At a towering 8156 meters / 26,781 feet, Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. It soars high above any peak near it. It requires a full week of trekking to Manaslu Base Camp, simply due to how inaccessible and remote it is. However, these days hiking to and from the peak is one of the great parts of the expedition. Located in the northwest area of Nepal, the journey to Manalsu is in fact considered one of the most adventurous expeditions in the country.

Manaslu was first summited by a team of Japanese and Nepali mountaineers in 1956. As of 2002 (a bit outdated, but significant nevertheless), 175 climbers made it to the summit out of 120 expeditions, with 49 deaths. Manaslu is not a climb for beginners. It is dangerous and technically challenging. That being said, if you put your trust in us, we promise the best result.  With our guidance, you will just need to focus on the feeling of achievement that you will feel when you reach the summit. Our veteran Sherpas will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

The trail begins from Soti Khola (700m), along the banks of the turquoise Budhi Gandaki River.  The area is home to rice fields, waterfalls, and fresh air.  You are sure to find water buffalo roaming around, and keep a lookout for the dozens of other mammal species including the musk deer and in the higher elevation, you may catch a glimpse of the evasive the snow leopard. Soon, the population is almost completely Tibetan, and a different dialect is spoken.  Though we sleep in tents each night, the villages we pass through and stop at offer brilliant hospitality. The locals are kind and open-hearted. From here, we climb continually north and toward higher altitude. High in these mountains, we may share the path with yak caravans. 

Eventually, we reach Manaslu Base Camp (4750 meters), where our expedition begins. Ascending along Manaslu Glacier, we follow the markers and use the fixed rope to cross the crevasses and dangerous sections. You do not need to carry any worries with you during the climb. We take care of all the logistics. We make several more ascents to acclimatize before the final push to the summit. Camp I is around 5,700 meters / 18,700 feet. Camp II is around 6,400 meters / 20,997 feet. Camp III is about 6,800 meters / 22,310 feet. The Final Camp, from where we head to the summit, is at nearly 7,400 meters / 24,278 feet. 

The moments at the summit are priceless. Despite our exhaustion, smiles cover our faces. It is a surreal feeling to climb one of the world’s highest mountains. Few places on Earth are higher than you at that moment. We take photos and show each other some love before descending back down.  Take the same route back down Arughat and back to Kathmandu. When we arrive in Kathmandu, a celebration is in store. You may have just achieved one of the biggest goals of your life, and that certainly calls for a party. Make your night a memorable one!

We strive to provide the absolute best services in terms of comfort, efficiency, safety, and climbing success throughout each step of the way. The itinerary is designed by veteran climbers and is attuned to providing the highest chances of success and safety. Safety is our utmost priority throughout the ascent and we adhere to all safety standards.

 Breeze Adventure arranges the climb with complete management. Note that only very capable mountaineers with years of experience should take this expedition. Please, feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 

Trip Highlights

Stand atop the eighth highest peak in the world –  Manaslu (8156 meters / 26,781).

Hike through a variety of landscapes – from subtropical jungle to the rugged high alpine environment.

Few other trekkers from the moment you arrive in Soti Khola until the moment you leave.

Observe the plentiful wildlife in the area – including the Himalayan Black Bear and Musk Deer.

The lasting feeling of accomplishment of climbing a famous Himalayan peak.

Trip note


Manaslu Expedition package includes accommodation in the cost.  This accommodation is included only during the set itinerary.  While in Kathmandu, we provide a 2/3 star hotel for you.  During the expedition, our guides will pick the best place for you to stay in based on their experience as well as view availability. We spend our most time in the tent at the base camp and for acclimatization, we stay at Samagaun at a teahouse.


Manaslu region has a wide variety of food and it is easy to cater to your needs.  If you are a vegetarian/vegan, gluten or lactose free, we are able to work around that if you let us know ahead of time.  During your time in the hotel in Kathmandu, your breakfast is included On the climbing period , breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. Our Kitchen member will treat you with a very delicious food every day.

Guide & Porters

A well professional and government-licensed Sherpa guide will lead the trail and the trail to Manaslu summit.  All our guides have tremendous experience in the Himalaya and are passionate about the climbing industry.  Our guides and porters are dedicated to making your experience of trekking /climbing in Nepal a memorable one.  If there is any worry during your expedition, our guides will address it.  Your safety is our number one priority.


As many of our Manaslu Expedition lead us high into the top of the 8th highest mountain in the world, it is necessary to let our bodies sufficiently get used to the altitude.  Our Manaslu Expedition has acclimatization days built into the itinerary.  It is best to take it slow to prevent altitude sickness.  The high level of fitness necessary for Manaslu Expedition Generally, this expedition can be done with a high level of fitness.  More important than fitness or experience is one’s personal determination and positive attitude toward finishing and enjoying the expedition. 

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend having travel insurance before going for Manaslu Expedition.  We do our best to take care of you, but something can happen that is out of our control.  In case of medical emergency, leading to a helicopter evacuation, it is best to have insurance.  You are unable to obtain medical insurance in Nepal and must do so in your home country.  Be sure that your insurance covers accidents abroad and high in the mountains. 

Best Time to Travel

The peak seasons Manaslu Expedition in Nepal are during the Spring (March to May) and the Autumn (September to November).  These times provide the best scenery and clearest skies. Which helps to summit Manalsu safely and easily.


Cost Details

Cost Includes

Transportation to and from Tribhuvan Airport. 

Two nights in a 2-3 star hotel in Kathmandu, breakfast included.

All land Transportation to and from Soti Khola.

All the needed permits for expedition.

Government-authorized, experienced climbing guide and porters

Insurance, food, accommodation, and wage for guides and porters 

Hygienic meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the expedition.

Service charge and government taxes

Cost Excludes:

International airfare

Personal Health Insurance

Shower and electronic charging fees at guest houses during the trek

Alcoholic drinks, chocolates, tea and coffee

Tips for guide and porter