When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best time to book a trip to Nepal and the general Himalaya region is during the spring season (mid-February to May) and Autumn (September until mid-December). During the spring, the vibrant-colored flowers (including the beloved rhododendron) are in bloom and the skies are quite clear. In the fall, the skies are clearest and the mountain views are stupendous. Enjoy an expansive view of Himalayas during this time. Also, it is the season of festivals, such as Dashain and Diwali/Tihar – a once in a lifetime event to experience. The monsoon season (June to August), you may face nonstop rainfall during your journey. However, there are far fewer tourists on the trial. During winter (December to February), the weather is chilly during the day and cold at night. Skies are generally always clear, though there is always the chance of snowfall from 2500 meters and above. If you can bear the cold, winter is an awesome time to trek in the Himalaya!