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When it comes to trekking, people generally go for routes that are popular, that are well- spoken about, and that are well received by the trekkers. However, this doesn't mean that the ones that are not as preferred as others are any less or inferior in terms of what they have to offer. Quite similar is the case with Nar Phu Valley trek, which is, undoubtedly, one of the most magnificent treks of Nepal, and yet quite underrated. Nar Phu Valley trek is an untouched trekking route of Annapurna region that has so much glory to offer to the trekkers that are inquisitive enough to walk on its routes.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Going on the Nar Phu valley trek Nepal is like going on the miniature version of Annapurna Circuit trek, as. around 70 percent of Nar Phu Valley trek happens on the Annapurna Circuit trek. Nar Phu Valley trek starts at  Chamje, which is a village on the Annapurna Circuit trek route. The trekkers then move towards Dharapani, which is also on the same route, and it is here that Nar Phu valley trek route diverges from Annapurna Circuit trek route, and heads north. The trekkers then cover villages like Koto, Meta, Ngawal, and so on, and finally they reach Manang to rejoin the Annapurna Circuit trek route. From here, they follow the same route till Jomsom, and this is where the trek comes to an end.

Though Nar Phu Valley trek and Annapurna Circuit trek is very much alike, there are few attractions that are exclusive to Nar Phu Valley trek. For instance, the villages of Phu and Nar, which are two of the most picturesque villages of the entire region. In the same way, when you're going from Phu to Nar, you'll come across two passes. The name of those passes are Phu La and Nar La as well. Both are high altitude passes, situated at the elevation of 5050 m and 5400 m respectively. Another pass that you'll come across, while going from Nar village to Ngawal, is Kang La, whose altitude is 5306 m.

nar phu valley trek

Nar Phu valley trekking offers you splendid views of the peaks in the Annapurna region, like Annapurna, Gangapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machapuchhre, and so on. Even religiously, the trek has so many things to offer. The entire valley of Nar Phu has high Buddhist influence, so throughout the trek you'll notice many Buddhist relics and heritages, like chortens, mani walls, stupas, and so on. Tashi Lakhang Monastery and Satek Monastery are two of the major religiously significant sites  of the region.

Nar Phu Valley Trek Map

When you go for the Nar Phu Valley Trek, make sure that you carry Nar Phu Valley trek map. The map will prove to be helpful for you to understand the entire area. Annapurna Region is full of exciting attractions. Since the area is huge, and there are so many of them, it's not possible to cover all of them in one go. However, you can cover a few selected ones, and to do so at least, you require a Nar Phu Valley trek map. The map will give you all the knowledge that you need to become independent, and plan your own side trips. For instance, on the trek, you could take a side trip to Tilicho Lake, and Tilicho Peak Base camp. The route for the side trek diverges from Manang.

Nar Phu Valley Trek Cost

It goes without saying that the cost of any journey, including Nar Phu Valley trek, depends on a couple of factors, and the most significant one is your travel partner. The travel company could charge you higher than reasonable price for the most basic of facilities, or the other way around. You really need to look into the details of what's offered in a package, and compare it with packages offered by other travel companies to take the right decision. Generally speaking, Nar Phu Valley trek cost is priced at an affordable amount, considering all that you get to experience on the trek. You might have a little bit of skepticism while paying for the package, but when you're done with the trek, you'll know that it's all worth it. The experiences that you gain on the Nar Phu Valley trek is priceless.

Nar Phu Valley Trek Solo

Going on the Nar Phu Valley Trek Solo is a way for you to raise the difficulty level of the trek. Nar Phu Valley trek is already a strenuous journey, due to the high altitude covered, the tough to walk terrain, extreme climate, and other features, and when you decide to go for the trek on your own, you're signing up for the whole new experience. Trying Nar Phu Valley Trek solo is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are so many people who've tried it, and have been able to finish, without taking much harm.

However, you need to understand that you need to be an expert level trekker, and furthermore, need to have a sound knowledge of the region to go for a trek as such on your own. People get injured during the trek; they get sick, but still, they're able to make it, because they have their trekking partners taking care of them. Going solo would deprive you of such comforts, and you'd have to handle everything on your way. Nar Phu Valley trek solo could be an adventurous, thrilling, and unforgettable experience for you, should you choose to accept the challenge.

Treks In The Annapurna Region

Apart from Nar Phu Valley trek, Annapurna Region is also known for treks like Annapurna Circuit Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek. As a matter of fact, these two treks are more popular than Nar Phu Valley trek. If you're someone who has literally no clue about trekking in Nepal whatsoever, but still, you're thinking of going for a trek, choosing one of these two routes is a safe bet.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is a long and difficult trek that offers you all the kinds of attractions that you expect from a trek. From beautiful villages, to lovely people, to high altitude passes and peaks, to rare flora and fauna, to good food and accommodation, and so on, you name it and you'll find it on this trek. The journey lasts for a duration of 14 days altogether, and out of these 14 days, 1 day is assigned for acclimatization. The trek starts at Chamje and ends at Syane, and on the route, the trekkers cover villages like Dharapani, Pisang, Manang, Marpha, Tadapani, and so on.

annapurna circuit trek

Few of the main attractions of the trek include Thorung La, a high altitude pass situated at the elevation of 5416 m, Muktinath, a significant pilgrimage site for the Hindus, Poon Hill, a viewpoint on top of a 3210 m tall hill that offers the most unbelievable views of the peaks in the entire Annapurna region.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek takes you to Annapurna Base Camp and Machapuchhre Base Camp. It is a short and exciting journey that lasts for a duration of only 8 days. It is a simple trek that anyone can go for. The journey starts and ends at Nayapul. On the route, the trekkers come across many picturesque villages and tiny settlement areas like Ulleri, Jhinu Danda, Deurali, Sinuwa, Tadapani, and so on.

Apart from Annapurna Base Camp and Machapuchhre Base Camp, the trek also features beautiful settlements like Ghandruk and Ghorepani , where the trekkers spend their nights during the trek. In these villages reside the Gurung people, who are among the most significant indigenous tribes of Nepal. Their unique lifestyle and cultures are worth experiencing during the journey.

annapurna base camp

Nar Phu Valley trek offers you the best of Annapurna Region. Even if you take away the elements that it shares with the Annapurna Circuit trek, there is so much left, and probably, the best part. From the culture to religion to natural beauty, and so on, it is the best features of trekking put in one. If you're into trekking, and adventurous enough to try even something that's unheard of, well, this is the one for you. Nar Phu valley trek waits to bestow upon you the untouched glory of Annapurna region.

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