we are here to help you in avoiding the don’ts of the trek. The 25 tips for Successful Everest Base Camp Trek are right away. Make sure you manage to get through all of the down listed tips and tricks and use those tips while running on the trail. Have an awesome time doing the trek, best wishes!

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Train Yourself before you go

EBC trek is a strenuous, long, and high altitude journey which demands a good level of health and fitness. A total of 130 km is to be walked on this trek, where the highest point is 5,545m. There is so much to walk in such heights on this trek. However, a trained body can endure this trek easily. Therefore get involved in physical training like imitate hikes, cardiovascular exercises, gym workouts, etc. Your training should start 2 to 3 months before the trek date.  

Mentally Prepare for your EBC Trek

It’s true that the trek is a moderately difficult trek to do. People often get worried about its trek distance. Physical training is a must for beginners or inexperienced trekkers. But physical preparation is never enough for this trek. You have to be mentally prepared too. Those who don't have a strong mentality can think of giving up way before the base camp. Having a good mentality does not let you do so. Thus, make sure you have a daredevil mentality before and on the trek. Prepare your mind to enjoy every glimpse of mountains and nature.

Pack Right Gear

Right gear means things that will keep you supplied in all of the emergency situations and needs on the trek. Weather is tough there in the mountains, so are the other conditions. Warm clothes and gear will help you keep away from the bone chilly cold of high altitudes. Likewise, you’ll need other gear like strong footwear, handwear, etc. Toiletries and medical items are also very handfuls on the trek. But packing too much is not an option because that heavy backpack can cause you problems carrying. So, pack light but pack wise.  Click here for Your Everest Base Camp Packing List!

Drink Enough Water

As you know Everest Base Camp Trek is a high-altitude trek. Where there is a high altitude there is a chance of altitude sickness. Drinking enough water is the most important thing to do in the EBC trek. You gotta keep your body hydrated with enough water. That will keep the threats of altitude sickness away from your body. So have a water-filled bottle always in your reach. Plus, don't intake any alcoholic drinks cause those are very good at dehydrating the body.

Know About Altitude Sickness

Knowledge is the power to overcome any difficulty. If so then altitude sickness which is real cannot be a bigger problem in the EBC trek. Having enough read about altitude sickness makes you aware of its causes, symptoms, precautions, do’s, and don’ts. This way you can avoid altitude sickness in this or any other high altitude treks easily. Altitude sickness is a serious threat that can turn worse if you don't have any idea about it.

Acclimatization is the Key to Success

Acclimatization is the process to adjust with a newer climate and altitude than yours.  For the non-high altitude living people and inexperienced trekkers, Everest Base Camp Trek is a risky trek without acclimatization days. The standard itinerary of EBC trek schedules 2 days for acclimatizing the high altitude of the Everest region. These acclimatization days lowers the chances of altitude sickness by a high margin. That is why it is said, “Acclimatization is the key to success”

Walk on Safe Side

The trail to Everest Base Camp and back is a rough mountain trail. Along the way, you will come across the steepest and narrowest part. So make sure you walk on the safe side. This tip is the most ignored Everest Base Camp tips cause there are not so many related incidents. But you never know what can happen. Therefore, watch out your steps while on the dangerous parts of the EBC trek. Moreover, the trail is also walked by the mules and yaks which are used as the porters. They are animals and can hit you out of the blue. So, whenever you see such animals approaching you, give them the way.     

Get Right Trekking Boot

In Everest Base Camp Trek your feet will touch some of the toughest and sharpest trials of your life. And, you are bound to walk a total of 130km in the trek. That 130km is full of ups and downs. Hence, you should pick the right trekking boot for the trek. Also make sure your shoes are breathable, comfortable, and durable besides strong. Though the good boot will cost you much, they will treat you better on the trek. Please use your new boot for a couple of weeks before you come to Nepal.

Have the professional Guides

Solo Everest Base Camp Trek is possible but becomes a stressful trek. You have to arrange all the things by yourself. You don't really know anything about the people, climate, culture, weather, market, etc of the Everest region. So, for you to move around this totally new world is a headache thing. But if you have a professional and skillful local guide with you then you need not worry about anything on the trek. He/She will make sure of your enjoyment and beautiful trekking experience.

Be ready for the Outdoors

Be always ready to be in the air of the Khumbu(Everest) region. The reason is anywhere you are going while in the region, the view is just wow. Not only views, but you will also experience other beauties of this region along with people and their culture. All in all, there are unlimited things in this region to go out and detect. Therefore, don't sleep until it's 8 o'clock on the watch throughout the trek. The early sunrise will make your soul happy and so will the other things. If you have the right time and conditions go for it.

Use Professional trekking Company

This is one of the most important Everest Base Camp tips if you want to do the trek with the help of a trekking company. In the market, there are a number of trekking companies of which some are old and experienced and some are startups. While choosing the company for your trek, you might get confused. It's better to opt for professional trekking companies that are old in the game. You can consult your friends who have been to Nepal about which company to choose.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Price Chart for 2023, 2024, and 2025.

 Group Size Price Per - Person
 1 Person $1450
 2 Person $1250
 3 - 5 Person $1200
 6 - 10 Person $1100
 11 - 20 Person $999

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Bring Books and Playing Cards

This Everest Base Camp tip will help you to kill the time during the trek. You don't need anything while outside in nature, the view keeps you occupied. But when inside the lodges for a night stay, you might need something to keep yourself busy to avoid boredom. In such situations, books and playing cards or other compact games can be very satisfying. If you have space for such things then don't miss filling the vacant place by things to avoid dullness.

Eat enough during the Trek

Food on the trek is organic, delicious, and full of nutrients. You’ll get a range of food items but Dal Bhat, a typical Nepal dish, is easy to get food through the trek. No matter which food goes through your mouth make sure that is healthy and nutritious. And eat enough food as you have to trek a long distance over the ups and downs trail of EBC. The eaten food will make you walk quickly and long. So, when it comes to food, eat enough to boost your energy and stamina.

Carry Power Bank/ Solar Panel for charging Mobile/Camera

Though there are charging facilities in every tea house of the EBC trail. It’s never a sure deal that you get to charge your phone. Instead, you can carry your own power bank which can be charged by solar and electricity both. Having such a power supply as a backup can give your camera and mobile a life whenever there is a need. Most of the time you will get charging facilities in the teahouses. But still, take a power bank with you for emergency situations.

Carry Your Favourite Snacks

Everyone has their favorite snacks which they want to have anywhere they go. But the liked snacks may not be available on the trek. If you cannot think about trek without those snacks, you better pack your snacks in your backpack. Having the snacks with you will not let you crave for it. Plus, that will save some costs too. As you know the higher you go the price increases.

Walk Slowly on Trail

Everest Base Camp Trek’s daily trek distance might make you want to do rush. But rushing is not good in the higher regions because of altitude sickness. The chances of getting caught by the sickness are increased if you are walking way too fast without any rest. In this trek, you have to walk for 10 to 15 km daily which may sound difficult and long but it is not. You can cover the distance within daylight quite easily. Instead of rushing, walk slowly, take breaks, and drink water. And always have one thing inside your mind that you are here to enjoy, experience, and relax not just trek.

Prepare for Flight Delays

Flight delays up in the mountains are too normal as the weather there changes drastically. EBC Trek starts with the flight to Lukla, the gateway to Everest, from Kathmandu. Hence, there might be days when you have to face flight delays. The flight delays can go long as per the improvement of the weather in the higher region. So be always prepared for the flight delays. Don't get panicked by the delays, instead have plans to do other things until the reschedule of flight.

Carry enough Cash/ Don’t Really on ATM

Don’t expect ATMs on every next corner on the trek. The ATM booths are available up until the Namche Bazaar. Once you leave that place, you won't find any machine to withdraw money. Rather, it's better to carry enough cash for the trek safely without any chances of losing. Let us make you aware that Nepal is a totally safe country for travelers. Locals will treat you like the guest. Though Namche is the last point for ATM booths, you better cash out in Kathmandu. It’s the capital city of Nepal and has a number of cashing out options.    

Protect Your Body from the Sun

Are you familiar with the fact that the skin gets easily burned in the higher areas than the lower?. If not then it's completely true. Most of the trekking days are sunny ones if you are coming to do EBC trek in Autumn and Spring. Though humidity is not there Sunburn is always there in the higher places. If you love your skin so much then assure that you have gears to cover the body or creams to avoid the sunburn. The basic sunburn gears are sun hat/cap, sunburn creams, summer jackets, etc.

Prepare for Cold and Rain

Any time of the year you go for the trek, there is no sure thing about the weather in the mountains. Rain can shower out of the blue and so is the snowfall. The bright sun can fade away and temperature can fall. We mean to say, the higher region’s weather forecast is never sure and fixed. Even with zero chances of weather turnaround, you need to be equipped with gear to face the changes. To avoid all of the uncertainties, you can pack rain gear and some warm clothes for extreme cold.

Bring Wet wipes

Wet wipes are useful in cleaning your face and stuff after the long trek on the sandy and dusty trail. Also, water can not be available all the time in all the places of the trek. In those situations, the wet wipes are helpful to meet your sanitary needs. However, don't bring fragrance wet wipes as they cause rashes. The biodegradable and non-fragrance wet wipes are the better buy.

Have Evacuation Coverage

There can be times when you need emergency evacuation from the Himalayas. For such situations, there is the only thing that can save you that is helicopter evacuation. If you are unsure about whether your health can cope with the EBC trek or not. You should have an emergency evacuation at a stand. The simplest way is to travel insurance. Travel insurance covers all the injuries and evacuation costs. Even though you are confident that nothing can happen to you, get travel insurance. However, there are no companies providing travel insurance in Nepal. So do it in your country.

Don’t Hide the problems

This is one of the most important Everest Base Camp Trekking tips if it's the first trek of your life. Don't hide your problems at any cost no matter how small the problem. The high altitude which may be new for you can cause different changes to your body. If things are destined to get worse, anything can happen. Therefore, whatever problems you have either health or other problems, speak out to your guides and leaders.

Enjoy every single moment in the Himalaya

You would have been in the Himalayas after crossing thousands of hurdles from your home. To be in the Himalaya is not an easy thing to do. You have really put your time, money, and effort to be there. So, don't waste a single second there, make every single moment memorable by totally being there in the Himalayas. Forget all the past and future stuff, live in the present.

Plan extra Days at the End

All too often, most of the people doing EBC Trek fly to their homes just after the end of the trek. If possible add or have some extra days beside the trek days. There are many other good places to tour around in Nepal. City tours, heritage tours, wildlife tours, religious tours are possible within 1 to 3 days. Likewise, you can opt for various adventure activities like fishing, rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, etc. So, if you have time then plan some extra days in Nepal. You’ll not regret it at all.


All of the above-numbered tips for Everest Base Camp Trek are equally important for making your trek successful. If you have gone through all of them then you are halfway ready for the trek. Use those Everest Base Camp tips and make the trek the best trek of your life. Everest Base Camp Trek has no short comes, it is a beautiful experience. The trek expects you to be ready enough to pass the trek. If you manage to use all of the tips listed on this page then there is no suffering but a heavenly experience.

We, Breeze Adventure, are a renowned adventure specialist from Nepal. It's a matter of privilege to let you know that we are in this trekking industry for a long time now. If you are looking to do Everest Base Camp Trek or any other trek, remember us for your happy experience and our beautiful meet with you.

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