15 Best 2 Days 3 Days Trek and Tour in Nepal

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15 Best 2 Days 3 Days Trekking and Tours in Nepal

Nepal, the famous paradise for mountain lovers has different kinds of trekking routes throughout the country. While this tiny Nation is renowned for longer treks to the Base Camp, there are many 2/3 Days of Trekking routes that take you to the proximity of the Himalayas in a short time.

These shortest treks in Nepal will give you full proximity to mountains and the natural heritage of Nepal while also experiencing the local culture and living in the houses of local people. So, even if you do not have months and thousands of rupees, these short treks in Nepal can be your rescue.

And, most importantly the price for short treks in Nepal is really low. This means you can travel to Nepal and view some of its best trekking routes without having to rip off your pocket with this 2-day trek in Nepal. Now, isn’t that just amazing?

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Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

This is by far the most popular and interesting 2/3 day hiking in Nepal. Ghorpani lies in the Annapurna trekking zone which is already known for its awesome Mountain Views and classic villages. Ghorepani trek begins with a stay in Pokhara before you drive for 3 hours on the Pokhara Baglung highway to Nayapul and Ulleri. Then, in just four hours, you are standing before the beautiful Gurung village. On the next morning of 2 days trek from Pokhara, you wake up to witness the spectacular mountains of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Mardi, and dozens more. Comfortable accommodation and a cheap package are also a big plus for this 2/3 day hiking in Nepal.

3 Days Mardi Himal Trek

There is no other place where you can get so close to the mountains in just 2/3 days hiking in Nepal. Mardi Himal Trek also commences from Pokhara but then it takes you to the mountains in just two nights. On the 3rd day, you can visit the Mardi Himal High Camp or go all the way up to Mardi Base Camp and hike back to Kathmandu. Since this is literally the trek to the Base camp, you can capture some beautiful pictures and videos in such a short time. Although there are no cultural heritages or villages on the route, it's great for peaceful mountain trekking, especially for 2/3 days of hiking in Nepal.

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Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

If you want some very short treks in Nepal, then going to Pokhara from Kathmandu and then coming back can also be time-consuming. In such cases, we have this special in Chisapani Nagarkot  Nepal for 2 days Trek that is designed from Kathmandu itself. In fact, this trek revolves within 50 km of distance from Kathmandu and yet offers some great experience. You might not be able to see the mountains very closely from Kathmandu, but you can definitely enjoy the nature of wonders like Rivers, streams, and traditional villages of Nepal during this week. And in the right weather, the Sunrise from Nagarkot with the Panorama of mountains, including Everest is really amazing on this Nepal for 2 days.

3 Days Ghorepani Ghandruk trek

Now, I have already mentioned how wonderful the Ghorepani and Poonhill trek is. Now, imagine just adding one more day to your trip so that you can walk by the beautiful streams, rivers, and forests just to reach the most popular Gurung settlement of Nepal. Ghandruk is known for colorful, small, hut-shaped houses, and the rich culture of the people living there. Its a wonderful place to wear some local costumes, try some local foods, visit museums/ temples, and have that true Homestay experience of Nepal. And, you do not need to trek from Ghandruk, you can just get a sharing Jeep back to Highway and finish the 3-day itinerary in Nepal.

2 Days Mardi Himal Trek

Now, to be honest, it is not possible to complete the Mardi Base Camp trek in just two days, it must at least be 3 days itinerary in Nepal. But instead of going to the base camp, you can go to nearby villages around Mardi and witness the mountains from one of those villages on this 2/3 day tour package in Nepal.  We can still have the awesome view of the Annapurna from various spots including Australia base camp and Banthati. Also, we can visit Dhampus village on the route. However, we really do recommend that you add at least one more day to your trip and go up to the base camp. The Mardi Himal trek is full of sub-topical forest land and wildlife that are conserved within the Annapurna Conservation Area you can visit on this 2-day trek from Pokhara.

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Gosainkunda Trek

Now, this is an important holy trek of Nepal that holds great importance to Hindu and Buddhist followers of Nepal. This small glacier lake lies in the north of Kathmandu in the Langtang conservative area. The mystery of Gosaikunda is related to the great Shiva Lord of Hindu Mythology and a simple dip here is said to give you the blessings. The Gosaikunda trek can be completed in about 4 days and the shortest version can go up to 3 days but you have to walk for almost 12 hours on the day. This trek begins from Dhunse which is a 6/8 hrs ride from the capital city of Kathmandu. A quick extension to Langtang village is the perk of the Gosaikunda trek on this 3-day trek from Kathmandu.

Namche Bazaar Trek

Everyone wants to see Everest at least once in their lifetime. However, hiking to Mount Everest takes about two weeks and around $1500. You will need to hire a guide and porters while also booking some packages. On the other hand, you can see the equally beautiful view of Everest from Namche without such great expenses and time. From Lukla, we can hike to Namche on a second day and get a glimpse of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and more before we can walk down to Lukla. Also, if you have less time, then you can take a helicopter flight with three landings at Everest Base camp, the best one among 2 Days holidays in Nepal.

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek

2/3 days tour package in Nepal of Nagarkot Dhulikhel is another beautiful, short, easy, and cheap trek around Kathmandu Valley. For this trek, we walk to Nagarkot which is only 30 km away from Kathmandu, and then back down to Dhulikhel which is under the Kaski district of Nepal as a part of 2 days trek from Kathmandu. You can drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot early in the morning to view the amazing Sunrise and then hike for a few hours to spend your night in a Homestay. This trip includes some cultural experiences in the villages such as one Panauti where you can witness the life of village people in a very close proximity to Kathmandu. We think that this trek is better if you are staying in Kathmandu five just a couple of days and already completed the visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site around here on 3 day Kathmandu tour.

Dhampus Sarangkot

Sarangkot is the hilltop only 10 km north of Pokhara and Dhampus is around 30 km away, on the northwest of Pokhara, all completed in 3 day Pokhara tour. Dhampus has some famous villages and homestays where you can cherish the warm hospitality of the local people while also indulging in fun activities like cultural dances and music shows. The villagers letting you live in their homes and enjoy their food is what makes Dhampus village stay, a wonderful experience of 2 days trek from Pokhara. From there, you can walk down to Sarangkot which is a beautiful viewpoint of Phewa Lake. We highly recommend that you Join the Paraglide flight from Sarangkot to the Lakeside in Pokhara. Then, you can immerse yourself in the amazing nightlife of 3 days Pokhara tour.

Muktinath Tour

This is another fun tour on the premises of Annapurna. You cannot trek to Muktinath in such a short time, but you can easily get flights from Pokhara to Jomsom and then hike a jeep to Muktinath via Kagbeni. This temple also lies in the west-north of Pokhara and holds great importance to the Hindu and Buddhist people of Nepal. While Hindus believe that a bath Muktinath can bless you with any wishes, Buddhist followers regard this place as the resting point of their Gurus before traveling to Tibet.

Muktinath lies in a semi-deserted land of the Mustang district. The colorful hues of the plants and the dull backdrop of the large hills with mountains shining far away make the most beautiful landscape you can witness. There are waterfalls, forests, and mountains at the same viewpoint making Muktinath the favourite 2 days itinerary in Nepal.

Kathmandu Valley and Nagarkot Tour

Kathmandu Valley is very rich in cultural heritage and historical spots. This capital city of Nepal has seven UNESCO heritage sites in its premises and you can visit all of them on this 2 day Kathmandu tour. For that, you can visit the Buddhanath and Kathmandu Dubar Square area before you stroll within the Bhaktapur Dubar Square on 3 3-day itineraries in Nepal. From Bhaktapur, Nagarkot is only about 20 km. You can spend a night at the finest Hotel in Nagarkot. The next morning, we can visit the hilltop of Nagarkot to witness a beautiful sunrise and views of the mountain (even Everest on a clear day) before we hike down to Bhaktapur. Further, 3 the Kathmandu tour includes many heritages and the fun of trekking within an extremely short time.

Pokhara Tour

Paradise city of lakes and mountains, Pokhara is a must-visit while you are here in Nepal. Pokhara is the cleanest, calmest, and most beautiful city in Nepal and has a lot to offer during 2 day Pokhara tour. Known for its luxurious tour and honeymoon packages, Pokhara is an awesome sightseeing destination. We recommend that you start the day with an early morning boating to Barahi Temple in the middle of Phewa Lake and Binadabasini mandir. Then, we can visit other places such as Caves, Davids Fall, White Stupa, Shiva temple at Pumdikot, and more on our 3-day Pokhara tour. Also, I have drawn adventure sports such as paragliding, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, bungee jumping, rafting, and more. And lets not forget about the nightlife of Nepal that you see in 3 days Pokhara tour.

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour

Another awesome and chilling 2-day itinerary in Nepal adventure into a UNESCO World Heritage site. Chitwan National Park is the richest and oldest national park in Nepal with many rivers and internal wildlife animals. Especially known for its unique one-horned Rhinoceros, crocodiles, and elephants its a paradise for animal lovers. Just inside the National Park, there are tons of activities ranging from Elephant riding, Museum visits, Canoeing, and more to keep you going throughout the day. We end the visit with an enchanting Tharu cultural dance by the local people and dinner at their restaurants, the best possible ending of 2 two-day holiday in Nepal.

Lumbini Tour

Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is an important heritage for Buddhist followers all around the world. In fact, this is a dream destination for millions of Buddhist messengers and our best recommended 2/3 day tour package in Nepal. And you can visit the peaceful land of Lumbini in just two days from Kathmandu which is 310km in the west south of the capital. Once you get into the gate of Lumbini you feel like you are in a different kind of world. Each monastery made by different countries like China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and more carries a special message of peace. There are over 30 monuments you can visit during this single trip. And there are many other places to explore in the city of Lumbini, enjoying your 2 Days holiday in Nepal.

Janakpur Tour

Janakpur in the eastern Terai of Nepal is also a pilgrim destination for Hindu followers, our interesting 2/3 days tour packages in Nepal. The temple of Ram Sita is the major attraction of this city. If you have heard about Ramayan, then you might have heard about Sita Mata. Sita Mata was born in this very spot at Janakpur where Lord Ram came to marry her off to India. From this point, it has become a historic spot in Nepal. Janakpur is regarded as the inner Terai where the people and culture resemble that of India. Although the architect of the temple and of the city is amazing be shocked if you find dirt and dust everywhere on this 2 Days holiday in Nepal.

2/3 Days Trekking Tours Itinerary

We cannot define a 2/3 day trekking itinerary in Nepal unless you can choose one of the destinations mentioned in the list here. However, most of these treks start from Pokhara and you might have to fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara initially and then only start your trek. Or, if you pick the trek around Kathmandu Valley, you can take a private car right from your hotel at Thamel and then start the trip. If you want to travel with a breeze adventure, we provide you with a customized 2/3 day trekking itinerary in Nepal for each trek you choose.

2-3 days Trek tour cost

Most of these 2-3 days Trek tour costs might range from dollar 300 to dollar 500. If you choose private transportation for the trekking route then the cost increases but the local bus in Nepal during 2/3 days trekking itinerary in Nepal is cheap. Also if you decide to fly to Pokhara or Jomsom, the 2/3 day tour cost in Nepal might go a bit higher.

In Nepal, almost all trekking routes have a minimum price for the tourist. Depending upon the route the room can cost between $10-$20 (PS rooms in Nagarkot are expensive) and the food costs about $five for each meal, so thats about $15 each day. And, if you hire a guide it will cost you around $25 each day and the permits some of these please can cost up to $20. Now, you can calculate your 2/3 days tour cost in Nepal by yourself.

Difficulty for 2 Days holiday in Nepal

These 3 days holidays in Nepal are the easiest and shortest trek in Nepal and they are specially designed for beginners. You will be walking about 5 to 6 hours for just two days and staying at comfortable hotels. Also, 3 days of holidays in Nepal have mostly leveled land and low altitude, so, the chances of altitude sickness are close to the nill.

If you are planning to do high-altitude treks in the future, this Nepal for 2 nights 3 days can in fact be your preparation trek. And, you do not need any previous experience or training for either of these treks. Anyone with average physical fitness can easily get victory over the Journey. Just be determined and that is all you need to do for 2 Day holiday in Nepal.

Best Time for 2-3 Day Trek in Nepal

The beauty of Nepal for 2 night 3 days trek, that can't be completed any time of the year. There are no restrictions for traveling even in winter and monsoon. So, just grab your bags and fly to Nepal anytime you are free. However, if you have flexible schedules and wanna explore the best of Nepal, then you might consider trekking in Autumn and Spring. September, October, and November are the three months of Autumn when the views in Nepal are the best for Nepal for 2 days. From March to May, there is little rainfall or snowfall and beautiful wildflower is seen everywhere. And if you're not afraid of litter cold or snow, winter is also a great time for some treks such as the Ghorepani/ Poonhill trek. In winter and summer, the 2/3 day tour cost in Nepal is also low.

Group size for 2-3 Day Trek in Nepal

Thankfully, all these short treks in Nepal can be done solo or in a group of two or more people. There were some long treks in restricted regions of Nepal where you should be in a group of at least two people. However, if you do not want to hire a guide or travel in a larger group, you can get a permit for any of these 3 days' holidays in Nepal all by yourself. Now, we always recommend these short treks for couples. Trekking to the beautiful mountains in the peaceful land of the Himalayas is actually a very romantic experience with your partner. Also, these are the best family trekking options if you are traveling with kids and parents. Even then, it is always fun and cost-effective to travel in a larger group during this 3 day holiday in Nepal.

Note: If you do not already have a large group then you can contact Breeze Adventure to join our existing group for this Nepal for 2 2-night 3 3-day tour.


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