David Thompson

Amazing trip

David Thompson, British Indian Ocean Territory

I went during the off season so it was a little wet in places, but also very green and vibrant. Very different visually to friends of mine who went during the cold season when it was cold and icy. Both have their upsides and downsides, if you have strong preferences about how it looks, do a little research and go at the time of year that suits you best.
As beautiful as the scenery was, as a solo traveller I think the part of the trip I’ll always remember best is chatting with Kishwor about things. My life, his life, the world, what’s important, etc. I’d just quit a job that was something I had started to hate and I found my trip to Nepal a good soul refresh. Kishwor was really accommodating, happy to go at my pace, made sure I was always doing OK. He was very knowledgeable on the area so knew all the best places to eat, sleep, etc. I met a lot of people who had mix feelings about their guides, and your guide does make a major impact on your experience. I honestly felt Kishwor was the best guide I met. 10/10 trip would recommend and do again.